08.03.03 Las Vegas, NV

The Joint @ The Hard Rock Hotel with Jack Johnson

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"Amen Omen" and "Faded/Whole Lotta Love" were on the setlist for the second encore but were not played.

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Man, this show really rocked. My love for Ben and Indians increased ten-fold. I love this guy. The bands rocks also.

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I liked Jack Johnson's set even through the equipment noise. I'll definately pickup some of Jack's music. Ben Harper was good but the highlight of the concert IMHO was the bass solo by Juan Nelson. It was so awesome. I almost jumped out of the pool the next day to tell him, when he and the drummer came cruising by. Not knowing their names at the time kept me from it. I was diappointed with the sound system at The Joint. It seemed to lack definition and clarity at the volume level Ben was playing. I hope to catch Ben next time he is in North Texas.

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The Joint rocked... Great venue, many probs to security, they were kind and laid back. Jack had a hard set, equipment problems and what not. I felt really bad for him. He kept up a good attitude and tried to make the best but you could tell he was not to happy. The crowd was really cool and when he asked us if he should just stop playing everybody gave him nothing but love, and Jack gave back.
Ben just rocks... I don't care whats being said, in my eyes Ben can stand, sit, jump up and down. I would like to see more variety in the set list but you get what you get and it's enough to please me. I did miss Ben talking more with us but hey it's a long tour! See yall in Diego.

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I just finished reading the reviews from the hbowl show and felt really saddened by what some of the people were saying. I'll be honest and admit that I came to the show to see Jack. I've been a long time fan of his laid back style and the messages he sings in his songs. But Ben had magic. He was the definition of passion. I feel so fortunate to have been able to experience his music live. It was an amazing, life-changing show and both Jack and Ben inspire me more than I can say. I'll be a fan for life.

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Jack Johnson was good. Second time I've seen him. I saw him on tour in 2001 with Ben Harper in Jackson, Wyoming and he has come a long way. Ben Harper was amazing. He started the show with the best version of Glory and Consequence I have ever heard. He sung his heart out and blew everyone away with his guitar playing. For Glory and Consequence he was playing a real cool new guitar that is painted black and white like his tattoos. Juan Nelson was unbelievable on bass, he was definately feeling it Sunday night. Leon Mobely is a valuable asset on percussion he gives the band alot of energy. The Innocent Criminals were tight they played as one, even with the addition of Mark Ford from the Black Crowes who has been with them less than a week. Ben played alot of material of the new album and still played some of his classics. Like a King was rippin on slide guitar and he sang I'll Rise with one fist held up in the air that was reminiscant of Bob Marley. Ben is the best guitarist I've ever seen. period. Hendrix included.

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It was an amazing show. despite sound difficulties, jack johnson still rocked it. BHIC was like a life changeing experience. There is so much soul, passion, and happiness in every one on the stage. it makes me want to take music in to a higher plain of the soul. thanx for coming to vegas. it was wonderful. peace and love.