08.17.03 Berkeley, CA

Greek Theatre with DJ Logic, Jack Johnson

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Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals Setlist 1969-12-31 - Greek Theatre - Berkeley, CA


Guest Set

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    (Jack Johnson feat. Ben Harper)
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    (Jack Johnson feat. Ben Harper)

Ben played lap slide guitar with Jack Johnson on "Gone" and "Flake." Later during his acoustic encore, Ben invited his mom to play on "In The Lord's Arms." Jack sat in on "High Tide Or Low Tide."

Who Went

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bens set was awesome, wannabe fan are just too much annoying most of them came to concert to see jack, jack did his thing and it was great but jack's inconsiderate wont shut up during bens set, anyways i was one of the lucky one to meet the man carlos santana backstage on friday show and the friday was way better way better compare to friday show, sunday was average they didnt even play the last song blessed to be a witness eventhough all the instruments were out
ben and jack were great, the wannabe fan needs to stay home, peace out

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Five days after the concert, and I'm still raving about it to friends and anyone who will listen. A great GREAT concert. An unusually warm sunny day for the bay area, beautiful view, and the full crowd at the Greek theatre was in the perfect frame of mind for soaking up the rays and for Jack Johnson's mellow tunes, along with his sly humor and a few surprises ... the accordian accompaniment was a big hit. Having Jack and Ben on stage at the end of Jack's set, then again for the last song of the afternoon, was a true treat.

When Ben and his crew took the stage after the break, they started in with a couple of no-holds-barred songs. All those guys are so talented, and the bass player in particular was awesome Sunday afternoon. Ben had a lot of energy and was jumping and moving around the stage. Fun to see that. Great to hear them play their own tunes, some Marley, but one of the true highlights of the afternoon was Ben's take on Sexual Healing. Indescribably tender, playful, erotic, perfect ... suddenly the very warm afternoon got a whoooole lot warmer, and couples were slow dancing and smiling and squeezing. Definitely the best tribute to Marvin there could ever be.

And, at the end, four wonderful songs with Ben seated - two solo, then a very sweet In the Lord's Arms along with his mom, and finally, the last song, with JJ. Throughout the encore set, the large crowd was listening so intently that there was almost no sound except from the stage. Pretty incredible.

What else can I say ... except: come back soon!

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I was truly touched. I can say that the best part of my summer was seeing Ben and Jack play High Tide or Low Tide. It was amazing....

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Thank you for a brilliant show on Sunday and for your kindness on Monday afternoon. Peace.

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Ben and Jack are a perfect tunning.Is the best sound of the moment.I only have that to be thankful.I want to see them in Brazil

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This concert was off tha hook! Honestly, probably the best thing I've ever seen. "Sexual Healing" was perfect, and "Burn One Down" was utterly astonishing. The concert was seriously almost a religious experience. Thanks for everything, Ben. Oh, and the bass player is awesome. And the conga percussionist. And the rest of the band, come to think of it.

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I bought ben's DVD PAin& Pleasure at the show went home and watched it. I really enjoyed the story a lot. i thought Ben was from Texas because of the CD displays on "Welcome To The Cruel World" and "Fight Your Mind." I was surprised when i read on the back that he was from California.

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The show could have not been better. it was great to hear ben play some of marvin's songs. it was nice to see his mom sing and play with him. I wish carlos satnana could have stuck around for two more days. it would be cool to see them play together. I really enjoyed the set list. I wish i could learn to play lap slide guitar the way ben does.

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Three shows, three wonderful days, I can not say enough about the purity that is brought each day from this wonderful group of musicians. At least there are two bands out there on the road who get IT! Keep it up, see you next time. You were right Ben it was an incredible three days!

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sitting higH above the greek, with the fog dancing over sanfrancisco in the backround, sounds of love and life couldnt help but put a candel in everyones heart. infectious~
"even angels need love too..."

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Excellent, as usual. Ben is passionate, forms a true bond with his audience, a true pleasure to watch. The Innocent Criminals were great, and I even saw Laura. Was VERY glad he play Forever, which will forever be my favorite song. Ben, your true fans will always be with you. Thank you so much.

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Jack, and Ben, great weather and fantastic sounds..... what more could you ever ask for???

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wow, thank you for last night. hurry back...