10.19.03 Brussels, Belgium

Forest National

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ti08389887086's picture

ben, you inspire me!

hope you come to holland soon

Love, Jeroen

crazy_29230257's picture

i don't know if one day i'll can explain what i felt on this evening...It was one of the best moment in my life..The songs, the atmosphere, everything !
Thank you Ben, you're amazing, i don't have enought words to say that you are the best, it was fantastic...thanks a lot

anonymous's picture

Obvioulsy, one of the most bautifull show I have ever been to. No, in fact it was the most wonderfull one! You (Ben & the band) were great!

I just brought my sister's boy friend with me who really was not addicted, as I can be, to your music... In fact, he found your music "boring"... He's an electronic music fan... So far...
And during this show, when he first heard your sound, he just felt in your world! He did not simply appreciate it, he became a fan and bought your all cd's during the next day...

As this I really want to thank you Ben & the IC! Not only for these hours passed with you all, but to make my life easier! I am not anymore stressed by getting into my sister's boyfriend car... as I am now able to listen to the music he's listenning to cause I do really appreciate it!

Hope to hear you soon.

sofia_bal80500's picture

i first listened to your music 3 years ago. a friend gave me for my birthday the "welcome to the cruel world" cd. when i listened to it i knew i had finally found the music i was looking for, the one that suited me and inspired me.the music that made me feel something. since then your music has accompanied me in my everyday life. i was looking sooo much towards this show, that i was afraid of being disappointed...it was amazing. it might sound silly, but i thnik i can say it was the most beautiful day of my (short) life. come back soon! i can't wait for u to operate again =)(sexual healing was wonderful, my legs were shaking)
thank you for all the passion and emotions u bring into my life.
stay real
thx to the IC too! whithout u the show wouldn't have been the same.
and thx to the belgian, never saw a crowd vibrating so much.
(please come back really soon)

anonymous's picture

Great show, outstanding atmosphere! I came along with my brother, who discovered you and your music on his life-changing stay in Australia and Ben, you've got another admirer. Keep on going!

anonymous's picture

hey ben&crimanals we came from holland to see the show. thanx for a great show.

an_cleymans25230's picture

Dear Ben & Innocent Criminals,
what else can I say than **THANK YOU** for a great night !!! The concert was so intense ... you've lit a fire in my heart.
I hope you've enjoyed it as much as we did.
Come back soon, Belgium loves you ...

anonymous's picture

The concert was the best I had ever seen in my life. Please come again because you are the best!

anonymous's picture

I was waiting for so long to see you... There is no word to describe what I felt. I haven't seen a show like this before : 2h30 of happyness. It was amazing.
Thank you for the wonderfull evening.
I can't wait to see you baxk in Belgium.

anonymous's picture

I see around a 100 gigs a year. This was one of the best I EVER saw.
I'll walk around with a smile on my face for a week.

anonymous's picture

thank you so much ben, you were fantastic. hope that we didn't scared you whkile the stage was moving... and hope to see you soon again

anonymous's picture

Ben as a musician myself you have been a big inspiration on me, I went alone to see you even while i am going through a crises in my marriage and it was uplifting !
I'm glad that that there are people who dream about a better world for all.
I was deeply honored.

PS: all the way from New York and it was worth every minute !

Retsa's picture

is this a record of the most reviews of a concert? Just a confirmation that it was absolutly wonderful!

anonymous's picture



you are a god!!

with my own 2 hands lala
bless you

lekz173900's picture

Rainy day
Dream away
Give the sun a holiday
Flowers bathe
Children play
Lay back and groove on a rainy day


Ben, the above might not be applicable to the concert but i put you in one breath with Jimi. You are a living legend and what a musician you are! Your musical skills are impeccable , your voice is amazing and you're an outstanding performer. It's been a long time since someone like you stood up. I also watched you play in Sydney a couple of months ago and i'm blessed to have had the opportunity to see you play twice. You make me believe in everything i want to believe in! Thank you! I don't want to forget to give credit to the other band-members as well since they're all great and Leon Mobley (percussion): keep on smiling, you all bring over the love you feel for the music. Love you guys! Keep on rockin' !!!

anonymous's picture

a night I'll remember forever! your music rests in my soul, but I have been blessed to have seen my dream, ...thank you for giving LIFE and inspiration ben - I love you.
All I could do is capture every single second of your presence! You gave it all, and we gave it all back, belgium will love you forever!

anonymous's picture

Seeing you live was all too sureal, thank you for the time of my life!
It still feels like a dream, thank you lord, bless you ben~

The best concert ever!

anonymous's picture

you gave us more that we've been expecting and I'm glad I was present.
What a nice 18th birthday present for my brother Yannick. Why not releasing a dvd version of this gig for the belgian market. Having this gig in mind is not enough!!!! Thanx BEN!

anonymous's picture

awesome gig!! thanks a lot!
ps. can u tell pearl jam we're waiting?

emmy's picture

Ben and IC,

I will thank you so very much for such a good evening!!! Now, I see that there are also nice things in this life!!!
Your music is a help for me!! Thank you so very much!!!!! I hope (like all the others) that you come back soon!!!
It was a lovely evening!!!
THANK YOU!!!!!!!

anonymous's picture

Outstanding show,Ben! Smell ya later!

anonymous's picture

I have never seen a man passionate like that before. I've never cried like that before at a concert. I've seldomly been so intensily happy in my life.

At lot of firsts.. and I am hungry for more!

There is a voice
singing like it is the last sound
you'll ever hear before you die
and float away into heaven or hell.

That guttural silver flame
of melody and extasy
is shooting from the throat of a man
who is so deep inside the music
that he does not exist any longer
(Jeff Buckley about Nusrat Fateh Ali Kahn)

and now me about Ben live yesterday

anonymous's picture

I've seen you guys perform yesterday...have to see you again! Had a great time!

jp.pironet9714's picture

Jeez, what an outstandingly good show!!! Surely I will remember yesterday's gig as one of my greatest musical experiences. Thank you for that golden evening, Ben & The IC!!!
P.S.: Hats off to Juan & Leon's solo performances...

anonymous's picture

What a great show! The solo acoustic set gave me shivers... I was standing on the stairs in the back, to see everybody wave 'their own two hands' from there was awesome. Come back to Belgium soon, Ben and IC! I love you.

anonymous's picture

BH&IC, I've been waiting for years for you to come to Belgium, but you know what they say about expecting too much, you can easily be dissapointed, but fortunately you manage to give my girlfriend and me, what could easily be, the best experience of our lives..The audience was amazing and "bouncing", as you said so yourself...the acoustic set was amazing and as someone said earlier, everyone kept quiet except for a couple of trouble makers in the back..everything was mind-blowing I guess, but a couple of moments stood out, the end of Amen Omen, the "ooooh oooh oooh ooohh oohh" of Burn One Down, which, except in the song of course, at several points during the concert the audience was shouting, not to mention the end of with my two hands/war, where the audience just went crazy.. Thank you so much Ben for what could easily have been the best day of my life and I bet I'm not alone..

anonymous's picture

Ben I had seen the excellent gig last week at the paradiso in Amsterdam and I was afraid for a disappointment in Brussels because Vorst is a very big concert Hall. But you surprised me again, yesterday evening was beyond expectations. and for the second time in a week I enjoyed every minute of the concert and I could see you and the band enjoyed it too.
and hope to see you soon

anonymous's picture

Awesome show, one of the best I have ever seen. I hope that you enjoyed the Belgian crowd and see you really soon back in Belgium
Thanks again

anonymous's picture

thank you ben and IC for the wonderful gig you gave in brussels yesterday.
thanks for keeping it real and pure.

one love

tc20710502's picture

Unforgetable night-really enjoyed burn one down- Thanxs for a great show--come back sometime soon

anonymous's picture

You've got so much soul. Thanks for sharing that with us.
For me it was the best concert ever.
I'll never forget this

Thank you ben and the innocent criminals

Retsa's picture

I will always remember this! It was just so wonderful! Hope to see you again very soon!

mathiasbuyle61099's picture

extraordinary !!!

anonymous's picture

super concert,2h45,ambiance extra,exellent son,bref le pied,le pied,le pied.

anonymous's picture

"The only time I felt the stage bounce like this was during a show of Pearl Jam in New York" this is what Ben said after Steel my kisses and the earth was shaking, believe me. Crowd was on fire, Ben too but also brilliant solo's from Juan and Leon.
I had to wait for almost 3 hours outside and hour an a half inside to get a good spot in front of the stage but it was worth every single second of the show. Being so close to the stage I could say that Ben was really touched by the warm welcome of the crowd, I think he really enjoyed it. Except for a few screams from the back everyone was respectfull and kept quiet during his acoustic solo. At the end of the show my brother was also lucky enough to get a signed drum skin which was used during the show in Berlin just two nights ago.
This was the first gig of Ben that I've been to but I hope many more will follow.
What can I say.....
Ben & Ic......thank you......thank you.....thank you so much, for making the last night, one that I will never forget. Thank you!!!

anonymous's picture

Great show. Thanks for playing Walk Away. It's the song that made me fall in love with my girlfriend. Ben Rules.

TC23's picture

Dear Ben,
I traveled from Amsterdam to come see you and the Innocent Criminals play. Thank you all for making me fly home eventhough we where driving.
Amazing show.

One Love...

anonymous's picture

what can I say?
thank you?
it's not enough
it was great!

thomasitovdp34566's picture

What's more to tell?? Ben you're doing very well!!! Very inventive version of "When she believes". Whole lotta love!!

P.S: Do you sell Weissenborn guitars, 'cause I'd like to buy one!!

anonymous's picture

People overwhelmed by the positive energy and atmosphere that was created by your music and performance...it made me see things more clearly in these stressfull times, my batteries are reloaded! It was GREAT!!Thanks a lot!

anonymous's picture

Outstanding gig !!!
I enjoyed every second of the show.

Hope to see you back soon.

anonymous's picture

What can I say that hasn't already been said by my colleagues on this page. I've seen quite a lot of gigs this year. This one was simply outstanding and is high in my top 10 of all-time-best-gigs.
Thanks, Ben.

ontogenese46240's picture

I really enjoyed your show, it was the best! Excuse me mr reggae style. Great! And theskatting from Juan Nelson! Superb! And the solo from Leon Mobley and and and... it was perfect!

anonymous's picture

When it's good, it's so so good !
My best 32 Euros ever spent.
Thanks Ben, you were monumental, and a nice jump over Leon Mobley by the way.
PS Juan Nelson kicked ass !!!!

mathiasneelen76879's picture

OUTSTANDING!!!! Great performance Ben and the criminals!!! You played for 2h45min of great music, I enjoyed the show very much! come back soon!!! Thanks a lot!

anonymous's picture

I can only say 3 words...WOW!!! I came all the way from Vienna, Austria to see your gig in Brussels... and it was worth the trip!! thanx a lot for the great show - can't wait to see you (a.s.a.p)

maartengybels13538's picture

I never saw anything like this, yesterday. this was the best gig EVER!!! I hope to see you soon in Belgium.

anonymous's picture

Ben, Ben, Ben... what a gig ! Excellent performance, great songs, quite an amazing band and a 'jumping' crowd... Glad i was there. Thanks for a lovely evening ! CU next time !

anonymous's picture

It was amazing! Thanks a lot! Come back soon 'cause Belgium loves you a lot!!

jonotanner63757's picture

wow, the show was just amazing. thanks a lot ben!!!