10.24.03 Treviso, Italy


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Hy, Hallo. Das war mein erstes Live-Concert von Ben Harper & the IC. It was perfect!! Die Musik, die Show, die Gef

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hi!the concert was amazing,the Palaverde was full of people!I've never had an emotion like when Ben came out!all the 1st part was absolutly good and the end unbelievable!!!
grazie ben!!!
un saluto a tutti i 6000 del concerto.

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There was the first time I went to see ben Harper but I was waiting for long. It was incredible: jazz, soul, ragge, rock. They played what e all wanted to hear and becouse of it was gorgeous. GOD FEARING MAN... in the end, with duoble case drums earth like squeeze out of body!!! What a pity in the acoustic a little too much noise... THANK YOU FOR ALL.

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Thanx Artie! They told me 'bout the Crows but I misunderstood the first word...

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To David
Great to see you enjoyed the show. The man on the left of Ben used to be in The Black Crowes.
Keep Smiling.

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Fourth time, waiting for Firenze next monday. Even different from this summer in Bologna, more elaborated versions (hail Ford!)of old songs. Maybe diamonds a little too heavy, but the rest is always reckless emotion! During God Fearing Man thought the arena might have collapsed, speachless with the closing Hands/War. What happened during Sexual? Great gig, as usual, Juan is f..king good bass-singer too!!
My curse: italian noisy crowd during acoustic sets solos (but the roar was terrific, hn?)

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grande concerto pieno di emozioni...favolosa la verisione di diamonds on the inside e di amen omen...un' unica cosa.... GRAZIE BEN!!!

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Only a word... THANKS!
You and your band gave to me and my friends a positive energy charge, I had never felt before... I only hope to see you as soon as possible to live again yesterday evening's moments, and I wish you the best for you, your tour and all your life.

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Grandissimo concerto!! Incommensurabile Juan Nelson con due assoli. Eccezionale la versione rivisitata di Excuse Me Mr. e I Shall Not Walk Alone. Il tipo che assomiglia a Giorgio Gaber con la chitarra alla sinistra di Ben