10.09.03 Stockholm, Sweden

Södra Teatern

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osterlund67649's picture

Its been almost 4 years since I saw you guys in Stockholm and its still the one of the best concerts Ive seen so far - and Ive seen a few...

still remember when you walked upon the rows of seats to take our hands (we were up on the balconys) after your last performance. What a great communication between a devoted listner/fan and performer. Thank you!

Still waiting for the next tour to Sweden...

anonymous's picture

This was my third Ben Harper (&TIC) -concert, and by far the best! (Bumbershoot, Seattle 2000; Werchter, Belgim 2001)
I had never seen them in such small and intimate arena but it suited (as I had guessed) the boys perfectly, there was never a dead moment, and the audience was wonderful.
Thank you for giving us 2

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I just want to thank Ben and all the guys in the band for making a dream come true! It was the greatest music experience of my life! And when he started to play the songs all by himself acoustic it was like heaven! I will definitly be there the next time Ben comes to sweden! So thank you for a wonderful show and come back soon!

anonymous's picture

Just the greatest gig I've been to this year! (in my life?)
they're the greatest live band I've ever seen too. It seems to me Ben Harper and the band are better than ever.
Ben harpers voice is on top too, how it sounds to me.
and Marc Ford on guitar this tour.
amazing. he just one of the coolest guitar players too.
I tell you folks! is there anything you have to go see. go see Ben Harper!

If you want some pure real music!

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Just Fantastic! I loved how we in the audience got to be a part in the act! Would give anything to have this cocert on CD or even better, DVD! Thanks for an awsome concert!

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This preformance was f***ing amazing.

anonymous's picture

The best concert ever! Ben and the innocent criminals made me feel alive for the first time in months! Nohing can be compared to this...nothing!!THANK YOU! Now I feel that I could die tomorrow with a smile upon my face. Wish to have this feeling forever...

vicious_spy37072's picture

I cried when he opened with the terrific version of "excuse me mr". the tears wouldn't stop filling my eyes when he moved on with the also amazing version of "i shall not walk alone".

I'm so frustrated, though. I had to leave after I think "Forever". had a train to catch. Otherwise I'd had to sleep on the streets of Stockholm.

I wish he comes back! I wish he comes back! I wish he comes back!

This is without any doubt one of the best musical experience I've ever had.

Juan - you and Richard Bona are the few bass-players that literally makes me shiver.

Leon with his constant smile on his face!

We - the audience - felt the joy and the fun you had playing with each other!
Thank you!

adebisi6's picture

The atmosphere was unbelievable in this small, but highceiled venue. But Ben and the band

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...I forgot, he played, "When it's good" acoustic too!

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Ben is simply the best - no doubt about it. 2

anonymous's picture

It was just wonderful.
He played for 2 1/2 hour i the cosy place S