10.14.03 Amsterdam, Netherlands


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BH & IC's. This is the 6th time I have seen you and you get better with every show. I toook some BH & IC virgins along to this gig and they were blown away ... I knew they would be! I am also heading down to France to see you again. Keep rocking dude.
Kiwi Aboard
PS. Can you bring Jack Johnson next time as he also rocks the waves.

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Pure love and inspiration.
Bless you!


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Excuse me Mister........
this was a great evening !

Good music by a great band of real ARTists and entertainers (e.g. Juan + the percussionist),
great atmosphere (nothing beats the Paradiso church)
and almost each of the fine Ben Harper songs. I loved it.

Can't wait for the next time BH will visit tiny Holland. That's why we bought Pleasure and Pain DVD the next day.........

Ben is nice to listen to, inspiring and I think above all very intrinsic and intense.

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It was an amazing show. I've been to about six Ben Harper shows in the USA, but this was the best. The small venue made it an amazing experience. Aside from the passed-out guy being dragged threw the crowd during the encore, it was a fantastic time.

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Dear Ben and the IC's,

Did you enjoy the stroopwafels or did you had to fight for them with Juan??? ;)
You kept (of course) your promise by visiting our small country. Thanks. The concert was great... even above expected. And as you have seen, the fire is still lit Ben! It seems you are more popular than ever, and that's well deserved. I must admit that your voice has become really powerful... nice!

Take care and hope to see you all soon in the next show.

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The Paradiso was the perfect place for Ben Harper to perform. The stained glasses hung above the stage (remains of the former church it used to be) were in perfect harmony with the hallowed musical atmosphere.
Around 8.45pm, as everybody was getting excited, the lights are off and the musicians enter the stage. They play the two first songs "Excuse Me Mr." And "I Shall Not Walk Alone" on a reggae bit. Then (or after Brown Eyed Blues, I'm not sure anymore) Ben introduce us the Innocent Criminals (I checked some name on the internet so I hope I'm not mistaken):
Juan Nelson (bass), Oliver Charles (drums), David Leach (percussions) and two surprises (for me) Jason Yates on keyboard and an extra guitarist, Marc Ford.
The key moments of the 1st set are: two kick-ass bass solo's from Juan on "Brown Eyed Blues" and "Steal My Kisses" (greatly supported and spiced up by the drumming section). I liked also a lot "Diamonds On The Inside" where Marc Ford performed a guitar solo light like a prayer. The climax is reached on "Burn One Down" with a percussion solo and a nice dialogue between Ben and the audience (In short: yeah ooh ooh OOH!).
Then Ben grab his acoustic guitar and everybody hush to hear "Waiting On An Angel" in a religious sphere: The silent crowd, the stained glasses above is head, his whispering voice ("Angel hear my plea")

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One of the best gigs I ever saw.
Ben is an inspirator,and a great performer.Loved every minute.Missed Eddie Vedder in the accoustic part,just imagine how cool that would have been.Can't have everything,but we almost did....it was magic.

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I saw the show 8/16 in Berkeley which was great but how good it was to see you in my hometown Amsterdam in my favorite music hall Paradiso ! The silence during ' Waiting on an angel'... pfff that was intense and so beautiful. Thx for the good music. Come back soon and bring your friend Jack Johnson. You both rock !

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BH played a good set last night in Amsterday. I do not remember the setlist precisely. They played 2.5h, quite long. The variety was good, from really loud songs to almost whispering songs. BH ended with a 15m version of 'whith my own two hands'. I wanted him to play 'roses' but he didn't. He played some 7 songs from the new album. He was quite involved with the crowd. Didn't take the joints he was offered from the people on the front row.
There were like three sets, the middle one without the band. All in all a very good concert.