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Fuck the tour manager of Ben and maybe himself for not coming to Vienna. Until that moments no more records will be bought. By the way: "diamonds on the inside" is nearly a shame. Hope he

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Well this was my 10th time seeing Ben & the gang second time this year and since that show in Berlin and another trip around the states WOW!!! the addition of Marc Ford is a real difference.The set was nice and long and the crowd was well behaved (except for a few chatterboxes at the back near the bar )Ben seemed to really be digging the crowd too. The only draw back for me was the girl standing behind me who had to sing along with the really quiet acoustic songs.I payed to see & hear him sing those songs.A kind word of adviceif you want to sing along,sing along with the loud songs where at least your bad voices get drowned out by the volume!!! next stop Strassborg Can

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yesterday night i couldn`t realize the experience i`ve made but this morning i woke up in a curfew(musical impressions were conquering my brain).
it was the best concert i`ve ever been to and i hope that bh&tic will give us a seccond chance, to learn what music can be, soon!and it was the longest tracklist in germany, so i guess that we where a good audience to him and his boys!thanx a lot!

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A ground-breaking performance..........and surely the best concert I've ever seen.
I've been waiting for a very long time to see Ben Harper performing live on stage, so my expectations were pretty high.....
still, the concert was a lot better than I'd be able to imagine.... an excellent atmosphere and a perfect Stage appearence of Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals...... and an audience to sing every song along, from the beginning til the end...
Unfotunately it's not possible to put in words the things I felt...
You see, there's not many singers who reach the same vocal performance live as on a record... Ben Harper is topping it!
Left to say that the performance and the soli of Juan Nelson on the bass knocked me of my feet.......

Hope the next concert comes soon... I'll be right there with my angel