11.10.03 Zurich, Switzerland


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Thanks Ben & The Innocent Criminals for this great concert. Please take your friend Jack with you the next time you come to see us!

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i've never seen something like that! it was so amazing! Lately i had a very stressful time but during the concert i've forgotten all the worries!
everything was perfect!
and the most importent thing...i've felt the spirit and i'm still feeling it! the music filled my heart with the best feel i've ever had!
TIPP:to make the thing more perfect than it is yet, there should be a live-cd from z

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We were in Geneva and in Zurich. That was so amazing. Before that so beautiful couple days, we saw BEN HARPER and The Innocent Criminals 6 times.But they were several songs we waiting for. NOW WE ARE SO PLEASED. Ben, thank you so much for playing: Whipping Boy, Don't Take That Attitude To Your Grave, Show Me A Littel Shame, Widow of A Living Man and Please Me Like You Want To.
Sorry for the english but even in french, we can't explain what we feel. Cause that so much. I think that's feelings don't exist anymore or that are only in the hearts of BEN's fans.
Kisses for Randy, Sammy, Brice, Bob, Ceasar, Jessy... Thank you guys.. We are so looking forward to see you all in Paris.
With so much love

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fantastic concert! saw ben earlier this year back in good old cali! i thought it can't get better. but zurick rocked the house. thanks to ben, his band and all the people who made the night something to remember. glad i have been a part of it. peace.

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just thank you. thank you so much guys.

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Once again a stunning performance and two and a halve hours of constant happiness.
Amazing acoustic set...

@ jeff: you're right, he undoubtfully opened with "Oppression"

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True Magic!!
If I'm not mistaken, Ben opened with "Oppression".

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Truly Inspirational. Magic in the air, and Irie Vibes all around... That was one to remember.

'Nuff Respect... These boys are some sick pups.

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Oh, I'm so, so, so happy I've seen you guys in Z

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i'm glad having had the chance to be on one of your concerts. amazing how quiet the audience was, to not only hear but also feel your unbelievable voice. the performance of you and the innocent criminals was heart warming, emotional and sweeping...
brief: a masterpiece par excellence!

MaKe SuRe YoU cOmE bAcK sOoN !!!

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your songs helped me through the hardest times of my life. indeed it's a kind of "gospel" for my soul. thanks for that and thank you (and the innocent criminals) for the unforettable concert.

THAT's the power of YOUR gospel!

please keep on singing, songwriting and giving concerts.

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We saw Ben in 1999 in Byron Bay first time. Already there he and his band had convinced us with pure great music.
Thanks a lot for the concert of yesterday it was just imazing and i guess it was as well for Ben and everyone who was there :-))

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that was a great concert!!!! A whole lot of songs from live from mars, but also from diamonds on the inside. At the end the concert gave you goosebumps, candles and lighters were lighten all over the place...