07.03.03 Montréal, Canada

Métropolis with K-OS

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Another 3+ hour performance including a few lyrics from "Let's Get It On" during "Sexual Healing" and the first "Suzie Blue" of the tour. Ben and Oliver even crowd surfed at the end of the night!

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franklin.a.lyons38485's picture

This was the best show I have ever been to (Ben Harper or otherwise). Epic! Mind-blowing! The show was so good, I'm forced to invent a words to describe how life-changing it was. Amaztasderful!

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not enough money to go... Cried my eyes out.

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Nothing can compare to seeing Ben Harper live at a small venue. I felt like I was in a "holy place" when he played "Amen Omen" and "Blessed to be a Witness"...Thank you Ben!

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Wow! I haven't said i've had a favourite musician since my high school obsession with seattle grunge rock bands, but man, this performance showed me that ben and his amazing surrounding of musicians truly deserve that title. this was my third time seeing him, and by far the best, and by far the best concert i've ever been to. these guys really know how to make amazing music, and really seem to have a great time doing so. i was a bit annoyed with the crowd at times, making noise when something really cool was going down and just not really listening, but i managed to block that out enough. my friends said the crowd the night before was a bit more attentive, but whatever, ben got their attention with a nice long stare down, hahaha. something i've only recently started to really appreciate is ben's singing, and it was truly beautiful, especially on welcome to the cruel world and that pearl jam cover. i was soooo happy they did blessed to be a witness, i thought maybe ben would play it on his own, but they had the whole thing going, and it was so powerful, i had to hold back tears, my grandfather had just passed away and these guys were just so moving... my favourite part of the night would probably have to be when they tore into whole lotta love, just the way the two guitars were wailing back and forth at eachother, it was awesome! and what a way to end the night, showing such love and trust for his fans and body surfing across us stomache first, i swear he came right for me, hahaha. i dunno how many people noticed juan nelson getting ready to do the same, that was hilarious! anyways, awesome concert! it really makes everyone happy when someone just wants to keep playing more and more music for them, we'll always be wanting more. a columnist from the montreal gazette, t'cha dunlevey had a pretty funny thing to say in his highlights of the jazz fest thing, here's just an approximate quote: "Ben Harper could easily run for office in Montreal. His campaign would be a sold-out, month long stint at the Metropolis." Thanks for the awesome music!

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I drove from Toronto to Montreal expecting the two nights to be different from the set I heard in Toronto. Luckily, both nights in Montreal turned out to be something remarkably special. They were my 8th and 9th shows and I have never seen BHIC play with so much energy, passion, and joy. The 8-song acoustic set was nothing short of amazing. Hearing the likes of One Road to Freedom, Please Bleed, and Indifference made my entire trip.

I truly believed that the first night in Montreal could not be duplicated. BHIC made it a little more difficult! And the crowd surfing was an amazing experience. I have never heard of that before at a BHIC show. Wow. Just a great show in a great city and venue with great people.

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Best Show Of My Life!!!!!!!
3rd time seein' Ben. This concert was unbelievable from start to finish. Front row rocked too.

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Hello everyone, I have been a Ben fan for years, but had never experienced a "live" show. My birthday happens to be on July, 2nd, and I freaked out when I heard Ben was doing a show in Montreal on my birthday, and best of all at the Metropolis! Then came dismay when all inquiries ended with SOLD OUT! Finally relief when the second show was added on the third,(it was my 38th, so a day off is o-k at this age). Then I hook tickets to the Monday show in Toronto! I can not believe it, now I will see him twice, and the TO show includes Jack Johnson! THEN, one week prior to leaving, tickets for the show on the 2nd come up on ticketmasters website, (so if you really want to see a show, keep trying). I am in amazement - now I will see Ben 3 of 4 nights! Off to TO we go...Jack was the PERFECT opening act, the crowd was buzzing from the get go. Then Ben did it all. It was a good show. Train to Montreal - in full Jazz Fest mode. Its my birthday, great food in Chinatown. We arrive 5 minutes before Ben comes out. The venue is rocking, I have other friends from Newfoundland there, but I know it will be impossible to find anyone, so I found the bar. The show is smokin', so intimate compared to the 16,000 in TO. Like a King/I'll Rise was chilling. Definatly one of the best birthdays of my life(with my love, Robyn of course). The anticipation for the 3rd show is driving me crazy, last nights show was better than in TO, and I just new the 3rd would be better again,(no offence to those who bought first night tickets but the last show of any multi-night gig is always the best). Could he out do a 3 hour performance? YES YES YES! Ben and the IC'S were better again, unbelievable! The groove, energy, vibe and spirit have revitalized me. My father recently passed away, and Amen/Omen brought me to tears, and I mean roaring tears! It was the closest I had FELT my dad since he had died, so powerful. I am not religious, but I do believe in the power of the human spirit, I will hold that moment forever. The acoustic sets were amazing, so soft, and only magnified by the intensity of closing with Faded/Whole Lotta Love. Thank you Ben for a birthday celebration of humanity! Peace! May you make music for a 100 years! cheers...Sandy

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Greatest show ever! Ben was on fire, his musicians were incredible, and the crowd could'nt have been more into it. The choice of songs was perfect, a mix old and new, solo and with the whole band, and acoustic, electric and slide. Ben played all sorts of insrtuments, and at one point, he was so into it that he started spinning until he almost fell. He ended the three and a half hour show by body-surfing over the crowd, and by saying his usual and humble "thank you".

Ben rocks!

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Absolutely incredible ! A performance that I will remember for the rest of my life... "With my own two hands" with "War" and "Indifference" of PJ... stunning ! Perfect mix of acoustic and electric guitar. Great solos ! New and old stuff... more than three intense hours. Can't wait to see you at Red Rocks in August... will be difficult to be better than last night though.

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This was my first Ben Harper show.The show was awesome.He played for 3 and a half hours.He set an amazing vibe and played some amazing tunes.And to top it off he finished the show like a pro.He is a great musician and he had a great band with him.I can't wait for him to come back!!
One love

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This was my first ben harper show and honestly, it was the best show of my life so far.

It started great and ended great;
i really loved the version of "excuse me mr" tonight;
Good job with please bleed and amen omen.
thx for this soir