02.14.04 Paris, France

EUROPE 2 LIVE Palais Omnisports de Paris-Bercy with Placebo, Indochine, Eagle-Eye Cherry, Tarmac, Pleymo

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Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals Setlist 1969-12-31 - EUROPE 2 LIVE - Paris, France

BHIC played a half-hour set at EUROPE 2 LIVE.

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too short!!! but so good to see you!!! we love you...

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Shit i missed up the radio concert... @%#$ dam it !!
anyway i saw him live last year in Bercy.. and twice in 2000 in Bercy too.. What I've seen in febrary in Bercy was not that good compared to what i'm used to see usually... the context was not appropriate... the speakers couldn't fit with Ben's spirit.. Ness was happy to interview him because he's good looking, not because of his work... ;-)
Ben u were right when u took the "mike" everybody understood u... at least the good ones... take care man ! and go on this way.. I'll support u till the end of times...

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Yeah bien dit sylvain je suis enti

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I was at both concerts, Eurpoe 2 live and Studio 104 at Radio france.

Europe 2 Live was a cool concert to me. The presentators sucked, they have always and they still do, the interviews weren't that interesting and the translations were really bad, but the show was amazing.

I was impressed by all the other bands that I didn't really know that well, and I enjoyed BHIC's prestation, I was alone at the back of the crowd, sort of stoned, dancing and feeling.

Ben, thank you for saying what you feel like saying when you feel like saying. Thank you for teaching that girl what she was doing wasn't the most important thing that night, thank you for speaking your mind about these stupid things which are happening in my country. thanks again to yall BHIC for another great show.


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hi! unfortunately, I wasn't neither at bercy nor at the studio the next day.but I saw (I recorded it !)on tv the concert in bercy, that's true that it was on commercial purpose and the translations were bad. but yesterday, I listened to the radio (I was so disappointed not to be there!!) and it was GREATTTTTT!!! now I can listen to it again and each time, I'm brought in other place with your voice ben!! I cried too with walk away, that's my favorite song I think, but all are fantastic.I agree the fact that everyone should be free to choose its religion, its rites and free to wear head scraves too.thanks for all and, ben and the innocents criminals, keep on being artists.

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this concert was not a very good concert, not the fault of ben & Ic but it was not a good night, presentators were really bad, bad translation of ben's thoughts ...anyway just 4 songs for a commercial purpose ... the show the next day in france inter was THE show, compared to this one

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Hi Ben and Criminals i wasnt in this concert i just lisned to it in the radio..
but i was in your live show in radio france studios, WAOUUU!!!!..you see i never thought that i'll be in a such "family concert" that was really magic, the energy that your guys brought out of the scene was explosive and when the acoustics has come, belive me ben your was a living god on the scene, for real! shit ben !!! your made me cry on walk away seriously! =)
Anyway once again you was amayzing and i like to tank you for doing this concert and for the head scraf,and all the thing you said about individual freedom in bercy
thanks again to all ya and keep going in this way AIGHT!!!!
one road to freedom peace