06.27.03 Milwaukee, WI

Summerfest Marcus Amphitheater with DJ Greyboy, Jack Johnson

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Jack Johnson sat in on "High Tide Or Low Tide".

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Its been 5 years and I still say this was the best concert I've been to. If only Ben and Jack could come back to Milwaukee and perform again. No other concerts will "out-do" this one unless Ben and Jack play a few more shows together especially with some of their new work! INSANE Good.

Harper rock on, I feel you everytime you express yourself



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I went to this show a year ago and it is still so fresh in my mind. It was the best show I have ever seen. Seeing Ben up there like the late Bob Marley during WMOTH/War was so freaking awesome. I still brag to my friends about going to this show and their missing it. I could listen to Ben and Jack croon all day!

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Wow...the music of Jack Johnson and Ben Harper together in one night is truly amazing. I was speechless after the concert. I have seen many concerts before but this one blew them all out of the water...nothing can top this experience!

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Sweetest show I've ever seen. I think they should have made a DVD of Marcus instead of Hollywood Bowl. They jammed the entire time and never let up. I can't wait to go again.

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As my first concert ever and also the first at summerfest, Ben and Jack really showed a great time. It really rocked. Gettin soaked in the rain before hand didnt matter, because Ben put up a stellar show...not to mention i was with my favorite lady. Excuse me Mr is the best!!!

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What better venue than Milwaukee's Summerfest to hold a mid summer concert. Every year, Ben steps it up a knotch and stuns the audience with a stellar performace. I loved how "Excuse Me Mr." sounded like a Marley toon. But then he definately ripped it w/Burn One Down (and that was my que to spark up the spliff). By the time he went into "War" and later with "High Tide Low Tide" I was feelin' the music. It almost felt like Bob was in the building. I have to give it up to Jack, he is so chill. This concert could not have been any better.

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UNREAL!! The show was dank ~ Thank you so much for a great concert and we can't wait to see you and Jack again. You rock dude!! PEACE

P.S. I'd like to dedicate this review to Jacki~who couldn't make the show but was thought about every second. Luv ya!!

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The concert was the unbelievable. Me and my best friend Autumn enjoyed every last second of it. It was truly an unforgettable experience. Rock on dude ~ YOU RULE!!

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Wow. What an incredible concert. I've never been to anything like it. The music was wonderful, the energy was there, and even though it was raining in the back, everything was perfect. Jack and Ben did such a beautiful encore of High Tide or Low Tide. Everything you hear about this concert is true. It was indescribly amazing.

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Incredible! Jack and Ben! Both in the same night! Ben was so into his performance - it was just one huge rush. So much energy! Beautiful encore, and then good outro with Faded/Whole Lotta Love. Thanks again Ben!

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That was the best concert ever! Ben and his band put so much energy into the show and made it amazing! When they came out and played Gold to Me, I knew it was going to be a great night. See you all next summer!

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By far the best money ever spent on concert tickets. I went just to see Jack, thinking Ben would be a nice extra. I was blown away by the performance. These two should not go anywhere without each other. The energy put into the show is matched by few groups. If they come to your area, buy the tickets, see the show, brag to your friends, thank me later.

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I cant believe how much that concert rocked. I got to go only because another kid in the group couldnt come. I hadnt heard much of bens music, but i am 100% addicted ever since. I would love to see Jack and Ben in concert again. I was very impressed and definetely glad i went. Thanks Ben and Jack - you guys kicked ass!

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SICK AS HELL that show was so so good i cant describe it. words could never do it justice. thank you ben

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The concert was fricking amazing!!! when he played stel my kisses it was totally awesome. The only thing i wished he had played was roses from my friends or amen omen. It was just awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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WOW... after bonnaroo i thought it couldnt get any better but Ben was amazing. GREAT setlist, and an even better encore. Phenomenal show. period.

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Ben Harper was amazing! I wish I could relive the whole night over again. Thanks Uncle Nick for giving us tickets to meet Ben and Jack after the show. Words cannot express how much it meant to me. I will never forget this incredible performance.

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incredible show! jack, ben, greyboy, everone was amazing! my only suggestion would be for ben to play "the drugs dont work" at more shows again. thanks for an awsome show

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After a disappointing opening number in Gold to Me (same opener from two years ago in Milwaukee), the rest of the set was outstanding. It will still take a while for me to get used to Ben standing for most of the show. High Tide or Low Tide was fantastic, but too many disrespectful patrons in the crowd ruined the experience. I was a little disappointed that Ben didn't joing Jack on Flake, but I guess I can't have everything. Not that Ben needs my opinion, but I'd recommend opening with Ground on Down, or something more energetic than Gold To Me. Even though he likes to close his set with a current single, With My Own Two Hands would be a great opener as well. Good show, overall.

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Incredible show, I couldnt have asked for better, getting soaked, drying off, then getting soaked again, didnt lower my enjoyment level of the show at all. Ben rocks the world, and Ben and Jack, unstoppable duo. Rock on!

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what a show! faded into whole lotta love as the second wave in the encore was sweet....you gota love jack and ben together. both were so into it. jack's mix of stir it up into bubble toes was nuts.

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it was a great concert. jack was a great opener, and he got the crowd into it. i loved looking across the audience and seeing the thousands of people rocking to ben and jack. high tide or low tide was awesome. the only thing is i wish ben would have been able to play blessed to be a witness and amen omen off his new cd. there are just so many awesome songs by ben. i could have sat there for 5 hours listening to him play. great concert.

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Excellent show! Nice mellow warm up with Jack Johnson. They should tour together again! Ben was so into it and that Faded segue into Whole Lotta Love.....awesome!!

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The show was amazing! Both Jack Johnson and Ben Harper were awesome! I wish I could relive the night over again. Nice work!!!

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Exellent sow. Totaly blown away by this performance. Rock on Ben!!!!!!!