11.13.03 Grenoble, France

Le Summum

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Mais pourquoi tt le monde parle en anglais, ici, bon sang???
Bon, a part ca, je dois dire ke c'etait la premiere fois ke j'allais voir Ben Harper en concert, et.......OH my god!!
C'etait tt bonnement fantastique, s

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What to say?
Ben, it was huge. Juan and Leon was so good. Really good concert.
Thx a lot

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It was the 7

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Yo !! My first concert (even if i've heard before a lot of boots... i confess)and it was really good. The sound wasn't great but the human's heat was there...

The setlist was cool with rares "Everything" and "In the Lord's Arms". "Sexual Healing" was played with "Let's Get in on" for a version of 10 min ! Juan gave us furious solo on "Brown" and "Steal".. Leon had a lot of sucess with a very long "applausing". I shall and When it's good were so so good. In my opinion "Brown" and "Temporary Remedy" were really too slow.

I wanted to offer a bootleg of Gov't Mule live in 96' to Ben for his birthday (later) but only the girls were accepted for the backstage... unfortunately i'm not !
We didn't see Ben after the concert, it's a pity. But I will come to Paris 24th november ! I hope Ben will give the concert of his life and play more and more songs... with surprises !

Thank u Ben ;)see u soon !!!

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That was great man!!!! What a show!!! So great that I am going to Lyon tonite to see you once gain!!!!

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It was good, so so good!
We need your musical healing...
Could you come more often to France!!!
Thanks a lot to the whole band for this huge concert

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