08.25.03 Park City, UT

Deer Valley Outdoor Amphitheatre with DJ Logic, Jack Johnson

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Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals Setlist 1969-12-31 - Deer Valley Outdoor Amphitheatre - Park City, UT

Encore 1

Jack Johnson sat in for "High Tide Or Low Tide".

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hands down, the best concert i've ever experienced. he rocked that shit AND he was right in front of me. I loved this venue because you could literally touch him- if you managed to kindly work your way to the front row. he's beautiful, he's amazing and he continues to impress me again and again. i can't wait till the next concert right here in my home town, then off to see him in vegas. good times...

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This show at Deer Valley was the best I have EVER seen! The venue is amazing, beautiful, open and sounds great! How can this music stir me up so much inside?! It really is a beautiful thing,...even spiritual.
Thank you BHIC!
-Mikey, Tim, Rob, Eric, Curt

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The Innocent Criminal addition of Mark Ford from the Black Crowes on Guitar couldn't have been any better of a choice. He is a nice compliment to Ben's style. Ben and his band were smokin' in Park City, they came to play. When he did Temporary Rememdy live the the song really came to life, much better than the album version. Another highlight was a really heartfelt version of Walk Away, my girlfriend had tears streaming down both cheeks by the end of it. But the highlight of the night had to be Faded/Whole Lotta Love. Nobody play's Zeppelin and Ben pulls it off with ease. It kicked ass! If you haven't seen Ben live do yourself a favor and catch his live show, this is what it is all about. He is the best guitar player you'll ever see and once you see him live you'll see why.

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The night couldn't have been more perfect. After the hot sun set behind the Deer Valley hills, the cool summer air put everyone at ease and set the mood for the smooth sound of Jack Johnson. Sitting solo, center-stage, Jack opened with his guitar only, playing familiar songs that persuaded the crowd to come to their feet and listen intently. Soon enough, Jack's band joined him and only the hang glider that gracefully swooped over Deer Valley took over the attention of the crowd (and Jack, himself) for a split second. As the set wrapped up, DJ Logic (who also spun before Jack took stage and in between sets) joined Mr. Johnson for a hip-hop version of Rodeo Clown that got the energy flowin' and the crowd rockin'.

And then there was Ben.

After a long enough intermission to refuel on crackers and Easy Cheese and use the always-refreshing portable bathrooms, Ben Harper took stage and immediately got the crowd to their feet and hands in the air. Ben's rockin' guitar playing kept the crowd's energy level high throughout the near two-hour set and didn't even come close to quitting until after his third encore. Playing his new and old songs alike, and even a few covers that were reborn

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ben and jack definitely put on the best show i have ever been to!! and i have been to a lot of concerts. jacks music is so chill and just sitting there FRONT ROW was awesome. i must say the reason i went was to see ben, even though jack was a very nice addition. when ben harper came to stage i was going crazy, ben and the crew have such an awesome stage presence and definitely set out some posative vibes to the crowd. me and my buddies had an awesome time and cant wait till ben returns to utah.

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One word...Amazing! This is my second show from this tour and he never ceases to put me in awe. He has such a positive energy and really knows how to get the crowds going. After seeing him live I am a bigger fan then ever. He is such a talented musician with such deep meaning to his music. This setlist at this concert rocked! It ws like Ben Harpers all time greatest hits! Forever followed by Sexual Healing, lemme tell you it was hot!

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The Deer Valley venue is always a great place to see BHIC -- no doubt! The beautiful outdoor setting and cool mountain air is hard to beat, especially when your jammin' to BHIC and Jack in one evening. The event was a sold out show, so there were plenty of folks trying to make a buck selling tickets.

Jack started the night out with just him and his acoustic guitar. His voice is so smooth and blends nicely with his guitar making for one laid back vibe. After a few songs Jack brought to the stage a bass player and drummer, which added a nice punch to his faster tunes. The crowd was groovin' and shakin' with the thump of the bass and drums. Jack allowed a guy on the stage to propose to his grilfriend...the audience went nuts. It seems as if Jack is a solid guy, which is rare in the music industry. He played all of the popular songs and a good mix of his two albums.

BHIC took to the stage with a roar of the 7k people in attendance. The additions to the band seemed to broaden the overall sound (a good thing). Juan is always the man of the hour when it comes to thumpin' on the bass -- he rocked! He also had his share of the spotlight, though I think the elevation really took it's tole on him (he sat down periodically). Ben was on fire! His voice was spot-on. The last song of the evening, Faded/Whole Lotta Love, is one of my favorite BHIC songs live. The power of the song moved the crowd into a united frenzy. Wow! Let's just say I can't wait for Ben and the gang to return to Utah. Peace.