06.03.04 Dresden, Germany

Alter Schlachthof

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Evening with BHIC. Doors at 7pm. Showtime at 8pm. 2,200

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THANK you for this amazing concert - and please come back to Dresden someday...

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Just can say thanx...

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I also think it was a real great concert...

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tonight, Ben made me cry with his new song "where could i go" this song is so beautifull... i closed my eyes and listen to Ben, flying, rising, dreaming ....
GOD EXIST IN YOU BEN. thank you for all you bring me. LOVE AND RESPECT.

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Mr. Haper, TIC, and the crew that he's surrounded himself with are simply put, kind. While waiting before the show members of the crew struck up conversation and enjoyed a lunch in the sun on this rare sun filled day. Meeting individuals who follow Ben provide such a good vibe as well. It was wonderful to meet Brian and Evil Vince. It gives me a good feeling when three Americans are sitting around talking about fu

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Hi there,
again I travelled a lot of miles to see Ben Harper & the Innocent Criminals and again it was worth every minute of driving (although I'm not from Florida LOL). There is not much I can say more than that these guys are fantastic and breathtaking(leaving those technical problems apart which I also noticed). It was only about 2000 people at the venue, but every single one was into the music, so much that they demanded for more even after the staff already started to put the equipment down.
Then the other great thing is that you meet so many nice and friendly people at Ben's and the IC's concerts. I was lucky enough to meet this really nice girl from Berlin at the front row, who I really enjoyed talking to before and after the concert, since it doesn't happen too often where I live, that I meet people I share a great deal of interests with(e.g. the love for BHIC music!!!).
But for several reasons I was a little(or more) out of my mind that day, so I didn't ask her for a number or at least an email address, which was the stupidest thing I did in a while.
I know the possibility tends to zero that you read this Agatha, but if you do: I would really appreciate if you wrote an email to michel@onlinehome.de (if you want to).
Yeah, that's it. Last thing to say is that I hope it doesn't take too long for BHIC to visit Germany again.

Bye the way: the setlist misses the Song 'Gold to Me' after 'Ground On Down'.

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It was a very good concert, quite calm actually compared to what I have seen until now. Was nice to see the guys jamming and having fun on the stage. Unfortunately the sound was not brilliant. I had the impression only to hear the monitors. Also the broken bass amplifier (at least i had the impression it broke) was disturbing. Anyway: very good concert, nice people, excellent location!