08.20.03 St. Helens, OR

Columbia Meadows with DJ Logic, Jack Johnson

I Was There
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Jack Johnson sat in on "High Tide Or Low Tide." Earlier in the day during soundcheck, Ben and the band played "Diamonds On The Inside" and "With My Own Two Hands/War" exclusively for listeners on the KINK FM 102 airwaves. The former was released on the KINK Live 7 CD.

Who Went

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The best show I've ever been to. How could it possibly get any better. Jack plays a full set, then Ben and the ICs rock the socks off of everyone at the Meadows. The concert was big, but very intimate because of the personable styles of each musician. That was a show that I'll tell my kids about when I'm teaching them what truly great music is. Awesome, Amazing, spectacular and every other superlative that could describe the perfect concert.

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That was one of the best nights I have ever had. Ben Harper and Jack Johnson don't get the credit they should. Not only are they terrific studio musicians but they are excellent live performers. I danced the night away while Ben and the band worked their magic on the stage. They have such terrific vibe and connection. I went with my two best friends and we are still on a high. Not only was the location fantastic but the weather was beautiful. I would see them every night and it would never get old. Ben Harper is such a great man. He is intelligent, kind, smooth, and incredibly sexy! I still can't believe how great the concert was.

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Phenominal as always. Been following Ben since the beginning and this was his finest performance yet. Ben always gives his heart and soul to the music and the people. He has the ability to engage like no other. The call and response part of the show just shows the power of his energy and the crowd singing along to every lyric during Another Lonley Day gave me goosebumps. Amen Omen was also a highlight for me...... I never want him to leave when the show is over, can never get enough. Looking forward to next time we have chance to share that amazingly beautiful mans gift... He is truly and angel on earth....

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I've been to so many hundreds of concerts, and this was one of the best shows I've seen in awhile. Jack's set was awesome and his voice sounded great! He was a great accompaniment to Ben, and the good vibe was everywhere that evening. I really got into Ben's music seriously when I purchased "Live From Mars". I'd been waiting to see Ben live for too long, and the wait was so worth it! He is a beautiful passionate musician, and I simply got lost in the magic of his performance, thinking how fortunate I was to be there that night. And then I looked up and saw the planet Mars shining over the stage. A "knight" I will never forget...

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Ben took my phone and left a message for my friend who was not able to attend the show because he had just gotten out of the hospital. Ben didnt evcen know that but the fact that he did it is wonderful. Althought the message didnt go through (sadly) the thought is all that counts. Thank you.

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Well since I was there and had a blast, I know that there is a song missing from the setlist listed here. How on earth anybody forgot to note the 1 song JJ and Ben played together to end the first encore is WAY beyond me! Ben came out on the first encore all by himself, he palyed Another Lonely Day, which was so soft, and lonely with just him there. Then he palyed Walk Away, and then one of the songs I was really hoping for, When It's Good. Man that is a mean slide guitar! But then he asked his "good friend Jack Johnson to come out here" and play High Tide or Low Tide! You can't forget that one man! At least I'm not and I hope yo all will remember it too.
P.S. I fyou haven't seen Ben Harper, do it now... before he gets all old and responsible and stops playing Burn One Down. I mean, you gotta hear that at least once.

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I failed to metion that Ben took someone's phone fromt he audience and left a message during Sexual Healing that has to be unreal to hear. He sang to the voice mail. Gotta love spontinaety.

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As they sing in the Chris Rock movie, CB4,"Fuck the security gaurds."

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Jack Johnson is a brilliant musician and songwriter and it is always a pleasure to see him live because he is so down to earth.
and now...
Words fail to convey the sensational performance of Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals last night at Columbia Meadows.
Ben and his team have launched themselves to yet another level of live performance and are worthy of the title "WORLD CLASS MUSCICIANS"
Ben's energy and realness radiates such spirit and joy, it is a true gift to share and experience his music and presence.

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What a show. Second night in a row for me (Bend) and it was just as good if not better. The Faded closer > Whole Lotta Love ws off the hook. My ears are still ringing. I especially loved Amen Omen live. What a song! Lots of repeat songs from the night before, Burn One Down, Sexual Healing > Let's Get it On, Steal My Kisses, My Own Two Hands, Walk Away, Excuse Me Mr., I shall Not Walk Alone, Roses From My Friends, The Woman in You, High Tide or Low Tide, When it's Good, Waiting on an Angel.
New songs tonight were, Diamonds on the Inside, Amen Omen, Gold To Me, Faded.
I'm sure there are songs I'm forgetting, but that should cover a bunch of them. What a show. Ben Harper is amazing!