11.08.03 Strasbourg, France

Hall Rhénus

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hi ben and the incriminals...

i've been just checking your new and very well done internet site and was remembering the shows where i saw and heard you guys playing!!

this show in strasbourg was very special, emotional and deep! you all played so well and touched again my musical heard!

please come more often to europe.

continue doing what yourre doing. you're doing it so sincerly and thats what make's it so different and deep...

a la prochaine,


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Just wanted to thank you for this great evening. The finish was simply amazing !!!
Thanks and take care !

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Un concert que je ne suis pas pret d'oublier! De plus la sortie du DVD nous permet de replonger dans cet incroyable moment de bonheur. Ben et ces criminelles innocents savent rester

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Merci Ben, merci pour ce moment, merci pour ton talent. Cette soir

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milliards tahnks for this great show. although some people wre getting on my nerves with their cells and talking, the shhow was the best i've seen for ages. only a shame ben didn't play more "accoustic" songs. anyway, i've had his songs in my had for 2 days now, and it'll stay here for a long time. wish i could see him again as soon as i can. YOU ARE THE BEST!!!

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The gig was amazing ...
Ben and the Innocent criminals were great ...
Songs made this moment magic (especially "Walk Away") ...
In the acoustic part, the crowd was too noisy and maybe it was better that Ben says "Shut up !" ...
Thanks and come back !
("When it's good, it's so so good ...")

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Ce concert

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Amazed and inspired! The show was beautiful and Ben and the boys put so much energy into every note. Thanks for "Widow" - brought tears to my eyes and "WIth My Own Two Hands/War" just burned the house to the ground ... An incredible night of music, energy and passion.

"I believe in a few things, God, the Devil and Ben."

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Merci Ben !
j'te love, je t'aime, j'te kiff grave !
i lov you, i kiff you !
quel dommage qu'il y a avait autant de musique,

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Tout simplement renversant !! Ben

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Had one of the most amazing nights- it was a spontaneous decision to go to the show, my neighbors had some spare tickets. The crowd was beautiful and had a very intense vibe, especially the really quiet singing along during the encore was quite special.
I don't know if it had anything to do with the lunar eclipse later that night, but the show seemed very prophetic for me, I was just stunned by the intensity of With My Own Two Hands/War. THANKS, you guys!

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magnifique ..
je n ai rien d autre a dire en fait...
sauf que la partie acoustique aurait m

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merci, merci...mille fois merci pour ce concert exceptionnel. J'ai encore des frissons rien qu'en pensant

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yesterday I came over to Strasbourg from Germany to see Ben and the Innocent Criminals for the third time this year. All were great shows, but this one was the best I guess, mostly due to the fact that the French audience was much more respectful than the one I last witnessed in Cologne, Germany. It was just a much more intimate and friendly atmosphere especially during the acoustic encore, and I mean it was about 7500 people in there. Not only that, but this time I have to say this was the most soulful performance of Ben I've seen yet. He has such a great and strong voice, it's amazing how you can see the emotions flowing through him when he's singing...pure soul music. Of course all the other guys were great, too. Everybodie's such a specialist in his part, that one can't really discripe how it feels to be there personally. Thanks BHIC.

I don't care what the people say, I believe in a better way.