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This might be a little late in the posting, but that show was the best of the summer for me, and I went to the Crows/john mayer show and the Dave show. I went to see Jack Johnson, I had only heard like 3 Ben Harper songs, well I fully and proudly admit that I Love Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals. I can't even thunk of the words to describe it. AWESOME SHOW GUYS

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This show was sick!!!! Almost the excact same set as last night in CA, BUT no High Tide.....BUMMER.....JJ's set was better in AZ. Plus!!! After the show in the 104 degree heat JJ passed water and rapped to all of us. Thank you Ben & Jack!

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this show was great. amen omen blew me away. what a great live song. i was also real impressed with witness and when it's good. it was good to hear some of the old stuff like mr. and walk away. speaking of walk away, why do people think that its cool to yell during the chill songs? maybe i'm wrong but i don't think that he's gonna stop in the middle of a song and say "i love you too". shut up and listen to the song, yell and scream at the end. all in all this was one of the best shows i have seen. the "fans" who left early really missed out.

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Music is my religion, and last night I was baptized all over again.

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My best show ever (and Im 36!). Outrageous good zep cover, would love to hear a hendrix or SRV remake esp with Marc rippin that guitar. Continue with the small venues (great sound), I agree that the rent-a-cops could be a little less aggressive (I was in the front row to see it).

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The show was "off the hook". BHIC came through as always. The new additions to the band added more than I thought they would making for a better sound/show. Is it me or does everyone who goes to a BHIC show come away more of a fan than before (no matter how many times you've seen them)? The only negitive note I leave is that I felt like dodge theater could tell their staff not to be so "policing". It almost took away from the show. it would be nice to see BHIC at a more relaxed location next time.

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i had a revelation last night. i always wanted to know what it was like to experience hendrix or marley for the first time. now i know. i have seen ben b4 but this was different. every aspect of the show was done perfectly. ben is a genius and he is surrounded by equals in the innocent criminals. halle godam luja. ben put his disease in me.

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Simply art.

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thanks to both groups for an exceptional show...for those who showed up early enough, j.j. was brilliantly mellow with an excellent setlist...awesome femmes tease (please do not go) into steer it up, thanks. also, huge props to the subtle politics of his solo consciousness. ben & i.c. were as always entrancing. mark ford is an incredible addition to the ensemble...long time fan, his style gives the music a whole new richness and depth. set was full of love, and anger, passion,and soul, and tenderness. thanks for the sick zeppelin cover to end the evening. all fans...don't say a word...maybe one great live band can keep playing small venues for a change. loveoneanother.

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Last night was awesome. It was good to see Ben get up and move around, it brought a little more emotion to the show. Juan is a pimp and and tore it up as usual. The new/old lineup was cool and meshed real well with Ben's sound. That was my fourth BHIC show and they just keep on keepin' on. Thanks!!