10.08.03 Oslo, Norway

Rockefeller Music Hall

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A really great gig, a good mix of rocking and more laid back songs..the guys are really tight and just play incredibly good..quite long set..which I hoped never would end..

and the closer, god fearing man was long..and really great...

thank you for a great experience..

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The guys held a long concert this evening and it shure had its ups and downs. Obviosly Mr Ben Harper & The Innocent Crimanals are true,pure musiclovers a good thing off course,but the gig ended up a bit static. I miss more song from Harper

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The moment Ben and the band got on stage I knew the night would be a success... I cant remember the playlist, but I am sure they did about 20-25 songs. This including "Walk away", "Waiting on an angel", "God fearing man", "Burn one down", "Steal my kisses", "Suzie Blue", "Woman in you" and much, much more! This was an amazing concert with a good audience and a band that delivered! Personally, I appreciated the acoustic set; just Ben and the guitar - there's nothing quite like that... Everything was good this evening, and i dont think any of us wanted the band to leave the stage! Cant wait till they get back :-)

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Great concert! Doors opened at 8PM, concert began about 9.30PM. Don't quite remember the playlist...it was long! With encores, Ben and the bunch played for almost 2 hours and 45 minutes. Wow! 9 encores! I was about 10 feet from the stage so I saw everything. Good stuff, good stuff!