06.30.03 Toronto, Canada

Molson Amphitheatre with DJ Greyboy, Jack Johnson

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Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals Setlist 1969-12-31 - Molson Amphitheatre - Toronto, Canada

Jack Johnson sat in on "High Tide Or Low Tide".

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I have seen Ben Harper play 4 or 5 times and this was his best performance hands down. Jack Johnson was the perfect opener and I believe this was his first time in Canada. Loved the Bob Marley cover and it just seemes like EVERY song was brilliant. What a beautiful night to remember. Can't wait until next time..

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i know i am amazing

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the concert rocked.....a nice tribute to me, playing high tide or low tide

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OHHHHH MY GOD!!!!!!!! are the only three words that can best describe that show.

Incredible. I have never seen Jack or Ben in concert, and I had very high expectation that they had to meet. They didn't only meet those expectations but soared high above them.

Jack did a version of Stepping Stone with a DJ. WOW..... I found that Jack had added new lines and new verses left right and center wich was a nice treat.

Then Ben opened with an electic version of Glory and Consequence that ran shivers down my spine. Some of his songs like "excuse me mr" had a ragae style to them that was really cool to hear.

Jack and Ben played a Marley song (high tide, or low tide). I had expected Ben to have a Larger part in that song but it was mostly Jack, but thats no biggie.

By far the highlight of the night without a doubt was Faded/Whole Lotta Love. It was much better than the Live from Mars version that I found to be one of Bens greatest songs. The screamin and guitar solo's...OHHHHH MY GOD!!!!!!!! are the only three words that can best describe that show.

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Excelent show, very very emotional. Next time you are in town you can crash at my house. Thanks for the hi-lite of my summer

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Quite possibly the 2 greatest musicians to hear live. I can't believe i stood in awe for 4 hours just wafting in the incredible music vibes. I consider myself a HUGE Johnson fan and his love shows jsut make me want more. Ben was incredible as always and i jsut hope these 2 come back to Toronto soon because i just can't get enough. No matter what happens the rest of my summer, i can say it was increidble because of that one night on June 30th.

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I feel by putting my feelings of this show in words, it almost does not do it justice. Undescribable. Unreal. There was a vibe among everyone sitting in the amphitheatre that I have never experienced at a concert before.Everyone grooving to the same sounds and seemingly possessing the same ideas and viewpoints. There was a sense of friendship and brother/sisterhood among everyone. With each song that Ben played it seemed to grow stronger. There were so many highlights in the show but it seems meaningless to mention them as the show was so incredible as a whole and was just a total experience. Ben's music is amazing recorded but the man is unbelievable live. Untouchable. Definitely a showman and like it has been said before, he is sincere and you can tell his music everything that he feels, thinks and dreams of.

I have to pay my respects to Jack J. as well. The guy's music is just so layed back, mellow and smooth. Yet his lyrics are very thoughtful and poetic. He's not the showman that Ben is but that's just not his style. I thought it was perfect how he was playing just as the sun was setting over the crowd, just like it would over a Hawaiian Beach. By fluke I ran into him after the show and I gotta say he's one of the most chilled out people I've ever met. He was in a rush but he chilled and talked for a minute and then signed my ticket. A class act.

I was numb for a day after this show. I'm still getting over it. WOW, that's all I can say. I hope Ben and Jack come back to the T-dot(Toronto) soon cuz we love them here, like I'm sure people do everywhere else he's gone. Peace

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So I came to the concert to see Jack Johnson and came back a Ben Harper fan? This isn't right, but it feels right??? I confused. Anyhow, awesome show. Best I've ever been to. Brown-Eyed Blues was my favourite for sure...Nelson, you rock on the bass man. I really look forward to the next time the two of you play together. (Side note: Ben shoulda played Flake with Jack, but that's just a suggestion.)


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I first saw Mr. Harper a few years back in Vancouver, but I had to work late so I missed the beginning of the show, and I always felt like I was cheated out of something amazing, so this time around, not only did I score floor general admisson, i also scored tickets for the blues festival show this friday in ottawa. Double wammy
THe concert rocked...jack's set was laid back and passionate and ben held that passion the whole way threw.
Thanks to Nick for the set list, much appreciated!
Jesus, I don't think I'll be able to sleep tonight...

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This review is actually a response to the 'hardcore' fan who criticized Ben for his comments on marijuana use. As you know, there was a lot of smoke at that show, which means that what he said was very relevant to many many people there.
Like Ben said, some people smoke way too much, and having him up there in the spotlight saying it just might have a profound effect on a certain few stoners who know they need to slow down. It might also open up a new world for some one "so uptight".
You should respect him for being as smart as he is about it, cause he could be out there rapping about bitches and blunts and 40's.

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I've seen Ben a handful of times in T.O. and this crowd was by far the biggest and best...It's good to know that the word is spreading, however slowly...It's hard to believe that only 5 or 6 years ago you could hang out after a show and meet Ben without any trouble...And the respect shown during his solo acoustic tunes was fantastic...
With that out of the way...Ben's live performances have always been great, but somehow he keeps finding ways to improve...I can't believe that noone has mentioned the completely re-worked funk/reggae version of Excuse Me Mr. near the beginning of the set...Sexual Healing was the best I've ever heard him do...Amen Omen was powerful...I was waiting to hear Bring The Funk live, and was not disappointed at all...And of course the 3 solo acoustic tunes in the encore were brilliant...
Juan's bass was spectacular, and Leon's solos left me speechless...
Thanks for coming guys, we can't wait to have you back again...

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Hi, I hope that you are all doing extremely well! When I left the show Monday, I felt like dancing in the stars. You guys managed to touch the hearts of everyone in the audience, which is a beautiful thing in itself. Leon, you are incredible. Your smile brings a smile to my face, and your zest for life sends lightning to my heart. I'm only disappointed that I didn't bring my dad to the show, I have a feeling that he would have loved it. Next time, guaranteed. White haired balding man in the audience. Thank you guys, truly.

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Well it's been a couple of days later and I'm still at a loss for words. I've been to some pretty good concerts but wow you guys were just amazing. The emotion from the crowd and Ben Harper were brilliant. Thank you very much for coming to Toronto. The best concert I've been to in a while. Come back to Toronto soon. Thanks once again.

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Jack was great, the Amphitheatre was buzzing from 5:30 all through the show. Youngest crowd at a show I've seen (no mullets!).

Ben was amazing, and really hit the spot with a nice mix of old and new, with as much soul as one would expect.

Wicked High Tide or Low Tide cover with Jack.

Would do it again in a Hollywood Minute

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I went to the Ben Harper/Jackson show and I have to say it was incredible! I've loved Jack for a while and I now am equally impressed with Ben Harper, he's now one of my favorites. A previous review spoke negatively of the pot/personal freedoms movement and I'd just like to say that it was likely the overuse of alcohol (a legal drug) that led to people passing out, and even then, it was their freedom and they exercised it! That's 5/6 accidents out of thousands who enjoyed their personal freedoms safely and enjoyed the beauty of those freedoms.

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Two days have passed since Ben Harper entered my reality. I have not been able to get his image out of my mind and I do not want to. His voice persists in every cavern of my brain.
What can I say about this show? I have loved Ben since his words collided with the ones in my head. I haven't known Jack for very long but I have found a place for him in my heart now (especially after seeing him live).
I really enjoyed Jack's performance, especially when he got everyone in the amphitheatre to stand up. It was the first time I had looked at all the people behind us (I was on Floor!) and seeing them up on their feet and clapping was amazing. I went away loving Jack Johnson almost as much as I love Ben ;)
When Ben came on stage I immediately felt a wave of overwhelm hit me. The man's voice could smash every barrier society has constructed. We just need more people to listen... and it is happening. I was pleasantly surprised to hear Sexual Healing. I felt my fingertips ache to touch his guitar at that moment.
Bring the Funk was electrifying. I was disappointed in the floor crowd because they didn't seem to know any of the new album. This song definately got me moving. It only got better.
"Amen Omen" moved me to tears. I could feel the pain and love in his song. Ben's voice has the ability to rip right through you and grab every feeling that it can while it is passing through.
I think Burn One Down definately bonded many of us. It's not the weed that did it either. It was the "live and let live" vibration. The percussion on this song rocked my socks off.
Wells of tears formed when I heard Walk Away. This is one of my favorite songs and Ben did not disappoint me in any way. I felt every chord within me.
I did enjoy the end (if you can ever enjoy something like that). The duet with Ben and Jack doing Bob was amazing! Faded/Whole Lotta Love sent shivers throughout my body.
Oh, did I forget to mention what happened even before the concert? I was washing my hands in the washroom and in the mirror behind me I saw this cartoonish character. It was cartoonish only because I had seen this figure on television and on my cd covers. Yes, ladies and gents - Ben Harper was being interviewed. There were only about fifteen people around him and I seized the opportunity to meet him.
I feel dumb now because I could not think of one word I could say to this man who had changed my heart. I told him "I'm a poet without words right now". He took my hand and kissed it. He told me that he loved me.
There are alot of things that I wish I could have said but my mind was in awe.
All I can say now is... I love you Ben. Thank you. We will meet again someday and I will not stumble over my words next time. Thank you Ben for a great show and an amazing experience.
And thank you to all the fans who made it that much better by expressing their love and gratitude for Jack and Ben.
Word...hope to see you again someday...

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ben: your music is incredible, that's a given. but the amount of passion you put into it PLUS the emotions you are able to draw out of every single person in your audience is truly AMAZING. i came in from out of town with my best friend and we both left the concert absolutely inspired. you and jack both use your outlet of creativity in such beautiful ways. thank you. (ps. if anyone has a tape of the show please email me at indalia1@hotmail.com thanks!)

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First concert ive been too, absolutely stunning performance! I should just stop watching concerts now because this probably wont be topped. Glory and Consequence instantly got everyone absorbed into the music. First time i heard temporary remedy and it was simply unreal, i couldnt take all the beauty of the music in at once. I was on the floor by the front in the middle with the white diesel hooded shirt going absolutely crazy the whole time... guy with the recorder that was standing beside me, if you get this message please send me a copy of ur tape, please!!

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I left the Molson Amphitheatre in total awww of Ben, he was absolutley amazing. I have seen a ton of live shows (incubus, soad, weezer, dmb, audioslave, jack j) and last nights show had to was one of the most memorable. I saw Jack this winter at the Koolhaus and he was amazing, last night he put out another stellar performance. What can I saw about Ben, he was the last "big" name that I had to see before I could die...lol. He didn't disappoint me one bit.

Its just to bad that he has to explain "burn one down", its a song that has a message and you can take it as you wish or just listen to another great Ben song.

I travelled 3hrs to see this show, and tomorrow I am travelling another 3hrs to see is Montreal show. Its too bad that Jack is finished on this leg of the tour, K-OS has big big shoes to fill tomorrow.

Thanks BEN and JACK!

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I went to a concert with a friend to see Jack Johnson. I'd never even heard of Ben Harper. Jack was good but Ben Blew me away! It was, bar none, the best concert I've ever been to. There were a minimum of 3 encores and everyone left wanting even more.

The most moving part was during Walk Away (I think) everyone in the audience was completely silent just listening to Ben's amazing voice.

Thanks, Ben - I can't wait until you come around again - I'll be there!

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I'll make it short and sweet. Jack and Ben, you are truly inspirational - words cannot do justice to the feelings you impart in us all. As usual, a heartfelt, awe-inspiring performance by both of you - many thanks for all the love. On a side note, Amen Omen blew me away in ways that no song has ever achieved - the power and intensity of such raw emotion penetrated the souls of us all. Thanks again and much love and respect. Until next time. "Amen omen, 'till I see your face again"

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Where do I start ? The Toronto Show last night was unreal. Ben amazed me yet again. I dont think he will ever cease to amaze me. Their were so many highlights to the show. Killer opening with Glory and Consequence...Amen Omen...Gold to Me...With My Own Two Hands into War, Jack and Ben doing High Tide Low Tide, Sexual Healing...finale of Faded/Whole Lotta Love ! Every song was an incredible version of his already incredible live performances ! He just seemed to add something new/special to every song. He was on his game for sure !
I think the 20 minute version of Burn One Down with a crazy bongo solo by Leon playing and urging the crowd to blow their smoke towards the stage was the absolute highlight for me. I know a lot of people only recognize Ben for this song, but last night the version of the song they did, and his little responsible pro-ganja speech was a testament to Bens style/personality and incredible live performances.
If you haven't seen Ben Harper play live...you really haven't experienced Ben Harper.
Still buzzing...Cheers.

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a beautiful night with beautiful music, jack was simply amazing, then ben lit up the place with a powerful version of glory and consequence... soo many good people at the concert. lots of lovely ladies too, highlites were the emotional version of walk away, ben and jack playin tribute to bob marley, gold to me, and burn one down... actually wasn't a song i didn't dance too...peace out benny and jack, come back soon

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this was my first concert EVER!!! and all i can say that its gonna be hard to top. I think that i was the only person who actually came to see only Jack, but i left being a fan of Ben's. Ok i must say that Ben's set was much more rockin'. It was soooo good!

i left after With My Own Two Hands cus i didnt want to get caught in traffic with all the stoners and drunks:) was that close to the end???

btw i was suprised that there were so many people cus i am use to being the only person among my friends who lisens this music...damn i need to get some new friends:)

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Wow. I mean good god. I finally got to a computer to write this and I am still trying to process it.
The vibe at that concert was as good as any I've ever felt. The only band that I've seen that draws a similar reaction is Pearl Jam. There was a sense of intimacy even and friendship among everyone I met.
If I could bottle the feeling that show gave me I would, and I'd be so selfish I'd never sell it.
The band was incredible, the set list a perfect tempo, over all one of the most enjoyable nights I've had ever.
Sexual Healing, Forever, My Own Two Hands were among my favourites, and closing with Whole Lotta Love/Faded sent me home with goose bumps.
Thank You everyone for making my night.

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Excellent and passionate show. Most people missed the beginning of Jack Johnson's set because of huge lines and poor line management.

Jack played a cover of G Love & Special Sauce's "Steppin' Stone" with a DJ scratchin'. Awesome surprise.

Ben's set was very powerful and moving. He dropped from Feel the Funk right into Sly & The Family Stone's "Thankful N' Thoughtful", and from "My Two Hands" into Bob Marley's "War". Both well done and unexpected.

Sexual Healing was awesome.

The acoustic set was short... 3 songs plus a guest by Jack Johnson doing Marley's "Hide Tide, Low Tide" that really put them on an equal setting.

After the band came back for Faded/Whole Lotta Love, ben left the stage and the light came on and the roadies started deconstructing the stage.

A much too quick end to an excellent concert. Anyone who gets a CD-R of this concert, zap me back @ applesauceblues@yahoo.ca so I can get a copy somehow.

This was the last show of the first leg of the tour.

Thanks Ben.

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Amazing show, Jack Johnson puts on a great live show, and then Ben Harper took the stage for a long night of amazing guitar and emotional singing. The only downfall of the show was I missed the first 4-5 songs of Jack Johnson because a stupid security guard made us wait in the longest lineup ever, even thought our seats were right up front. (Floor), Thank you so much Ben, peace out.

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Well it was my first time. I went in with very high expectations and was not disappointed one bit. The selection of songs were almost perfect. The night was beautiful. I was with my friends.
Thank you Ben and Jack!

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I just got home from the show - very good. Has there ever been a bad Ben Harper show? There was a nice mix of songs, something for everyone. There were a few great jams from Ben, as well as Juan and Leon. The crowd was packed gave respect to both Ben and Jack. The only beef I have is with the promotion of 'individual freedom' and marijuana use. While Ben spoke about being smart while using illegal drugs (an oxymoron if I've ever heard one), there were people passing out left and right (at least 5-6) after utilizing their 'freedom'. Dumb. Other than that, my first experience of Ben in person was fabulous. First leg done - the rest of you get ready to enjoy!