08.10.03 La Jolla, CA

RIMAC Field University of California, San Diego with DJ Z-Trip, Jack Johnson

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Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals Setlist 1969-12-31 - RIMAC Field - La Jolla, CA

Encore 1

Jeremy Nelson on beat box for "Steal My Kisses". Jack Johnson sat in for "High Tide Or Low Tide".

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all I havw to say is that was the best show I have ever seen. Hurry back Ben I can't wait until the next time you play for us in San Diego.

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this was the first time i had been to a jack or ben concert. initially, i was more excited to see jack because i knew more of his songs than ben's. let me tell you, i was blown away! ben harper's cd's CANNOT be compared to his live show! It was absolutely amazing and by far the BEST concert i have ever seen. the enery from ben harper and the innocent criminals was electrifying. I can't wait to see them again! thanks so much jack and ben for an amazing show and even better memories and appreciation and love for your music!

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There is really nothing more I can say than: "Oh my GOD!" I've been a Ben Harper fan since I was 10 years old. I'm 18 now, and I still had never seen him until Sunday. That was the greatest show I have ever seen. My friend had never heard Ben, and she asked me why Jack was opening for him. All I could say was "You'll see." I had seen Jack once before, and this performance did not stack up to the other. When his set was over, I couldn't wait for Ben to start up. His set was incredible. He was full of energy, he sang brilliantly, and he had a bunch tricks up his sleeve. The best songs of the night were "Excuse me Mr." "I Shall not Walk Alone," "Steal my Kisses" in which he brought out Juan Nelson's son to beat box, and then played percussion for Leon Mobley, "Burn One Down" with the cell-phone that the girl had thrown on stage, "High Tide or Low Tide," and "Walk Away" which brought many to tears. I can't wait until Ben comes back into town. Maybe next time I'll throw my cell-phone on stage to him.

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that was all of our first ben show.we couldnt believe it.he is an artist with a deep message and i was incredibly moved by quite a few songs. burn one down my own two hands and faded were as good as any songs ive ever seen performed live in my whole life.wow.i still cant believe it.


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Sunday nights show was amazing! I have seen Jack play 2 times before, but it was a first to see Ben. When Ben sang an encore of Walk Away, and the whole crowd was quiet, I wanted to cry, it is such a moving song, and to have everyone listen (and not shout) was an experience in it self. If I could, I would see the same show every weekend. I don't think I could ever get tired of a show as great as that one!

Thank you Ben and The Innocent Criminals. You guys ROCK MY WORLD!

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its been a couple days since the show & i can still feel the amazing energy that was lingering in the crowd sunday night. jack was great but ben is astonishing, he put so much love in the crowd, i want to thank the guy i stopped in front of & told him i would just be there a sec & ended up staying for a while. so, the boy with the bright blues & blonde hair, i kept looking over at you, -"thank you". some of jacks fans had built a "wall", so no one could get through, i actually saw people screaming at eachother during "excuse me mr."! my cousin & i went to get drinks on intermission, by the time we got back, these people wouldn't let us get back to my other cousin & our friend, it was harsh...where is the love..but lots of thankx to all those sweet people that helped us. not only did ben make you realize what it would be like at a marley or hendrix show, but when he played badfish, i thought to myself, "this is IT", i couldn't hold back the tear running down my face.Thank you Ben, you're truly an angel, & all the sd fans with love, keep passing it! this was the BEST concert ever!!

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This was the fourth time I have seen Ben and the Innocent Criminals, the first time being at RIMAC two years ago. This was the most amazing display of music I have ever seen. You never really know what you are going to get with Ben, but you know it will be great. You may here some Marvin Gaye, George Clinton, Bob Marley, Led Zeppelin or my favorite of Ben's covers "The Drugs Don't Work" by Richard Ashcroft. And of course, then there is Ben's amazing and eclectic arsenal of songs from his own catalog. I didn't even hear most of my favorites at this show, but Ben again amazed. It is truly a powerful experience to watch Ben sing, dance, and play any one of it seems like a million guitars. This show captured it better than any I have seen. From the political and powerful to the spiritual to the amazingly emotional. Perhaps the most amazing part of Ben's shows is the LOVE in the air. This show was truly a gathering of friends, probably 15,000 friends. For some reason, this show just blew me away. The ever respectful crowd was silent enough to hear a pin drop for the "Walk Away" encore. I dragged along a couple of friends, who were slightly reluctant to drop $40 to see somebody you hear on the radio once in a blue moon. I think they trust me a little more now. A man, Ben, once said that everybody's destiny is greatness. Well I am definitely glad that Ben is fulfilling his destiny. Thank you Ben.

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I've seen many concerts and that was by far the best show any artist has ever put on that I've witnessed. Jack Johnson was awesome, and Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals were absolutely stellar. I can still feel the music, and the feeling of that concert will NEVER be forgotten.

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I've been attending concerts pretty regularly since I was about 14, at first just punk shows around the south bay, and then bigger venues / bands as we got our licenses. Last night's concert was unquestionably the best concert i've ever seen.

Jack Johnson's opening was nice, the SD crowd was really receptive to him and you could tell he appreciated it. By the end of his encore, the crowd was ready for Ben. The moon was close to full and the night was warm, the vibe was great.

Let me say this: studio recordings do not do ben harper and the innocent criminals justice. I've liked ben harper for a while but I was not expecting this. He is a powerhouse musician, his stage presence rivals ANYONE. I feel like I've finally gotten a taste of what it must have been like to see bob marley or jimi hendrix. The guy is so versatile, he'd go from some amazing screaming solos on his slide guitar to roots reggae to acoustic that had many many people (including me)in tears.

during the first encore jack johnson came back out, and the two covered bob marley's "high tide or low tide." Its one of the best songs about friendship ever.
Burn one down, the place went up in smoke, and they extended that song to around 15-20 minutes. during the middle of it he had a conversation with someone on a random cell phone. he put the phone up to the mic and let them address the crowd.
With my own two hands, this marley-esque reggae song, became a cover of bob marley's "war." I thoght to myself, "this is the closest i'll ever come to seeing a bob marley concert in my life."
When he played "Walk Away," the crowd softly san along, and he said there hasn't been a crowd that was so quiet for that song since paris, france. He was stoked.

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Amazing. Over two years ago Jack opened for Ben on the same field when no one knew who he was. Now he and Ben shared the bill and both played amazing sets. BH&TIC energy last night was so tangible. The music was so real it was amazing. the crowd was so great considering it was 12,000 people, and the night had some great times in it. Thanks ben!

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That is what a Ben Harper show is... Amazing music, Great energy, Ben interacting with us, it was absolutely amazing. Thank You Ben.