06.28.03 Noblesville, IN

Verizon Wireless Music Center with DJ Greyboy, Jack Johnson

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Both bands were originally scheduled to play the Festival Bowl, but moved to the Main Stage due to overwhelming demand. Jack Johnson sat in on "High Tide Or Low Tide".

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My first Ben Harper and the Innocen Criminals concert. Best concert of my life. Ben is IT. The music just made a connection with me. Thanks so much BHIC!

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this was definately the most amazing concert all summer. It was so fabulous and moving. I love Steal My Kisses it never gets old! Thanks for the best night of summer!!!

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Greatest concert of my life, not just the music but the vibe Ben gives off. You get a feeling inside that words can't describe. Ben Harper and the innocent criminal's rock!!!

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By David Lindquist
June 29, 2003

Until calling on the sounds of R&B heavyweights Marvin Gaye and Sly Stone, Ben Harper flirted with losing the attention of his audience Saturday night at Verizon Wireless Music Center.
Through five songs, Harper barely touched a Weissenborn guitar, the lap instrument that's helped him develop a signature sound.
The California native also was following a fine performance from co-headliner Jack Johnson, who basically provided an evening's worth of entertainment to the crowd of 13,000.
But for Harper's sixth selection, he infused gospel intensity to an update of Gaye's chart-topping booty call, "Sexual Healing."
"Bring the Funk," from Harper's new album "Diamonds on the Inside," kept the momentum on track. While "Bring the Funk" isn't a cover, the song certainly owes a debt to Stone for lines such as "Stay black, stay white, stay brown, just get on down."
And when radio hit "Steal My Kisses" followed the "Sexual Healing/Bring the Funk" pairing, Harper successfully salvaged a Saturday night party.
Harper also knew when to pull the cord on frivolity. Desperate anthem "Amen Omen" arrived next, underscoring the singer's ability to be a full-service entertainer.
Among shuffling and earthy singer-songwriters, Johnson ( ) presently plays the role of flavor of the moment.
The world first embraced Dave Matthews, who opens a two-date stand at Verizon Wireless Music Center tonight.
Then came John Mayer, the dreamy boy next door who also happens to be a guitar whiz.
It's a political mind that sets Johnson apart.
Current album "On and On" features sideline observations about who's to blame for a violent society ("Cookie Jar") and the no-way-out situation of sensory overload ("Fall Line").
Johnson becomes more pointed in the commentary found in "Gone" (a modest prayer against materialism) and "The Horizon has been Defeated" (an ecological message from the ex-professional surfer).
He played all of these numbers in concert, and it's great that he's inspiring thousands of malleable minds to think.
Musically, Johnson's compositions tend to sound similar to the one he played before and the one he played before that.
He's getting by, though, on a knack for wordplay.
"Taylor," a character study from "On and On," describes a wayward character this way: "Such a tough enchilada, filled up with nada, giving what she gotta give to get a dollar bill."

My Take On The Concert

I give the show a solid 4 stars Ben Harper's setlist was not the best choice for a saturday night but his preformance was bone chilling Awesome! Jack Johnson was also very good but Ben Harper owned the night at The Verizon Wireless Music Center. Thank you, Jim

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Fourth time I have seen Ben and the Criminals and for the fourth time it was almost a religious experiance. Plus how many times can you by a $35 ticket and get into the pit!!

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This was my first Ben Harper show and will definately not be my last. I was completely and utterly blown away! I have never seen a band play with so much energy and enthusiasm. And when they played Faded/Whole Lotta Love at the end of the show my god...it was incredible! Definately left me with something to rembember the 28th of June, 2003 by.

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this is the second straight year that i have seen ben at deer creek. last year he played a solo acoustic set opening for string cheese incident. i could tell from when he did voodo child with SCI that this show was going to be sick. i was not let down as i am sure no one else was. i just have to thank ben for playing my favorite song, "forever." it was amazing. the crowd was great and it was awesome to be able to be so close.
stay up!

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Ben is such an amazing artist-the way he loads his songs with emotion and then expresses them while playing. His powerful exit after Faded/Whole Lotta Love was a perfect example. And Ben if you read this-Thank you so much for playing Forever!

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This was the first Ben Harper concert we have gone to and definitely won't be the last. I'm still in awe. It is by far the best concert I've been to. Ben's intensity and talent completely overwhelmed me. And I must say, that was the coolest way I've ever seen a show ended. From start to finish, the songs rocked and I was hooked! Thank you Ben for an experience I won't forget!

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Wow, it's tuesday now, and I all I can get myself to listen to in my car is Diamonds on the inside. I've had the album since the day it came out, I actually have 2 since they recalled it. But now to the point. That show was amazing. I mean after Glory & Consequence I just looked at all my bud's and wondered how in the hell you could top that, oh he did, with a fantastic set. Best concert of my lifetime, I've never felt that kind of energy come from a show. During Bring the funk, Juan's solo was amazing. Like everyone has been saying. BEN MAKE THAT A LIVE CD!!!!!!!!!!!!! Late

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I would have considered myself a Ben fan before this show, but I am now a fanatic. Absolutely the most life filled and vibrant performance I have ever seen. Every song was an entirely different experience, whether it was the achingly passionate rendition of sexual healing or the simpily touching Forever. The band was totally out of control too. Incredible harmonizing and Juan Nelson taking over on Steal my Kisses made me instantly happier. So much life, such good musc, and an experience I will never forget.

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this was probably the most powerful concert i,ve been to in terms of emotions running high and ben singing with so much passion. i have to admit i came primarily to se jack but ben rocked out. when i left i felt like a totally different person. it's amazing how much music can affect tour life. ben;s prescence on stage made me realize that this is what i want to do-play music. keep rockin

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This show was absolutely amazing. This has got to be the best concert i've ever been to and the best of the summer concerts out there.
the change of plans for where the band ended up playing was sooo great! instead of the lawn like i thought i was going to get, i was the first person to the stage! and let me say that's the best seat in the house!
thanx for handing me those picks Nicky instead of giving them to the guard, it made my whole night just that much more perfect...you're a sweetie.
oh yeah...and did no one else notice Oliver sitting right on the side of the stage like the whole time we were all out there waiting for the concert to start?! it was totally crazy! he thought he was hidden from view but i could spot him anywhere...he's sooo beautiful.

great concert! can't wait to come back!

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This is my second time seeing Ben in concert and as always he was great. It amazes me the emotion that he puts into his shows and being in the pit you could really get a glimps of that. I also thought that whole pit thing was cool, where you can spend 35 bucks and be that close to your favorite artists.

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The show was just simply badass. Ben is a great performer, and the feeling you get from watching his show is unmatched. I also met a girl named brooke there that I would really like to talk to. ryne_johnson@hotmail.com

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I have seen a lot of bands play at Deer Creek, and Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals easily played the best show I've ever seen there last night. It was only the second time I'd seen Ben play, and the first was 7 years ago opening for DMB. The range of sounds and styles played was phenominal, from the intamate performance with Jack Johnson of "High Tide, Low Tide" by Bob Marley to the funk of "Steal My Kisses" to the pulling all the strings rock of "Faded/ Whole Lotta Love", this show rocked my world, and I will see Ben every chance I get from here on out.

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This concert was great, seeing them play up so close made it that much better, he had the perfect mix of songs, the highlight besides the encore was definetly passing the joint around to burn one down, great performance to such a large crowd.

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There are no words to really describe last night's show. I've seen Ben 4 times now, and it is more and more phenomenal every time. The crowd was amazing, and really showed their respect for Jack and Ben. Last night was the first time I've heard him play "Forever" live, and it's probably my favorite song of his. I've completely lost my voice because I was on my feet singing during the entire show. I wish to god they'd make a CD of the show, because it was just incredible. He is a truly amazing musician and he knows how to get the crowd moving. Last night was a perfect mix of new songs from Diamonds on the Inside and his previous albums. I believe he played 4 encore songs, including one with Jack, which was fantastic. I simply can't go on enough about how good of a show this was.

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Hey.. i was at the va beach show and i did get to make it to the noblesville show and got in the pit so i was like 2nd row...even got some picks and things of that nature that got thrown out.....all i can say is amazing Ben and his band have once again amazed me... there wasnt a dull moment throughout the whole show... i really have to give it up to the BHIC fans.... everyone showed ben the utmost respect not yelling when he was in the middle of a soft tune and also for PACKING deercreek there were so many people.... i have some pictures of ben and things ill have to see how they turn out and ill post them on here...but for now peace..

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I had high expectations going to see Ben, and most defiently fulfilled them. He kept the whole place going all night. It was a great time...and the pot was good too

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i have seen ben a few times and every time that i see him he is better than the time before and last night was no exception. the whole experience is amazing.

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This concert was amazing. Ben Harper is more than just a beat and lyrics to a song.. Its the vibe you get inside of your body when he sings and the band is playing. Its amazing.. I am still in awe.