10.11.03 Copenhagen, Denmark

Falconer Salen

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My first Ben Harper concert(never made it to Byron Bay, Australia at the same time..) was in Copenhagen, something I had been looking forward to for a while.

Have to say it was a bit tradesmanlike, to be honest. Not that tradesmen are bad - thay get the job done - but that was all it seemed to be: just another job.

Still love the music, but was disappointed by the lack of intimacy.

But hey! MAybe that was just me on the night!

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it was the best concert ever!! I cant desrcipe it, no words can! ! so amazing!!! god i love Ben!!

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The fact that I still get the chills from thinking of that fantastic concert with our beloved Ben Harper, says it all...
Pure pleasure...

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Definetely the best concert i

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I felt pleasure (the whole concert, everything, no exeptions)
I felt pain (when it ended, realizing how long it'll take before you come to Denmark again)
But I, I know now, I will never be the same.
Burn to shine.
Thanks to you Ben and the band, you're incredible!

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It was the 6th and best ben harper show i have seen. They are some intense MF's.

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Great show. I was in the front row, left side. It was breath taking. I

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Unreal! Just the most amazing concert. Never heard anything like it in my life. I think it just blew everyone away. Come back soon....please....

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Unbelievable!!! Now I know that till the day Im dead Ill never see such a geat concert as I did yesterday... I was in the front row, ans theres no words to describe it...

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F.A.N.T.A.S.T.I.C - I stood in the front row in the right side of the stage - it couldn't be better!