08.15.03 Berkeley, CA

Greek Theatre with DJ Z-Trip, Jack Johnson

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Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals Setlist 1969-12-31 - Greek Theatre - Berkeley, CA

Encore 1

Carlos Santana sat in on "With My Own Two Hands/War" and "Voodoo Child (Slight Return)." Ben's mom Ellen played on "In The Lord's Arms." Jack Johnson dueted "High Tide Or Low Tide" with Ben. Ben injected a few lines of "The Roof Is On Fire" during Juan's bass solo in "Brown Eyed Blues".

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Ben,Jack, Great Music, Fantastic weather and great people.

What more needs to be said?

Rock on .

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Well, this was my third time seeing Ben and the Innocent Criminals. The first coming 4 years ago and the other two in three days. I really can't express what I was feeling at the time of the show and I know there are others who feel the same. Carlos Santana on stage with Ben Harper? Are you kidding? I still get chills talking about it. I was pretty amazed out how well ALMOST 8,000 people managed to be quiet and listen to the music. Some people just don't get it. Oh and if anyone out there has a recording of the show, I would be very interested in a copy. Peace

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This was my very first time going to a concert at 24 years of age. I know, I know, pathetic! But I don't think I could've picked a better concert to go to in all my 24 years...I was originally there for Jack Johnson, and loved every minute of him, and although I had never heard of Ben Harper before this (sorry Ben), he had touched me through his music in so many ways. Santana was an incredible surprise, and the duet with Ben and his mother had me in tears. And then Jack came out AGAIN for a duet! I was in heaven! Loved all of it! If you get a chance, you have to see these guys live!

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It was the first time I've ever camped out at the gate 4 hours before a show. It was a hot and long day but more then worth it. I would do it again for these guys in a heartbeat. There are no words to explain how amazingly incredible this show was. Seeing Ben jam with Carlos was insane. I definitely feel blessed to have witnessed such an awesome event. Then Ben's mom came out followed by Jack - ridiculous! I don't think the crowd could have handled another surprise guest without passing out! I was almost expecting Eddie Vedder to come out! The innocent criminals are so dope. This was the 3rd time I've seen both Jack and Ben and they just keep getting better and better. I've been to many great shows over the years but this was definitely the greatest by far. We got the setlist and guitar picks! Woohoo! Thanks for the inspring night guys!!

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This was an awe inspiring show. The highlight was the sit-in by Ben's Mom on in the lords arms. Carlos Santana and Jack Johnson sat in as well. (Carlos was pretty f&*^ing awesome!!) Burn one down came with a note of personal responasbility that most Nor-Cal people already share. Thank You Ben, the performance touched quite a few souls, including mine.

P.S. Waht was up with the goth chick in the cheerleader skirt?? Funky

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The show was sooooo awesome! I really enjoyed having Jack before Ben to start the night with a kind of kick-back style. It was then great to see Ben explode with soo many good songs and include soo many sit-ins, i.e. Carlos, his madre, and Jack. This was my first show ever of Ben and it will surely go down as one of my favorite concerts ever! Temporary Remedy and Voodoo child was exceptionally good and I really enjoyed the encore with walk alone, and espcially blessed to be a witness. One concert to never ever forget!

I got Ben's road pillow after the concert! If you need it Ben I have it!

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Oh holy heaven, to feel the intensity of Ben's emotionally packed performance in my bones simply lifted my soul. Right down to the love of the crowd the entire night was completely amazing. This music is all about the love, the truth, and the passion for the more important things in life, and to be a part of a crowd of people who support such a productive and powerful set of views combined with a love of great music refreshed my faith in the resuscitation of a nation. Spread the love people, spread the love.

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Stunning Performance. There was an awesome atmosphere throughout the entire night - from Jack Johnson's opening set, all the way to Santana and Ben's jam. Props to Juan Nelson for blowing everyone away with his smooth singing and bass solo skills. Harper, as always was completely emotionally involved and I strongly reccomend to everyone to try to see him live. No review can capture this mesmorising night...

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I saw the Reno show and also the Sacramento show this year and was blown away then. Nothing could have prepared for last night. Ben's energy and love for his fans was outstanding. To see a legend in Carlos Santana playing with Ben Harper was incredible. Last night's show will go down as one of the greatest shows ever and that speaks volumes.

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That was one of the best shows i've ever seen. it was amazing to see a ledgend as Santana playing with a soon to be ledgend Ben Harper. I must say, although laid back and easy going, i didn't really dig Jack Johnsons set or music for taht matter. it was just really boring, i should have brought a pillow.

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Superb show with many sit-ins

This is the first time I've seen Ben where he didn't sit on his chair for most of the show...its a good change of pace, and he stays mucho activo during the performance...he is better than ever, and clearly working constantly to improve his repertoire...his reworking of "Excuse Me Mister" is tight and masterful..."Diamonds on the Inside" is unbelievable in concert, and I much prefer it to the album version...the teasing changes on "The Woman in You"...a heartful "Walk Alone" (unfortunately, various ya-hoos from the other side of the Culture-Stop Tunnel had to show their ignorance by cat-calling during the song)

additional highlights: smokestack on the floor for "Burn One Down"...Carlos Santana came out for "With My Own Two Hands" and Jimi's "Voodoo Chile"...brought out his mom for his first encore...then an encore of Marley's "High Tide or Low Tide" with Jack Johnson

I missed not hearing "Ground on Down" or "Faded", but I'm going Sunday and expect he'll be changing it up for each of the shows here in Bezerkeley

Forget Bruce Springsteen and his two retread shows at Pac Bell Park this weekend...the best music in the Bay Area is at the Greek