08.22.03 Vancouver, Canada

Thunderbird Stadium with DJ Logic, Jack Johnson

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"High Tide Or Low Tide" with Jack Johnson. Setlist not confirmed.

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This show was truly amazing. But there were so many good things that came together to make it so great. First of all, the musicians were incredible. The songs were great, but the sheer talent and energy of all of the musicians made the songs even better.
But who could ignore the atmosphere? The sun was shining and the air was warm. It was a beautiful summer day, in one of the most beautiful cities in the world. And when the sun went down behind the stage, the sky just lit up into a truly spectacular sunset. Once the sun had set the cool air moved in, but it was fresh and much needed, as 30 or 40 thousand people create a lot of warm stale air.
The crowd was also geared for a great show. People were showing up to experience some of the best music being made today. When the music was on, the crowd was groovin', they weren't pushing and shoving to get to the front, they were just watching, listening and groovin'. And the cell phone in sexual healing was classic.
The show was more than just a musical performance though. The poetry expressed through the lyrics of the songs, and the words from Ben as he addressed the crowd, showed that this is not just another band trying to make a buck. Ben Harper is a man on a mission to better the world with his own two hands.
One of the most memorable parts of the concerts came at the end when Jack and Ben got together to sing some Bob Marley. It sent shivers all over me. What a great choice of song, and rendition of it.
My advice to anyone that has not had a chance to see Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals, when the opportunity arises go for it. There is no way that you will regret it.

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I agree this was by far the best live performance i have ever seen. How cool was it that fan club members recieved special tickets to watch the concert from super close up! The outdoor atmosphere just added to the overal spectacular show. I almost didn't make it as we almost got caught up in the insane forest fires ravaging BC! "ytim8" Ben did play in Edmonton. I got tickets for all my buddies and we had the 3rd and 4th rows at the Windspear. I thought that gig was the best because of the aucostics were amazing in that place. But the Van show was even more stellar. Too bad you missed him here "ytim8!"

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The show was second to none! Two questions:
When is Ben Harper coming to Edmonton?

When will you have available that disgustingly good version of "I shall not walk alone"?


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Amazing! I loved the show and definatly loved Walk Away and High Tide Low Tide! I would pay anything to see his concerts!

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by far the best show i've ever been to in my life. it was so amazing, it was pretty much surreal for. thanks jack and ben for a great show, hope you guys come back soon. cheers.

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this is the first time i saw ben harper and WHAT A SHOW! that's all i can say. "exuse me mister" was a great opener. it was a treat to see ben play his lap steel/slide. but for me, the highlight was when he picked up his accoustic guitar and played "sexual healing". i never did like that song in the 80's but, ben did wonders for it. "steaL my kisses" is always funky to hear. "diamonds..." and "amen omen" are one of my faves and both sounded good. great jam in "temporary remedy". another highlight of the show was when he did "burn one down". from his speech about the "leaf" to the pounding of the djembe drum intro, to the anthem-like singing, had us all stomping our feet. "with my own 2 hands/war" were appropriate to close the set.
the solo accoustic encore was played in near perfection. "another lonely day" and "walk away" were played in a somber yet melodic way.
what an amazing way to end a great show than ben and jack dueting a bob marley tune.
ben harper is truly a contemporary
musical genius. there's not many musicians who can tackle all sorts of music genre in ONE album.

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My boyfriend kept humping me during sexual healing.
Missed most of the Jack but the Harper was phenomenal. Too bad Oppression and Ground on Down weren't there. I also love God-Fearing Man, but I guess that ain't concert material. For all you will-call people who missed out, sorry, you should've stuck around because they ended up letting everyone in for free.
Jon, to bad we missed you at the concert, but it was awesome seeing you Sat night.

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Who was that guy on the other end of the cell phone??? That's the luckiest guy to ever miss a Ben Harper concert!!
Thanks Ben and Jack for an amazing night to remember.

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What can I say, I'm so glad that I bought my tickets the first day that they were avalible.I felt so bad for all those who had to wait in that horrific line up at the will call line. We got to the show at about 4 and just walked in because we had zone tickets. This show was the best show I have ever seen. The band was so tight and Juan was the man. I was so stoked when they opened the show with Excuse me Mr, one of my favorite Ben Harper songs. Amen Omen was great, By My Side really stired up some emotion and of course High Tide,Low Tide was so amazing to hear. Thanks Ben and Jack for a truley wonderful show. Hope to see ya again soon

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Hi there: I have been a huge fan of Ben Harper's for a long time - I can't begin to tell you how much I appreciate his music. I read the reviews of his Vancouver concert witd mixed emotions.

It was with great pleasure when we ordered our tickets to the Vancouver concert (online through Ticketmaster) as soon as they became available. I spent the whole summer in anticipation of the concert.

I had the same experience that "Ian" posted earlier. We went to pick up our tickets at Ticketmaster earlier in the day of the concert. We were told that we would have to pick them up at the concert. We arrived shortly after 5:00, thinking to get good seats to hear both Jack and Ben. Imagine our horror when we realized that we would have to go to the back of a line of approx. 3,000-4,000 people. We spent over 2 1/2 hours in that line up, inching along at a snail's pace. It was demoralizing enough to hear Jack Johnson's set start, but what finally made us leave in frustration was the number of people butting in front of us. The line just wasn't moving. By the time we left, there must of been another 1,000 people behind us.

I read a review which said that the House of Blues did a fantastic job. How's that possible? 2 ticket booths for 5,000 people. I do not have an issue with eating $120 for tickets. I am just so upset that I missed such a fantastic concert.

Ben, please come back to Vancouver soon!

Thanks, Kathy

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The will call line was a total disaster.
Just make sure you tell everyone you know not to use will call at Thunderbird.
The four of us had our "Zone" tickets and just walked past thousands of people waiting in the will call line, it almost felt like we were doing something wrong, but in a good way ;)
The soundboard crew did a fantastic job on that night. It was probably on account of us standing almost exactly between the board and the stage, but this was the best sounding outdoor show I've ever attended.
I brought along a couple of people that had never heard of Ben before, and they both left highly impressed by the show. One of them is an amazing guitar player in his own right, and stayed up late that night trying to get down some of the riffs he heard at that show.

I'm a longtime fan, and would have loved for the show to go on a bit longer, but I've got no complaints about the set they put on. The band was ultra-tight that night, with Juan putting down his usual solid grooves and Marc Ford sliding on in like he'd been there for years.

The crowds seem to be getting younger at the shows, with quite a bit more talking than I've noticed in the past. I think it's just a natural progression due to Ben getting more popular. There's a smaller percentage of "hardcore" fans, but hey, the more people that hear the music the better!

Ben was really channeling the reggae vibe in Vancouver, With My Own Two Hands seguing into War was a thing of beauty. He really seemed to be enjoying himself on stage more than he has in the past as well. Maybe it's because he's standing up, jumping, twirling and dancing around, but his onstage presence was absolutely radiant that night. Amen Omen was much better live than on the CD, and brought tears to my eyes. It was neat to see Ben playing percussion with what I can only assume was one of his kids during Steal My Kisses.

I'd like to see Ben and Jack release a single of their live take on High Tide or Low Tide, or at least have it show up on the next live CD.

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I have been to alot of concerts, but no concert moved me like this one. There are not even words to correctly describe how amazing Ben's performence. I love "Amen Omen" and I was so grateful to have experienced Ben sing live. There are not even words to describe how good it was..I can't wait to see him again.

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Friday August 22nd 2003 is going to go down as one of the most disappointing days of my life. And it only gets worse when I read all the glowing reviews of the concert.

I purchased my tickets in May but because I live on a little island outside of Vancouver I didn't get a chance to pick them up at a ticketmaster outlet until the day of the concert. When I went to do this I was informed that all the tickets had been moved to the venue for pickup.

We got to the stadium at around 5:10 and were shocked to see a lineup of roughly 3000 people for the Will Call!!

We got in line but by the time Jack came on stage at 6:10 we'd moved about 50 feet and still had about 500 feet to go!!!

By 7:30 we'd missed pretty much all of Jack, had only moved another 50 feet and decided to leave before we had to go through the pain of hearing Ben from afar and not being able to see him.

I saw a review on the local news saying what a great concert it was "but you want to make sure you pick up your tickets beforehand as there was a long lineup at will call BUT HOUSE OF BLUES DID AN EXCELLENT JOB OF HANDLING THIS SITUATION." WHAT?? How's that??

Apparently (we didn't get close enough to see) there were only TWO pickup windows for 3000-5000 pickups? How's this a good job? It's not like this was a surprise; ticketmaster and HOB would have known the night before that there were going to be thousands picking up at will call. And they have TWO pickup windows?

Everyone was sooo lucky there wasn't a riot. The girl in front of us was right on the mark when she said that if this was ANYWHERE else and the lineup was drinking instead of smoking pot it would've gotten ugly.

My night= Eat $200 worth of ducat, stand in line for over two hours for NOTHING!!!


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The concert was amazing. My friends and I were amazed. It was the first concert my friend had ever been to, and she said it will be hard for any other concert to measure up to. Another Lonely Day reduced us all to tears, and Walk Away was just as good. Ben and Jack were amazing, and hopefully they'll be back again sometime.

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I've seen over 120 live shows and this ranks in the top 3. Amazing!!!!!!!!!

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No words can really fully describe Friday night's concert in Vancouver. The summer air was warm, the stars were shining, and Ben was absolutely inspirational!! This was my first Ben concert and will certainly not be my last. My fave song performed was 'Amen Omen' and 'Walk Away' had me in tears near the end of the show.
And to Jack, yes it really did smell like Vancouver -welcome!
Thank you BHIC, your talent and spirit radiated and stunned us all.
Love and peace....

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All I can say is WOW! The show was remarkable Ben and Jack were amazing. I never felt so energetic and elated in my life. I want to thank Ben and Jack for bringing so much joy to so many like myself.

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amazing show, i'm from mn and was on my first day of vacation of vancouver and just caught ben and jack in the paper and bought tickets 5 mins before doors opened. worth the whole trip out here just a great show and the acoustic duet just blew me away.

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The Most Amazing Moment of my life was this night. Ben Played for a long time and was Great at every song he played. I traveled from Edmonton to go see Ben and the Innocent Criminals. And there were some tough times getting around and alot of money spent but it was worth every thing. Everything from Excuse Me Mr. To high tide or low tide was enjoyable. Ben puts on one of the greatest show I have ever witnessed.

It was for Sure 10/10.

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I got back yesterday from Vancouver with tingles. Both you and Jack were absolutely amazing. You altered my belief that I would never see a show comparible to the Michael Franti and Spearhead concert I was lucky enough to witness in July. I came home to Roberts Creek (a ferryride away) to the annual celebration of Creek Daze, where the weed is bountiful and the hippies are forever stoned were we got to chill to the soulfull 'Benlike' sounds of Daemon Che a local musician who works at the local hippy joint (no pun intended..."The Gumboot Garden Cafe"). It made the transition from the hype of your show back to normal life way easier.
Thank you so much for making this summer the best ever,
a fellow musician and fan,

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Truly a spiritual experience.....To those of you whom wish to witness greatness, if you missed out on the late Jeff Buckley perform, Marley and Hendrix passed before your time, if you want to be in the prescence of a true living prophet, 3 words: BEN HARPER LIVE!!! As a veteran of hundreds and hundreds of shows and my 6th (in as many years) BHIC and 3rd Jack show this surpassed EVERY show ive ever been to by a hundred miles and more!!!!! Ben and the Innocent Criminals, all absolute masters of their craft, put on a show as tight as if they had done it a million times but as fresh and enthusiastic as if it were their first. Reggae versions of "Excuse me Mr." and "I shall not walk Alone" were pure musical genious and to the lucky guy on the other end of the phone during Sexual Healing-you were the envy im sure of 20,000 people that night!!! But none would have traded places for a second cos we were there! and on cloud nine! LITERALLY!!!And woah!, that cloud was green!!B.C green! Every song was creative magic which made for a performance of epic proportions i wished would never end. You guys really have taken it to another level.The standard has now been set and baby it is sky high!! Keep climbing and we will all be there with you on the journey to and through musical enlightenment.Thanx Ben,jack and the boys and thanx Vancouver-what an awesome crowd, but i guess that kind of amazing energy that exudes from such generous and genuine individuals cant help but be shared by all who were there to appreciate.. And that we did and im sure will continue to for a long time to come. What a poet, what a professional, what an amazing human being. You are an INSPIRATION Ben. Peace, love and rise above.....

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I was in the Zone, truly! I've been lucky enough to see Ben (and Jack)live before, but last nights' show was AMAZING. Ben continues to move me with his passion. Pure genious, unrivaled talent and raw emotion. Completely spiritual. And lets not forget that Juan Nelson rocked again! I only wish it could have gone on and on.

The best part of the night for me was who I got to share it with. A night to go down in history.

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to put it simply: on that GooD Friday we went to church! And Ben spoke the TRUTH that night. Amazing....is there any artist out there that speaks to this generation better than Ben? I think not. From open to close, a set of epic proprotions.

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anybody know what the third song in the encore was at this show?

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amazing show, never seen Ben before, but will definitely be going again... the album's don't even come close to capturing the energy or emotion that he and the band display live. I was simply awe-struck. I'm looking for the set-list if anyone can find it for me...

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Simply amazing. One of the best concerts i've attended, and that is a huge statement being a solid DMB fan. Ben is definetly taking his performances to another level. The reggae versions of "excuse me mr." & "i shall not walk alone" were beautifully crafted & set the tone for a diverse night of entertainment. Marc Ford defined the word 'cool' on his electric, while big Juan and LeonMobley kept a smile on my face.
Thanx Ben,Jack,InnocentCriminals,Merlo,Dave,& DJLogic. Vancouver loves you guys. Cheers,Jordan

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Unbelieveable. I've seen a lot of shows by different artists, but this one surpasses them all. I missed Ben the last time he came here a couple years ago, and I'm so glad I was able to see him tonight. The only song I wish he had played was 'Forever', but I definitely can't complain. I'm listening to the acoustic disc from 'Live From Mars', and I'm still on cloud nine ...

Jack was excellent as well. I saw him last October when he played the Orpheum, and he was every bit as good tonight as he was then.

And I'm pretty sure the duet they played at the end was a Marley cover, 'High Tide, Low Tide'.

Come back soon guys!

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Amazing show tonight. I haven't been to many shows, but this was by far the BEST show I've ever been too. The best thing I love about outdoor concerts is the sound - it just goes on, there aren't any walls to stop it, it just flows with the audience. Jack and Ben were both awesome, loved the duet they did at the end. Again, great show. I'd definitely go again!

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Ben and Jack put on the best show I've seen since moving to Vancouver in June. Together on stage for a Dylan cover near the end was the highlight along with possibly the best ever version of Walk Away.