10.15.03 Cologne, Germany


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Read a review of the show (in German) at VIRTUALROCK.de.

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Thats was me and my friend who he told to be quiet we were yelling steal my kisses. A little to much booze that night my apologies....Ryan in NY

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I just wanted to add that my favourite song at the concert was "So High So Low" even though the crowd didn't seem to like it too much. It was my second BH concert and it was even better than my first one in Byron Bay/ Australia.
Thank you!

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So happy to see Ben and the Boys again,
but disappointed that the sound quality really sucked. Guitar and vocals just weren't crisp enough.
But I got to meet Jason and Oliver and get pics and HUGS after the show :) ~ wow
My faves were Glory, Fades and Whole Lotta cuz I was in a rocky mood.
The crowd really was disrepectful.
Ben cracked the front row up the way he told some over-zealous fans to quit screaming "steal my kisses". I won't quote it exactly -- ya had ta b there ;)
Unfortunately one of my co-fans passed out so I forfeited my front-row spot to help her catch some air. Quite a few people passed out that evening. Musta been the BASS it blew my @ss away! :)

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My first BH gig. Thoroughly enjoyed it, BH & IC's are true pros. Looking forward to the next tour in Germany. Well done guys :-)

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I really enjoyed this concert with good musicians even the accoustic set could have been better in my opinion.
Just one more thing: What a bullshit to say that Ben told the audience to shut up?!

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Wow... I am still speechless. This was my first (but definetely not last) Ben Harper concert so far and it was much better than I expected it to be. Never ever has an artist blown my mind away as Ben Harper (and the innocent criminals) did last night. And not only did the music emotionally overwhelm me, I was also fascinated on how good they know their stuff. Rarely have I seen such good musicians!
Ben Harper makes beautiful music, his CD's are definetely some of the best I own, but seeing him life is much better, an experience you will never forget. It's definetely worth it! Thanks for this lovely, beautiful, amazing, never-to-be-forgotten eveniing!

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First and foremost I have to say THANK YOU for this incredible performance to the Innnocent Criminals. To discripe it with words is completly impossible. One has to witness such a show him/herself to really understand what music can really be like nowadays. The whole band is so much in touch with the crowd during the concert, which makes it a totally personal experience especially if you're lucky and get a front row spot. But besides the really outstanding concert there where some negative sides to the show which took away the magic sometimes. First there where this real heavy bouncers who took away everybodies cameras and stuff and ran across the front of the stage all the time. Second was the audience. I mean it was about 4000 people and in like 45 minutes up to ten people cracked down and had to get medical treatment. Then there were people screaming all the time and talking really too loud especially during the acoustic set, which shows the little respect they had for this artists. Sometimes I thought I could see some expression of disappointment in Ben's face, but I don't know. Well, once he told one of the screaming people to shut up. All together it didn't really make the show worse but I kinda thought that stuff was not necessary. I guess there where a lot of people who don't really know Ben Harper and just went there because they had nothing better to do. Last thing: I was so lucky to get an aftershow pass and had the chance to meet and talk to Oliver and Jason for an hour or so, which was really cool and interesting. And it was there when I met some really cool people, who enjoyed the concert as I did and who drove hundreds of kilometers to see Ben and the band, which kinda made me hope that this audience was an exception and that there are some people who are really interested in this music.