03.02.04 Nagoya, Japan

Diamond Hall

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Leon played percussion on "When It's Good" during Ben's acoustic encore.

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matt78's picture

I heard about Ben and the Innocent Criminals when I worked in Spain and realised that going to a 1000 capacity concert in Japan would be too good an opportunity too miss. Unbelieveably good live - the best concert Ive ever been to. I wouldn't hesitate going to see them again - awesome show boys!

Matt Leach - Teacher

anonymous's picture

This is a bit late but i still wanted to write and say 4 thumbs up for such a great concert. Being in a small hall with only a few hundred people, it was like i had won a competition. Compared to large venues, this was such an amazing, intimate experience. Being able to witness the masters at work from such a close position was an unforgettable experience. Thank you very much boys!