08.09.03 Santa Barbara, CA

Santa Barbara Bowl with DJ Logic, Jack Johnson

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I've seen Ben every time he's come to SB in the last 8 years and this show was something special. I thought the set list was amazing and the vibe the band put out was incredible. I always thought that walk away was his most beautiful song until blessed to be a witness came out and to hear it live and so perfect was a true blessing. We are all blessed to be able to take in a ben show but @ the SB Bowl it was a religious experience.

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Well, lets just say that Ben is the best! And if Mike, the one that wrote the review earlier, would have seen both shows. He would know that Ben did sing Amen Omen. Hey, when Ben's in town you better see both shows cause they are totally different and both have their highlights. I would just like to thank Ben for making beautiful songs that make my heart and soul fell incredible! You have a voice of an angel the hands of a God! Thank you! By the way sick shoes!

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Okay, I have been a fan on Ben since '93 when I first heard "Walk Away". I have seen him over ten times - and even though his performance has changed...come on people - IT'S STILL BEN!!! I saw him on Monday at the Hollywood Bowl and again Saturday at the SB Bowl and this was the first time I had seen him stand up - it really threw me off at first - I thought...what's happened here? But the intensity of his music and the passion in his voice far outweighed all of the negatives that come along with these drastic changes. He is evolving like everyone and everyting in this world does. So he stands up...so what? So he has added a keyboardist..so what? A Rhythym guitarist...well that IS kind of pushing it I guess...but still, he has grown and with growth comes change. And I can't belive that some of you don't like his new stuff...I mean "Blessed to be a Witness" is one of the most beautiful songs he has ever written. "Amen Omen"..."She's Only Happy in the Sun"..."Diamonds on the Inside"..."Brown Eyed Blues" - Change is jarring...but in the end after all is said and done, it's still Ben Harper guys!

The show was fantastic - full of energy and spirit. Jeremy Nelson coming out to do the beatbox on "Steal My Kisses" was incredible (I couldn't even tell it was him in Hollywood!!). Juan's solo during "Brown Eyed Blues" will go down in my book as one of his best. My biggest complaint is that because this is his fifth album, he has really sacraficed many of the older songs (mainly the acoustic ones) that caused me to fall in love with his music ten years ago. Where was "Walk Away"? "Another Lonely Day"? "Forever"? "Waiting on an Angel"? And now that he has a keyboard player, where was "By My Side"??? But despite all of this I still had a great time and will always be a devoted fan.

Thank you Ben for making music, and thank you for always being there for me. You are a truely gifted and amazing being. Don't pay attention to the nay sayers...do what feels right and your true fans will always be there.

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I saw him at Claremont a year ago and the show there was great cause the whole crowd was so into it cause that is his hometown. I thought he played better at the SB Bowl, he had more energy it seemed like and he was just jammin during some of the songs. "With My Own Two Hands" was amazing. The only thing the show lacked was not as much acoustic stuff. I think he didnt pay as much acoustic because the croud was talking too much for him to really get into the acoustic. At Claremont everyone was locked in and paying attention to him. I donno if it was just around me cause i was in the cheap seats but it seemed everyone was just talking and getting drunk and not really caring aout ben. Which upset me cause i dont understand why you would get drunk before ben played he is the most amazing live performer i have ever and ever will see. Maybe if i had been closer it would of been better but Ben was still amazing. Jack was great to set the mood for the rest of the crowd but i think the really diehard fans who wanted to see him got a great show. I cant wait till he comes back to Bridges in Claremont but it was fun to see him at a great venue up in SB and well worth the long drive. I love Ben and the IC's and Jack too, Die Hard fan forever no matter what cant wait to see them again.

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I loved the setlist, one song i've wanted to see live since the new CD came out was "When She Belives" and i was very suprised and happy to see him play that one. Not just Ben was great but so was the rest of the IC's as well. Juan was amazing during "Brown Eyed Blues", as always, and also during "Steal My Kisses" with his son.

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Well, I will not be quite as kind as the other review here, as I was not as impressed with this show. I guess the best way to describe it was hot and cold. It started off great, then would dip into mostly new songs which are mediocre at best. Didn't even play "Amen, Omen" the best song on the new disc! (If you're gonna play the new stuff, at least play the best song!) I was impressed how some of the boring tracks from "Diamonds" came to life when played live, it just wasn't the set list I would have liked to hear. Average show by Ben's standards, great by most others. I guess my expectations were extremely high after practically having a religious experience 2 years ago at REMAC arena in San Diego. Oh well, the venue made up for the mostly lame set list.

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This show was incredible. Jack Johnson did a great job getting things started and showed some amazing growth since the last time I'd seen him. He's a great guy and one of my favorite musicians ... but Ben was clearly the star of the show.

The whole band was phenomenal on this night, particularly Ben. His vocals on "I Shall Not Walk Alone" and