11.14.03 Lyon, France

Halle Tony Garnier

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i wasn't in this concert in lyon...but i was the day before in grenoble...i understand Ju to be disapointed to see the same set that in grenoble...
I've seen ben in his DVD who used to say that he never plays the same set two consecutive days...but apparently sometimes he does...

a little explication for Ju about "when she believes"
in fact this song is a sample of a piaf's song (l'hymne a l'amour) on the album the sample is played on "accord

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Hello Ben... :)
I heard you yesterday on France Inter (live at studio 104), and it reminded me of Friday, november the 14th... A day I'll never forget; you were there, in lyon, in the same place of mine.... And thousands people were there, with you, to listen to your magical music... 2h30 of happiness, of "awoken dream"!!! I came to see you with my best friend, and we often talk about this "unforgettable" day; we still don't realize that we've been at you show!!
Looking forward to seeing you soon, and... maybe one day I'll be lucky to see you in a intimate show, 1000 people only, as yesterday, in studio 104 !!!

Bye... and carry on, Ben, keep giving us hope and dreams and happiness...

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How can I explain myself and discribe this concert ??? There are so many things to say about it. it was the best concert I saw and like say some fans We really were in osmosis, in fusion. I was crying so much It was beautiful and Juan Nelson was Amazing.
I will stop now expecting to see you soon ....

Thx U for all.

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Ben I was to your show in Lyon last month,it was my present for my birthday(20) and what a present!!It was really beautiful,I have no words to describe what I felt...Thank you for the hapiness that you give us with your songs..I don't speak really good english so I stop now, but THANK YOU(x1000)...

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Dear Ben, something for you...
Last time you came in Lyon,
You reached everyone's heart,
So good until you're gone,
So deep in soul of art.
Amen Oh man,
will we see your face again?
I was there with my girlfriend :
She was so glad to see you Ben...
You almost made me want to
Trust in God and shed some tears,
The way you talk about Him
Makes me shiver and releases from fear...
You're the eyes for the blind,
and legs for the lame,
You're the love for hate
light for those who don't have flame...
Keep on leading us to freedom and happiness, and thanks for everything you have given to us...

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Are you kidding?
I was at Grenoble the previous day, and you've done the same setlist. It was a big deception for me. I though that with your talent, you can change your setlist every night. More, the acoustic set can be change, and you've done exactly the same.
No inspiration?
For me, it was a little bit a deception.
But I have to stop for that now.
This concert was so good. The emotion was here, and all the songs you played made me in an extraordinary state of emotion. No one understood you when you said "I would like to dedicate this song to Edith Piaf", but it was very good.
Thank you very much but don't change, Ben.
Positive vibrations
PS: I believe in a better way !

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On est le 27novembre2003 et demain ca dera 2semaine ke je serai aller voir Ben Harper,oui ce dieu de la gratte et du live.C'etait vraiment impressionant.Meme plus que ca , assez violent qd meme , on en prend pas mal dans la gueule pendant 2h30.C vrai kil na pas enormement parl

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C'est encore moi. Je voulais juste dire un grand merci au public lyonnais, r

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J'ai du mal

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Thanks for your magnificient performent in Lyon...It was so good!! I was loving the band & feeling good all nignt long! Shall you talk to us more next time cause i was just beging to feel your deep message for heart...
Prosperity and Peace for all of you.
I & others know the innocent criminal meaning.
Enjoy & take care

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j'ai peur de ne pas pouvoir m'exprimer comme je le souhaiterai dans la langue de Shakespear alors je vais m'abstenir et

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Speechless, respectful !!
Thanks !!!

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What an amazing show! You and all your Band were really great, a spetial mention to your bass player which was really AMAZING!!! Hope everyone enjoyed the show as i enjoyed it!
Thank you,MR Harper, for giving us so much great music to listen to!

The next time you and your innocent criminals get back to France, I SHOULD go back with more friends...
Thank you!

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if all the human beings could feel all the love which one feels when we listen to you and your pals, Ben, i think that the life would be more beautiful!
"Only love can conquier hate", and your music is love my man.
So don't stop playing please don't stop....

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The concert in Lyon was really great! I don't find the right words to define what I felt. It was a pure moment of happiness and pleasure.It was better than in my dream!
You and the innocent criminals are the best. Thank you.

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Ben , it was so fantastic ! you and your band gives to us an unforgettable show! thank you so so much ! your reggae version from "excuse me mr" was so good , and Mr Nelson gaves a bass lesson to all bassists presents here a long version of "brown eyed blue" , I hope you have appreciate public response in lyon , and I wish that you will come back soon in france ! maximum respect to you and all your band!
peace love

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Thank you Ben, and please carry on.

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I don't speak english so I just want to say "thank you" at Ben for his music and his concert at Lyon.

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Your show at Lyon was beautiful!!! You're the best and the Innocent Criminals too.Thank you.

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Thank you so much for that amazing show Ben, it was huge! We wish you all the best that can happen to you and the Innocent Criminals.. Please come back to France as soon as possible, we can't wait for your next album!
You are our best dream, with you we shall not walk alone ever again.. Thank you so much for being that good Ben =)
Take care
With so much respect,

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hello Ben! i was in Lyon............it was faboulous!!! for me, you are a guitar's God!!! you play like a god! yesterday your melodies make me rapturous! you are too a beautifull Dream for us!!!
but, if I can, I have a little suggestion for you: you should more talk to your fans.......yesterday,i have so long expected that you speak........it would be better if you explained your songs....
But Yesterday, it was all the same fabullous!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU BEN, you are the Best

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I was to the concert to lyon(14/11/03),It was magnific,you are the king,I like you!!!!and don't you stop!!!

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Thank you

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Great gig, you guys!
A shame that Ben, you didn't talk more to us fans. We understand English y'know!
Widow of a living man tore me apart and I shall not walk alone was just amazingly good... You should consider touring in tiny venues, maybe under a pseudonym...
Juan is a definite basse god, he rawks!
Thanks guys, enjoy the rest of the French tour!

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Ben,YOU are my best dream..Thank you for showing me the real meaning of life, even if "forever never seems to be around when things end"