05.28.04 Madrid, Spain

Festimad with Patti Smith, Turbo Negro, Violadores Del Verso, Akwid, La Fres-ka

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120-minute set at 12:30am on the Heineken Stage. 20,000

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i haven't seen you in live and i cannot imagine how good you could be, cause in every chord you play in your albums you put me goose pimples and my feelings start to blow.
how can your music be so great?? i feel identified in all your lyrics, for the best and for the worst moments.

love from valencia (spain)

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great start with steal my kisses and burn one down-it really got people going. and a happy goodbye with my own two hands. i especially enjoyed the woman in you.
it was a very different experience to the one of la riviera-the last one he gave in madrid... i think it must be the thing with festivals, there aren

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Maybe one of the greatest days of my life. It started around 8pm when I was walking behind the stage looking for the exit, I was lost and I saw two people going trough a fence, so I though that it was the exit, then someone close the fence, and I look up I was all the tour crew (Gavin with a camera, were you?), Juan, Leon, Marc, Jason, Oliver and Ben. I cannot believe it roght now, I was so nervous because I know that wasn't my place, but there were no exit, so I started to walk around but I didn't say anything to them, just a very nervous 'Hi' and the I asked them to take a picture, they all reacted very friendly and after being there quiet, they went to the press conference. I also was lucky to attend to the press, not so many good questions, but ok.
Then, the show was very intense but many people were talking during it, and specially at the acoustic ones. I only reproach the very similar setlist during the last shows in Spain.
Anyway I spent 2 hours and a quarter listening to my favourite music and seeing ones of my favourite musicians.

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BEN you are AMAZING !!!!

Thanks for the wonderfull show you gave us. Couldn't be better.

Love from Madrid

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After travelling 8 hours on an overnight bus, not having slept in about 30 hours and getting my wallet stolen in Madrid, it wasn