11.21.03 Brest, France

Parc des Expositions de Penfeld

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WAHOU !! What a show...!! Absolutely fantastic ! Lot's of goog noise and good feelings... just for Brittany !!
'hope Ben's gonna come back in France asap
Like you say "When it's good !! It's so, so good"
Now you're gone.. See you !

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thank you again Ben and The inncent criminal for being here in britany for this, you will always finda second home in here

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Amazing, it was fabulous, beautiful.This night, the public was charmed by ben harper and the innocents criminals.For me it was the 3 hours that i 'll never forget: Juan Nelson, a fabulous bassist, their fingers move so quickly, for me he's one of greatest bassists that we have in the music's world;Leon Mobley feels the music with his hands, his solo this night was amazing, and i just want to tell him:"thanks for your happiness and your so beautiful smile!"; congratulations to Oliver Charles, Marc Ford, and others.Mister Ben harper is, for me, on the top of greatest musicians with Mr Jimmy Hendrix and Mr Bob Marley. He has a gift, when he plays slide guitar, it's magic. He feels his music and his songs so deeply inside himself, and this feeling is gave to his public. I saw him in backstage, and it was like a dream for me. He is so closed to his public, and i feel that when i talked to him.I hope that one day, i can have again the chance to talk to him, to tell him more.For me, the moment when I talk to him is one of the most important in my life. It changed my self forever, spiritually, musically.
Thanks to Ben Harper and the innocents criminals to give so much when you are on stage.
See you soon one stage.
BY. Aurore (=Dawn)

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6.30pm. Opening of the doors.
8.00pm. We're ready for the show, we all begin to scream and shout.
8.30pm. It's so long...
9.00pm. Lights are turned off. The show begins.

Excuse Me Mister : a total different version from the album. I would say that it's a reggae-rock or rock-reggae style. Anyway something loud and lively enough to warn us that Ben and his fellows are in great shape and mood, ready to deliver us an excellent show.
Brown Eyed Blues : I knew thanks to the cd included with the live dvd that the bass solo would be executed during that song. The solo is nearly the same save it lasts longer, longer... Juan Nelson is impressive, musically and physically. His bass must be part of himself to play with such easiness.
Temporary Remedy : Ben takes his chair and sits down, makes his guitar screaming 2 or 3 huge and heavy sounds. I say to myself

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I despaired loving only "old" singers (Dylan, Cohen, Simon and Garfunkel, Marley, Bowie, The Beatles and so on), till I discovered Ben Harper, and I'm proud now, not to feel like an old fashionned girl (though I'm 26). When you hear this music, even if you don't believe in god, you must admit that He is everywhere in the air. And He must be angry (or very grateful), because Ben Harper and the innocent criminals have stolen his voice, his music and his words. thank you for all. solen

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Super concert,vraiment extra je ne m'attendai pas

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excellent, excellent, du pure son dans les oreilles, j'en ai les poils qui se h

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Amazing show !
One bad point : the audience screaming during the acoustic set, during songs... :(
Thanks for Whole lotta love, it made me think about the last time (and the first) i saw the band : Vieilles Charrues 2001.
Thank you for this show, I hope you Ben will get the Brittany flag we gave to a crew member just for you.

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It was a very exellent show! I'm french ( sorry for my english ) and I love Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals, I'm happy because my "idole" Ben played Bob Marley my other "idole" and I had loved the mix with "with my own two hands" and "war". the show was yesterday but in my heart it is today and Ben is here near me today, I never forget this show. Ben, you put the sunshine of life in our hearts! you and the Innocent Criminals, you are my leitmotiv...after my girlfriend !!!
Thank you for the emotion that you give!thanks for your music!

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It's too hard to say how we feel about what you sing
It's like your songs was plug on a universal rythme
everybody can see the love,
everything is so simple and powerfull
You said, when you listen to Jimi,
it was linking your soul with him.
Now, it's what we feel with you.
One road to freedom.
Thank you