03.01.04 Osaka, Japan

Namba Hatch

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"Ashes" is played for the first time in more than three years!

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After seeing a huge show in Berkeley last summer, I was thrilled that the Hatch was such an intimate setting. The crowd was friendly; we mingled and got to know one another a bit as we awaited Ben. The set was lovely, as ususal. Ben's lyrics seemed to speak directly to the two friends I had brought with me: one had recently lost her mother and one had just been through a rough breakup with a life partner. They were both touched and healed by the experience. My absolute favorite moment was the second encore of "With My Own Two Hands." There was so much energy, optomism, and dare I say, *love* in the air. I must say it again: Ben, thanks for raising the collective vibration with your art. For those of us tuned in, it resonnates deeply within and reinforces our resolve. For those who may not yet be in tune, it seeps into the subconscious and suggests that there may be other options. And finally, thanks to BHIC for traveling so far to give your expat and international enthusiasts the chance to hear you live.

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Without a doubt the newest harper I have seen in a while. You boys took me there and back and there again. Thank You.

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The show was amazing. They showed a new BHIC world to us and that was great as I can't express words. Thank you for coming to Japan again! I'm happy very much.

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Great show! We both walked out recharged from the music. There were a few rough spots, but they just made the show feel more intimate. The range in musical style was refreshing here in the land of the rising sun. If you get the chance, go to the show!