11.24.03 Paris, France

Palais Omnisports de Paris-Bercy with Seb Martel

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A string section and an accordionist joined Ben and Juan to end the first encore with "When She Believes".

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Awesome !

dini_1738132's picture

Que dire d'autre que GENIAL ?
le concert etait le mois dernier, mais toute l'

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Depuis ce lundi 24 novembre, je viens tous les jours sur ce site, sans avoir le courage d'exprimer, comme bien d'autres, les

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What a concert! We came especially from Holland to see him. I'd seen him already in Amsterdam in Paradiso and that was such an intimite concert that I was very curious what it would be like in a packed Bercy with 15,000 people.
And I was not disappointed. What a relaxed crowd and what a great concert.
Later we found out that it was shown on TV, does anyone have that on video???

Ben, will you please bring Jack next time when you come to Europe?

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i was waiting for this show since march...and it finnaly arrived...
when she believe was splendid; with the violins..and Ben's voice's effects which occur from comments, or we just can say that GOD EXISTS ... in you.
yes, when i look at you BEN, i see a living GOD.thank you thank you, so much, so deep in my heart.
of sure we can't forget the power of JUAN on bass( excellent!!!! ), LEON on percussion ... and the others. THANKS.
When it's good, it's BEN HARPER AND THE INNOCENT CRIMINALS. respect...

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hello everybody,
it's me again!! this is a great show, beautiful and magical. thanks agin ben & co

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Pour tous ce qui

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In a word , Fantastic !!!

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encore moi...ca va bientot faire une semaine que j'ai vu ben...depuis je viens tous les jours sur le site pour voir de nouvelles photos ou de nouveaux post...c'

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c'est g

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Great show. Great music. Great atmosphere. Please keep all of that on stage !

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it was so great, i don't know what to say..
thank you.

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Came from England especially to wacth a superb show, Brilliant!!

Steal my kisses was excellent and had me grooving my ass off, great

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A beautiful present for my girlfriend's birthday... I see you in Grenoble and it was also very good, thank you so much for your promise of the quartet on When she believes, the solo acoustic was magic ! My second concert but the first in a so big concert hall... Thank u so much ! ;))

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Un prmier concert parisien survolt

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bon bah..g

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pareil que tout le monde moi j'ai ete au concert de lundi 24/11 et vraiment que du bonheur et vive ben harper and co :)
pour le concert diffus

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salut est ce que qq connait l'heure de la diffusion du concert de ben sur rtl2 le 26 novembre svp merci a tous
g ete au concert de caen et un seul mot ressort MAGNIFIQUE vivement la prochaine tournee

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Thank you to Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals for this inspired show.

From the opening "Excuse me Mr" to the beautiful version of "When she believes" and the final reggae of "With my own two hands/War", Ben and his band proved that they were on a process of building their own unique style with a lot of respect for what has been done before in the history of popular music.

A special message to Marc Ford : It's good to see you back on stage. Keep on rockin'.

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salut a tous !!

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Again this night was the symbol of peace, love, joy, spirituality, it was crazy,Ben you were wonderful, and your band was so great!!!!! Juan always impresses me (hey do u remember Krispy kreme on the first row? it was my friend and me), it was such a magic night. See u again on wednesday 26th. Nothing can keep us from loving u all!!!
Peace and let's make a better world!

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Hello Flo, si je ne m'abuse tu es une passionn

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Nothing is Beautiful than all of YOU!
You'll remember about this date, this place, cause FRANCE loves you guys and yesterdays was so magic!