09.21.03 Austin, TX

Austin City Limits Festival Zilker Park with Jack Johnson

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Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals Setlist 1969-12-31 - Austin City Limits Festival - Austin, TX

BHIC headlined the Cingular Stage in front of 70,000 people. Robert Randolph sat in on slide guitar for "Temporary Remedy". Marc Ford sat in with Lucinda Williams during her set for the song "Get Right With God". "Diamonds On The Inside" was released on the Austin City Limits Music Festival 2003 CD.

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PHENOMINAL! For ACL my wife and I were the first people through the gate Sunday. We stood front row and center all day and Thank God! After "Sexual Healing" the "first-timers" around us were literally staring speechless at Ben. I saw grown men weep during the BHIC show at State Palace Theatre during JazzFest 2001. He has that special something that pounds you in the soul. He touches everyone. One Of A Kind!!!!

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What can i say besides WOW! This was the first time i got the opportunity to see Ben, and he did not disapoint. Please keep playing music, I'll listen!

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There were only two people between me and the stage for this show... it was the best 75 minutes of the festival! Robert Randolph playing with Ben was an awesome moment, and all the ladies in the crowd (including me) were completely riveted during Ben's soulful (as always) performance of "Forever." Ben and the band: thank you for a one-of-a-kind, amazing, beautiful memory for all of us, together with our friends. You were the best of the weekend! Congratulations on the ACL taping... you deserve nothing but the best.

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Ben was phenomenal as usual. However, I can't figure out why in the world Ben and Jack didn't play together. Ben and Randolph was one of the sickest things I've ever seen but no Jack? They've been touring constantly together and performing 3 songs together on a regular basis and suddenly can't do the same in Austin? Major letdown. Also way too short of a set.

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I have to say that Ben is the man......You could feel his passion and love for the music,,,,I got to have a couple of words with him at the Waterloo tent and he is the most down to earth musician that you can meet. Keep it up Ben, this is only the beginning.


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I wasn't up close for Ben Harper, but he still sounded awesome from the back. And my friend was buying some food while Ben was playing, and he said Ben still sounded good from across the park and you could still feel the energy.


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I got some awesome pics of Ben and Jack... I.M. me at filipinemachine7 if you want them.

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Worth the drive to Austin... Worth the Crowed... Worth the standing up for hours and worth fighting the crowed to get a good spot to see Ben for the first time... Most of all worth the wait.

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All of us waited eagerly for any instrument bearing the news that Ben Harper would appear in body with the Innocent Criminals. No word then finally NOT THIS YEAR. Devastating News but fortunately this music has the power to heal such wounds and bring that smile from behind those tears. We can only wait for the proverbial next time burning one down and please could you turn up the box.

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Does anybody know why Ben didn't just play for three days? Wow. Simply an amazing show as always. And Robert Randolph, I PLEAD TO YOU TO GO ON TOUR WITH BEN "Temporary Remedy" is one of the best jams I have ever heard. ACL was an electrifying experience, but maybe next year, the man upstaris that runs the show will take a tip from Bonnaroo and at LEAST LET BEN PLAY FOR A COUPLE OF HOURS. After this weekend we all know that BEN PUTS ON ONE OF THE BEST LIVE PERFORMANCES. MR P.

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Will he come back next year? That says it all.