08.27.03 Morrison, CO

Red Rocks Amphitheatre with DJ Logic, Jack Johnson

I Was There
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Jack Johnson sat in for "High Tide Or Low Tide". "Diamonds On The Inside" was released on Carved In Stone: Live At Red Rocks Volume 2.

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I was two months pregnant with my daughter when I went to this show @ Red Rocks with my soon-to-be husband and five other friends. To this day -10 years later- it is still, by far, the best show I have ever attended in my life!! Jack Johnson opened for Ben. And I bet the amphitheater was, maybe, half-full! I was shocked that there weren't more people there! When Ben played "I Shall Not Walk Alone", I was literally balling!! It was an moment I will never forget! At the end Jack & Ben played "In High Tide, Or In Low Tide" together, which was actually an old Bob Marley song. Bob Marley just happens to be my All-Time Favorite Musician, as well as my husband's, so it was quite the treat to see Ben & Jack do him justice. It was absolutely the one of the most moving, amazing things I have ever witnessed!! So much so, that it was also the first song we danced to as a married couple. And it has been "our song" ever since! Thank you Ben for touching my heart, and giving me so many amazing memories!!!

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My good buddy Chance and I drove all through the night from Texas to see Ben and Jack play together. This was to be my first Ben show and was totally excited to see him at Red Rocks. Amazing, is the only word that comes to mind. I still tell friends about that experience. I was truly moved.

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After seeing Ben a few weeks earlier in Reno I was on my way back to the University of North Dakota to start school. I stopped in Denver, saw both shows at Red Rocks, and I can easily say these were two of the best shows I have in my entire life. I may have skipped the first week of school for these shows and I would do it again in a heartbeat. The energy Ben pulled out of the fans was amazing. The crowd was awsome and the atmosphere of the whole venue gave me the chills. I will be back next year and each year after that from here on out.

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By Far the most moving expirence of my young life.I havent danced like that in years. Ben gave a life altering show that evening that I wish I could share with the World.I drove a thousand miles to get there only to crash my friends truck in Nebraska.I'm from northern Minnesota and even with the accident the trip was fantastic.I couldnt ask for a better show to see at red rocks.hopefully he will someday release an album or video of this wonderful night. lots of love from Thief River Falls Mn.


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Ben had me at hello. "Glory & Consequence" literally set the stage for the greatest night of music the world has ever known! I'm not exaggerating at all. It was the best show I've ever seen, and I have no doubt that it is going to be next to impossible for future shows to live up to this one. Ben and the band brought out so many emotions in the crowd. We were living his music. I actually sat down and cried during "Walk Away." One last note, Colorado has the best music fans in the world! Thanks everyone.

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This is hands down the best performance I have ever seen. Ben was fantastic. Powerful. Great music, great people and at red rocks! Best time I've seen Ben. RAD! Thanks Ben!