03.04.04 Tokyo, Japan

Zepp Tokyo

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Tonight's the first time Ben has performed "Ashes" live with the Innocent Criminals. (He also did it with the E-Town band on August 15, 1997.)

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Had been 3yrs since the last Tokyo gig at the good ol' Liquid Room...I was worried, though, some say the sound system at the Zepp isn't so great and well, I'm afraid I have to agree. I was close to the stage and sadly I couldn't hear Jason's keyboards very well. But the gig itself was just as good and I think the new IC with Mark and Jason drew out the power and the quality of the music. And Ben's vocal was just...wow!
All the songs were terrific, but I especially liked the reggae version of "Excuse me Mr", the ever so beautiful "Welcome to the cruel world" & "Ashes" which sounded perfectly laid back, tender and warm. I just hope the sound system was better!! Will be back again for the next gig at Shibuya Ax! All the hard-working crew, the respected members of IC, and Ben, Otsukaresama! (Meaning job well done, let's call it a day, let's go home and have a good rest for tomorrow!)

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It was my third times to experience BHIC's concert during this week, Osaka, Nagoya and zepp Tokyo. Each performance greatly excited me. Cause they are making great progress and they are always doing their best. So even if I see BHIC million of times, I'll never get tired of them.
Ben, Juan, Leon, Oliver, Jason, Mark, all of staffs and JP, I really love all of you. I can feel your good relationships, peace, love. It makes me so happy. Thank you so much!

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This was BHIC first appearance at Zepp Tokyo as far as I know. The rain and could clouds were warmed away as soon as the club doors opened. After a little delayed entrance, unusual for Japan, the reggea addition of Mister was refreshing. Ben seemed comfortable standing instead of sitting. He is expanding and changing to a more soulful full band. The keyboardist was a nice touch; Diamonds and Brown Eyed sounded pleasingly like The Band. There are a few mistakes with the setlist. Ben and the IC played two encores; the first being a set of acoustic songs. He seemed to enjoy the show, playing and dances from a standing position during at least half the show. The crowd was obviously pleased with the show. The throwback version of ' I Will Rise ' and Like a King was very nice. Please someone send in a correct setlist. I sent the one that was taped on the floor, but this one that is posted is incorrect.