11.07.03 Amneville, France

Le Galaxie

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fannybaio9954's picture

Before that night, I just couldn't realize that I was about to see Ben live for the first time of my life...it was SUCH a OLD dream! During the show, I had the feeling it was not true, not possible to be here, seeing BHIC in front of my eyes....and since that day I keep these great moments in my heart, in my mind,as a dream.It's strange but it's like that...I've just lived a dream, THANK YOU and thanks to the amazing crowd for that moment.We love you :) (2 hours to get out of the car park...but it was ok!!)

anonymous's picture

Since I've heard the first song of Ben Harper, I love his music ... now I've seen Ben & the Innocent Criminals on stage and this was so amazing that I'll remember for all my life!!!
I hope you'll keep a bit of the magical spirit of that show... Thank you for When She Believes, merci merci merci !

anonymous's picture

i just want to thanks ben for his show . It was great, incredible, there is no word to describe it. And please come back in amneville, we will be there for you!!Finally, a little word to juan nelson: always dream of creespy cream!
peace and love! seb

maxime.blanchard352078's picture

It was my first show of Ben Harper and the innocent criminals I must confess before the concert i wasn't really a big fan of ben harper and his band but the show was absolutely fantastic really powerfull it's really an amazing band each musicians are on the top what about the wonferfull bass player totaly genius!!!! thank you to all the guy you are so great!!! hope to have the chance to see you one million time on the road :-)

jettel96238's picture

I've seen a lot of live performances before this night, but I've never seen Ben before, and I can say now that he's the best! I'll remember this moment for a long long time!
Thx Ben, thx the IC!

PS: Don't forget the "hibou"'s name is Amneville! And please go to Reims one day...

anonymous's picture

For one day I've come to Amneville. For one time, I've seen Ben and his criminals. For all my life, I'll remember this night show, cause it was so communicative and sensitive music. Tnaks for coming.

anonymous's picture

I had come to see Ben and I have discover the Criminals...
Ben you're the Man and the Criminals are above all ;o)
Great show guys!! thanks a lot...
C ya

anonymous's picture

Simply the best show I've ever seen, all was perfect...
Ben has the best band on Earth!!
I'll still hear all the song in my head for many years!!!
Thanks, thanks, and thanks again...
Hope to see u again..

scapularios71164's picture

just to know if the owl is a male or a female...
during the introduction of the band, ben laughed so hard he cried.excellent.
the correct encore is : Waiting On An Angel, Walk Away, One Road To Freedom, I Shall Not Walk Alone, When It's Good,
With My Own Two Hands/War
have a good journey !

anonymous's picture

Thank you, Ben, for this great show, it was truly beautiful. I guess Juan will remember this evening for some time, too :)

And thanks for visiting our region too (with your former gigs in Luxemburg, Nancy, Strasbourg, Belfort, ...), we definitely need guys like you coming around in there !

Peace !