03.05.04 Tokyo, Japan

Shibuya Ax

I Was There
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The band came out during Ben's acoustic encore and played "The Woman In You".

Who Went

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yo ben whats up um! i like your music and can you send me one of your new cds pleaes e-mail me at blm0072000@yahoo.com

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Thanks GOD for my getting know Ben Harper and The Innocent Criminals. It changed my life and also is changing my life. I can't live without BHIC.
Love always.

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Please, why don't you post some of those cell phone photos of Ben & the I.C. here on the site?

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Don't know how to explain, my eyes still get teary when I think about what I saw and heard last night. Incredible is hardly the word. I was at the first gig in Tokyo the day before, but this one was even better in so many ways. I somehow think Ben felt that too. The sound system was so much better(thank God) but that's not the only reason...the audience was like a one big force of positive vibe, really proud and honored to be there, who just can't stop loving the music of BHIC.
Ben's vocal, all the slides and the wows, the acoustic, they sounded clearer and they were without a doubt the work of a master, who now is a leader of bigger and stronger Innocent Criminals, really sharpened and trimmed for perfection. We talked all the way home discussing and agreeing there is not a band more powerful than BHIC on the planet! How do you do that!?
I really, really liked the last nights' version of "Don't take that attitude" and especially "Please me". Great work of Mark and Jason! "Please me" was always one of my favorites, but the one last night was...what can I say... so much more beautiful and richer, just gorgeous to my ears and to my mind!
I always enjoy to see so many Japanese guys raise their heads up to see every time Ben and Mark start playing their guitars, and talking after the gig about how amazing it was. So many people get together to really "listen" to the music and to be absorbed...what's greater than that?
Thank you for not forgetting Japanese listeners, and we will always be here like we have been for the past 10yrs. ( I know some of us shouldn't have taken pictures of our "cell phone cameras" and I am so sorry for that, but most of us knows it shouldn't happen.)
Thanks to Ben, Juan, Oliver, Leon, Jason, Mark and all the crew members who made the Tokyo gigs so amazing. Hope to see you again soon.
Meanwhile we fans and the 8million Gods of our land will enjoy the music remaining and echoing in the air.

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I realy thank you.Last night was very supecial Night in my life.My heart is full of love and so so happy. Thank you. I love you.