07.02.03 Montréal, Canada

Métropolis with K-OS

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A nearly 3-hour performance!

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what a vibe man!!!!

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This was my first ben show.. i made the trip from moncton with my buddies...we got into to town early too catch pearl jam ( amazing show) Anyways me my brother and our best friend got up early the day of the harper show and ennded up being first in line. We ended up waitintg all together for 10 hours befroe we were able to get in. Once inside we succsessfully got to the front... right in the middle.. the show was amazing as i knew it would be. the day after i was still the happiest man alive and then out of the blue Ben pops up on the street corner.. so we chatted with him.. he even remembered us from the night before.he thanked us for the energire we brought to the show we thanked him for making the musick he does and that was that. All in all it was the best experience of my life!!! just thought i would share with all you fns out there!!!


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I made the trip from Toronto for my second concert of this tour, and I certainly was not dissapointed. The show was absolutely incredible; even better than his show a few nights earlier in Toronto at the Ampitheatre. The smaller venue of the Metropolis definitely immersed me in every note, and the atmosphere was simply stunning. His encore was undoubtedly my favourite part, as he sat down and played a brilliant acoustic set, followed by When Its Good on the slide guitar which was something special to see in person. When he raised his fist in the air and sang over the crowd sans microphone, I realized how revolutionary he is and will continue to be for music. Thank you Ben for performing with so much passion, and come back to Canada as soon and as often as possible.

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That was totally amazing! I have really enjoyed the show, the music, the crowd.. everything was perfect! I saw a lot of shows in my life and I think this one has been the best show that I've ever seen (heard)! The band played a lot of songs from their new album "Diamonds On the Inside". Juan Nelson (bass) and Leon Mobley (Djembe/percussion) have been fantastics with their improvisations.

Ben came back on the stage for the encore, alone with his guitar. This part was very intimate and there was a chemistry between him and the crowd.

Thank you for that evening, this will remain in my memories for a long time!

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this was my first ben harper concert . . . and it was absolutely mesmorizing. i've never experienced anything like it before and i can't wait until he performs in montreal again. he spoke only a couple of times in between songs, and even then you could barely make anything out over all the cheering and noise, but the connection he had with the audience through his music and beautiful voice was unshakeable. watching him perform, you can't help but be lifted and inspired by how much he loves what he does. i've never been so moved by a performance, so personally touched by every chord played and word sung. recordings don't do him justice, because the power of his live performance is overwhelming. i loved it!

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Hey everyone!! sorry I am late writing this review, but its better later then never. first i would like to tell you how I got this sold out tickets. me and my mom went to montreal (I am fifteen years old) to go to the jazz fest. me and my mom are walking on the side of the street and who do we see?? ben harper all by himself. so i walked up to him and got a picture. started to talk to him and I wished him luck on his shows. he asked me if i was going. and i said yes but i do not have a ticket yet. so he says . ahh dont worry about man i'll get you in. so he writes down my name and told me that i could pick up my tickets at the door. this was a miracle!!! 15 years old and I got to meet Ben Harper (who in which is my role model in every way now) get 2 free tickets and had a blast. amazing show. War!, diamonds on the inside, burn one down. amazing night. stunned after the show!! thank you ben and thank you innocent criminals. please e-mail me, my address is shibbyo14@aol.com I would like to tell you this story with more details so you can get a good idea what exactly ben harper is actually like. God Bless

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great night !

This was my 3rd Ben live performance.... maybe not the best (because nothing is better than the first time) but pretty close from it !
I was very desappointed because the two previous shows I saw, ben didn't play Excuse me Mr (my favorite). I looked at some setlists and I was sure that Ben will play the song... But as you can see on the setlist... better chance next time ! Still that was an excellent show, even the first part wasn't so bad ! It was 2h45 min of pure magic ! Low start with some accoustic and light rock songs, but when the band played Ground on down... damn that was good. Can't wait to see Ben and the band again !!!! Thanks guys for that incredible night ! La sono faisait parfois piti

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Wow, this concert was definitely the highlight of my summer. If only all live music was of this quality.

He opened with she's only happy in the sun, and I got a little worried that he was only going to do stuff from his new CD. He soon quelled my fears when he broke into forever and sexual healing (a personal favourite). The peak song of the night was definitely ground on down when he broke from the intro to the guitar riff the crowd simply combusted.

The energy from not just Ben from the whole band was incredible. You could tell they were genuinely into performing, they were just having so much fun and giving thanks for the fans appreciation. It is the way friends would just jam with each other.

The venue it was held in was certainly a plus. A small intimate venue but the energy from the crowd was so positive and heartfelt it was guaranteed to be a great show.

All in all he covered everything I wanted to hear. He definitely went all out going for 3 hours. This is one of those concerts that raise your standards. He proved his vocal strength by stepping away from the mic and screaming at the top of his lungs during one of the encores, you could hardly tell that he did. Just like to say Thanks Ben & The Innocent Criminals you make great music.

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This has to be one of the best concerts I have ever attended. Ben sang just a little short of 3 hours. He sang quite a few songs from the new album, but was not shy of the classics.
I was sure that the concert was over ~2 hours in, but he came back alone and played the best version of Waitin on an Angel that I have yet to hear. The Innocent Criminals joined him for Like A King. I felt as though Ben had gone into a new world through this song. He was dancing around stage and at one point, quited the whole audience down to sing without the mic with his incredible voice.
I was lucky to be in the very front to enjoy every moment of this true revolution in music. The entire crowd was completely blown away after this incredible concert.
I trully hope that this concert was recorded, because I will be the first to buy that album.

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Ben totally went above and beyond at this show, he and the innocent criminals played strong for just under 3hrs.

Compared to the Toronto show Ben played a lot of new songs, but they were great none the less. It was great to hear "The Drugs Don't Work", and his little speach about being an Honorary Member of Motown was pretty touching. This little speach showed just how humble Ben is!

Ben was all about the show too, for the encore they played Like A King. Ben was firing up little riffs here and there, dancing around and having fun, at one point he put his head down on Leon's drum stage. The best was when he stepped infront of the mic and the crowd went nuts because we thought it was the end....until he gestured everyone to "shhh"..then he sang without out the mic. What a strong clear voice.

This is one concert that I'll never forgot....Thanks a million Ben and the Innocent Criminals!