06.01.04 Cournon-d'Auvergne, France

Zenith d'Auvergne

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sand's picture

POSITIVE VIBRATION.... yeah,yeah,yeah!!!!
un moment inoubliable; you makes me dream...

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Une petite pens

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Many many many thanks ben, greatful, as everytime. It was very exciting; I was here with my girlfriend...Hum, sexuel healing...
Sorry but GO PISTONS!!!!

c_romy2551894's picture

im just always on my cloud... flying, rising, dreaming.... i flying like i take a drug. The best drug is Ben Harper!!!! !!
Ben, your new song "where could i go" is undescribable so much shes beautifull!!!!
thank you ALL. you are essential in the actuel music.
Ben, thank you so much again for the t-shirt!!! it was an incredible surprise, you touch me deep in my heart for a long, long time. a lifetime.

nathy_mcbeal92815's picture

Good vibs, lot of emotions, 2 hours 1/2 of hapiness, thanx Ben and the Innocent Criminals for those magic moments!!
I felt like I was in a dream, especially during the 2nd part (people were all quiet and listened religiously, it was really amazing).
Your new songs sound really good and we can't wait for the next album!
Come back soon to Clermont, we're waiting for you. You are the BEST!!

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Une soir

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18h20 : Nous arrivons avec Tom dans la file d'attente pr

stephane_pasquier39171's picture

Last time I saw BHIC live was back in August 96 at the Olympic in Nantes, quite a long time ago... Three albums later, with 2 more musicians and in a biggest venue (8000 people instead of less than 1000), I was a bit afraid not to find back the wonderful voice and music of Ben. I was completely wrong. Of course it started with the 'loud sound' of 'Touch from your lust' and 'Alone' which didn't left much place to Ben's voice, but song after song I was delighted with the band's performance.
The parts I enjoyed the best were the 2 encore. During encore#1, Ben played alone, and it was pure magic, like 8 years ago, well even better indeed!... It was also brilliant to hear new songs during encore#2: 'There will be a light' is a great song, I loved it!! The lyrics are nice, more people should listen to them (especially politicians).
Many thanks to Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals for this great performance. Ben, le Z