11.28.03 London, England

Brixton Academy

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Yeah... good stuff,
Ben, I know you were tired, but don't write English people off because we act differently from the French.
It's very rude to not say hello, or a single word to anyone, especially when they've come out of their way to see you. Other than that the music was good, but it tore my, and others hearts to see you so upset. Are the English so bad that you can't tell us when you feel down....? :-(
I say this with love.
I hope you guys are having the break you deserve. Thanks for a great night. God bless.

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you should stop moaning about the other people and just worry about your self's. I was at the back and loved every second, I have been to that many gigs and learned how to blank other people out. They will always be there and have as much right as us. Ben was different class and that is all I will remember.

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The reason to my first visit to London was to see Ben Harper and I received one of 3 reactions to whomever I told about my trip. Who? What? or F.U.! The 9 hour flight from California was so worth it the minute I set foot in the Brixton Academy. What a great venue! I was surprised at how easy it was for me to walk right up to the front of the stage to see the show. The sound wasn't as good from that spot, but what a great view of the Ben & The IC. Although the band put on a great show, they did appear to be a little tired. I am sure several months on the road can do that to you. None the less, I couldn't wait to return to see Saturday's show. I'll be keeping an eye out for the next time Ben & the crew return to the Brixton Academy, because I am definitely flying back for another show. Thanks for a great time.

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What can I say? It was my second time this year seeing Ben and the Innocent Criminals this year, and it was fantastic, but I have to admit, Ben didn't seem too happy; the show he did in the London Astoria had more, he was more interactive, and so were the crowd. I think the majority of the crowd this time were more concerned with "smoking" rather than anything else, but I still enjoyed the concert immensely, and Walk Away was the most beautiful I've ever heard it being performed.
Just wanna thank Paul de Silva in Derby for introducing to me to Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals! Cheers mate!
And thanks to Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals for having such wonderful music and passion!

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what an amazing night!i have to say that ben harper and the innocent criminals gave the best performance of any other acts i have ever seen.i'm so glad i got to see my first ben harper concert here (i've been waiting for years!).i can't wait to see them next.big props to them.it was magic.much love

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Last time I saw Mr Harper was Glasto 98 in the mud- he came on b4 the then popular Finley Quay and ripped him to shreds.
Brixton academy was a big build up- we waited and waited and they delivered. Fri night was a spiritual journey for me- I was moved- I was watching a modern great- a star to rival Dylan and Orbison in sheer stage presence and vocal/song writing genius.
It was my good friend Hugo's 25th and turning to him he looked like a beautiful blond with sugar lips, so was the splendour of the occasion- (scary stuff) Come again soon Ben

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A little disappointed compared with the French shows...I came from Toulouse to Paris and from Paris to London to see Ben's shows.
Music was the same, very good, but the environment, athmosphere was strange.
we could see deception on Ben's face, he didn't communicate at all with the public...it's a pity that people didn't know how to listen to him...

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PS: I'd like to join the London fans from both November concerts: Ben, apologies for the morons who cannot shut up when they should.
Morons (yes, you know who you are), don't bother spending

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Ben, please promise us that London will always be in your European tour list. Five years of absence is way too long. But this year was blessed as I saw you and your band twice. I could have gone for a third time with the same pleasure. Thanks a thousand (and more)to you and the Innocent Criminals for such a thrilling moment.
By the way, has anyone ever told you you were really good at the guitar? ;-)

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Don't Take That Attitude To Your Grave was such a lovely surprise. Juan & Leon's solos were so impressive and great fun. The venue felt great, it reminded me of the famous Bob Marley london gig where the 'No Woman No Cry' live recording was made. (featured on the 'Legend' album)

What a heavenly night, thank u.

Ben, I'm sorry nobody was on the line when you took my mobile, then had to give it back and search for another. I'll try harder next time. ; )

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4th time i've seen BHIC in concert and equal best in my books. There's a certain intimacy in his style that just wants you to be alone in the venue listening and appreciating the music. Hence, jeers from dipsh*ts during 'Waiting on and Angel' weren't appreciated. Other than that, a brilliant nite all round. Man, I'd give anything to see a Ben Harper gig in a 500-capacity venue. Cheers guys.

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Well what can I say, what a brilliant way to celebrate my 18th birthday. The atmosphere was great and the music even better.
Thank you Ben Harper for making it such a memorable birthday.

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Ben absolutely blew me away!! This was the first time I've seen him live and it was amazing...it couldv'e been perfect if it weren't for all the dumbfucks screaming when Ben came back on his own all all the people with their damned mobiles, but all together...I'll have to say Ben lit up my soul. It was fantastic.

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erm.. .
Or 'Like a King' or 'I'll Rise'

Where were you on 28/11 KB?

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We almost agree with you KB,apart from one thing. . .

Ben didn't sing 'Woman in you' last night


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Why do people bring mobiles to a concert? After getting over that everything else was okay.
Ben's voice and lyrics seemed to reach in and grab a part of me deep within. Woman in you and Whipping Boy touched me, but the finale of Like a king/I'll rise left me speechless and will stay with me for a long time. How can one person feel and create such emotion? Thankyou for the experience, it was amazing.

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Once again Ben gave everything!

I'll start with the negative. :-( After the Astoria Gig in May, the most obvious difference was the sound quality. Ben's vocals and Guitar (particularly the Wesienborn stuff) were over-reverberant and distorted for much of the concert. I didn't hear Leon's percussion until 30 mins into the gig and the keyboard player should be spitting blood over the absence of any audible entry for the first half.


From the opening sounds of 'Excuse me Mr' I realised that while Mr RN Marley may have passed over a while ago, he left behind an inspiration. This was Roots Reggae, Black Anger and exquisite musicianship embodied!

Once again, London showed its worst side. The acoustic set was so sublime that it almost (almost) overcame the morons scremaing and shouting into 'waiting on an angel'. I noticed a small cadre of Aussies nearby who seemed to think that 'Walk away' would sound better to a backdrop of shouts of 'Ben' and 'Melbourne Forever'. Maybe it's just me.

There were several moments of magic. A mobile phone was thrown onto the stage (well, several, actually; some never made it to Ben, and some probably never got back to their rightful owner). However. I'll never forget Ben signing into a Nokia (Precursed by Ben's shout of 'This is Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals in London. Where the Fuck are YOU?') with a personal passion that came from the heart.

My highlights? Juan Nelson's solo in 'Brown Eyed Blues' would make Jaco Pastorius throw away his Fender Precision Bass, Leon Mobley's exuberance, stamina, joy and percussive genius were all maxed at 100%, but. . .

Ben's vocals (when not goosed up by the poo-ey acoustics at the Academy) were as passionate as I've ever heard. 'Don't take that attitude to your grave' moved me like the 1st time I heard it, 'She's only happy in the sun' was cool, clear and touching, and 'Temporary Remedy' had the raucous power of any Metal album that you ever heard.

A Highlight was watching the 'doobies' held aloft during 'Burn one down';-). There were several passive highs last night, but all of them stemmed from the melodies, harmonies, passion and commitment of our most talented songwriter and performer.

Someone from a national newspaper asked me "If he's so good, how come the press haven't picked up the Ben Harper phenomenon?".
My response?
'He's ours. . . not yours'

Thank you Ben, Juan, Leon et al.

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Two amazing London venues within 7 months!
Let's hope the next London gig is not too long to come...