11.20.03 Angers, France

Amphitéa 4000

I Was There
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Who Went

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Great concert as usual !!!!

guillarmou65338's picture

I have the complete BH's concert in a good audience recording 2CDRs for a wonderful show...
If you want to Remember...

anonymous's picture

it was really a great concert. i hope i will be able to live it again. i would like to thanks all the innocent criminals for this moment.

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C'est la troisi

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It was like a dream in Angers, this night was so wonderful with you and the innocent criminals. I really enjoyed this show because you were with us and you made us sing and your best prestation was "sexual healing"
please come back soon in France and still give us pleasure

batysandra28248's picture

Several words to define my feelings... Common decency, serenity, peace, joy, feeling of well-being.......Aaaarghhhh what a blessing... It's better than all i can expect....A dream flashed throught my mind!!! It was a real good trip !!!!!!!!!!
thanks for all, guys, and i m delighted to see you again and again and again...

thesteve3777137's picture

Leon guard your smile because it was wonderful:-D it was so pleasant to hear ben harper & the Innocent Criminals ! still and still !!!
cause when it's good it's BH,
and when it's gone ... it still in my heart forever and never ! pleaz' come back again ;))
-sorry for my bad english- ..
there were Bob Marley and the Wailers !!! (forever, but..) Now
there are Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals, for me ! Thank U for this real good music with emotions and love

thesteve3777137's picture

It was amazing to see Ben Harper and the IC just opposite with two meters !!
so many positive vibrations !!! i'm sure it was the best concert in my life !!!
quickly return to see us cauz
i believe in you forever !
you were the diamonds of this night in Angers !!! Thank You again :-D

anonymous's picture

I just came back from the concert 15 mn ago
it was completely amazing !! the band was wonderful !! ben made the audience participate and sing along !! and cheers Ben for talking to the crowd, we do understand english so it was realy nice !! The encore was marvellous as well when he sang sexual healing, amen omen !! well anyway all the concert was unbelievable ! thanku ben and the innocent criminals, we love u and i can't wait to see u again in Angers