10.16.03 Berlin, Germany


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Thanks to Ben Harper for bringing his music to germany! I don't know him for long and it was the first concert I've been to. Great performance, great music, great artists and great emotions on the stage, many happy smiles in the audience. An unforgettable experience. Hope to see ya again

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Fantastic! After "sexual healing" the public was set in the groove, and the energy flew smoothly! The psy-solo of all the musicians plus the psy-voice of Ben Harper made us all trip!
Positive Vibrations to you all from a brazilian guy in Berlin!!!!

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The concert was marvelous and there was a great energy on stage...The atmosphere ranged from extremely powerfull (the opening act will be difficult to forget for a while) to very intimate (Another lonely day and rose from my friends mad the audience as silence as in a classical concert hall!). For Ben: if you read this little post, let me thank you...you were just great!

The best gig, maybe just because is one of my favourite song, was for me "Burn one down". The percussion solo was absolutely great...

One thing I hope Ben and the IC appreciated was the great entusiasm of the public. The artists themselves seemed to have had great time. I can speak on behalf of the Public: we did!
There were some funny moment like when Mr Harper pick up a selfphone of someone and started to say "hello, this is Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals...where the hell are you?"

The other guys were often hilarious and seeing them on stage was great fun.
Juan Nelson is soooo cool that I can never have enough of his solos and his moves on the stage. If you will ever read this: thank you, from the deepest part of me.

This was my third concert of Ben (the other two were in Turin, Italy), but definetively won

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2nd gig of mr: Ben, and by far the best. Great atmosphere (small venue), Ben and the IC seemed quite happy with their performance. Quite a long gig as well.
Memorable moments : Ben singing a capella, without mic, amazing voice. The precussions solo on Burm one down was just incredible.
Respect to the audience, not shouting too much during songs, and really enthusiastic. Waht a hell of smoke as well !

See ya sometimes Ben

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It was the most amazing show.
Incredible musicians, emotions and a smile that lasts...
Thank you so much.