08.16.03 Berkeley, CA

Greek Theatre with DJ Z-Trip, Jack Johnson

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Ben's mother sat in again for "In The Lord's Arms" and Jack Johnson played on "High Tide Or Low Tide". Quite a few first songs played for this tour too!

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I been thinking a lot about the show Ben and Jack both came to play, but I felt that the crowd did not show up. I felt like the crowd was devoid of any kind of energy. The Greek Theatre is a beutifull setting it was a great night for music I enjoyed myself thoroughly I just wish the crowd was a bit more liveley. The crowd seemed distant to me I noticed people around me talking throughout the show. I feel that it is disrepectfull to the performers and to the people who are at the show who want to listen to the music. The highlight of the show for me was when Ben Brought his mother on stage to sing with him it brought a tear to my eye very special moment, very moving I would love for them to release an album together.

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Words can not describe the musical talent that my ears were hearing.....

Rock On.

PS. Mom's you Rock.

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It's a rare thing to see a performer who sounds like you're listening to their CD, but with Ben (and Jack), that's what you get. They were AMAZING. I espeically enjoyed Ben's mother coming out for a song. He joked that they should do a duet album, I say, "BY ALL MEANS." Excellent night/weather, excellent talent, (although I couldn't say much for the folks who felt they needed to stand the whole time smack dab in front of the lawn crowd), but the boys' flawless voices were sweet and saucy nonetheless! Wished Ben would have sang By My Side- me and my honey's song.

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jack was fun, tight and got the crowd in a great mood. having seen a few shows off this tour, i was jazzed to hear so many old songs. i guess with the 3 nights in a row, ben felt like giving us a different experience - it was awesome! some of the songs, i've never even heard live before. the solo version of SUSIE BLUE, duet with MOM, and bob's HIGH TIDE OR LOW TIDE were my highlights. oh.. and the upper lot is proper for tailgaiting.

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This was without any doubt "THEE SHOW"! Those of you who were there know just how intense thier performance was this time out.

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What a beautiful show! I felt like we were hearing the songs Ben wanted us to hear, not just the most popular ones in his repertoire. The duet on 'In the Lord's Arms' with his mother was amazing and something I'll remember forever. Ground On Down and Glory & Consequence totally rocked the Greek. And what beautiful weather!

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What a show. It was the first time for me to see Ben and Jack. Jack's set was amazing. Too good to be true. Ben was on fire as well. I have been wanting to see Ben for years and he didn't dissapoint. Lots and lots of killer songs. Two songs I wish I could of heard were(The Woman in You, and me being the biggest Pearl Jam fan EVER, I would of loved to hear Indifference) But wow, what a show. Can't wait to see Ben and Jack again.

Side note. It was my first time to the Greek Theater and it is now my favorite outdoor place to see concerts. That place is amazing. Amazing sound,seating. Wow. What a great night all around.

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Truly amazing! Ben never disappoints at the Greek. What a special treat he afforded us on Saturday night. He really came out of the box and gave a passionate and envigorating performance. By out of the box I mean that he seemed especially inspired and keen on giving us a show that broke the mold of a mere cd promoting gig. After the Maceo and Blind Boys from Alabama shows from years past I really didn't expect to be blown away. What a pleasant surprise. Did anyone else get the feeling the Ben was unusually inpired last night?

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The show was absolutley amazing, Ben and Jack were both so good. It was my first time seeing them in concert and I was thoroughly impressed. THe encore could have definatley been a little longer. When Ben sang Steal My Kisses the crowd went crazy. That was definatley the highlight of the night.

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Awesome show! Lot's of older songs...which i loved. BHIC could of done more of their reggae tracks buy it's cool...saw him at marysville where he ripped out cool Rasta vibes...also encore could of been a little longer...it's ok...he did a lot of songs.....great show!

fav songs of the night:
1. Steal My Kisses
2. Waiting on an Angel