06.04.04 Hamburg, Germany

Stadtpark Freilichtbühne

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Evening with BHIC. Doors at 6pm. Showtime at 7pm. 4,000

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Drove all the way from Denmark to get to the concert, and it was definetly worth it, an unforgetable experience. An musical orgasm... I'm not usualy into that gospel stuff, but Ben broght a hole new meaning to the word. Only thing missing in the setlist was "sexual healing"

We really enjoyed the cozy atmosphere at the Stadtpark, what a great place you have there!

Unfortunately we wont be able to go to Roskilde this year - if you are going, then remember to save some strenght for Sunday evening... it's going to be electric! Might try to get a hold on one of those Sunday-only tickets, go there if you can!

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Once again a very great show, with very nice people!!!! but it was so cold!!! fortunately Ben heated our hearts with his so beautifull voice ... Thank you again .... Respect.

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Once again it was a great pleasure to see a performance of Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals. The whole band was very tight and had a lot of fun making music. That spirit jumped over to the audience so nobody went home after the encore section.
It was a perfect concert in a perfect environment.

Thank you all for this special evening - come back soon!!!

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That was fantastic ! We really enjoyed feeling the bond between all musicians. Which was communicated towards the audience as well. Every song was a diamond ! And what shall I say about the overall atmosphere of the concert ? Well, definitely one of the best we've happened to see. This would also be the highlight of my year in Germany. Can't wait for the new album, and the new tour !!!

Erwann and Celine, from France.

We believe in a better way !

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I was at the concert with two of my best friends. We are in Hamburg on an exchange from Canada. I took them for their birthdays. and wow was it ever amazing. I had never seen ben live before. but I was more than impressed. I was in awe of the whole band and how well they can make me feel. Burn One Down, Waiting on an Angel, and with my own two hands/war were my favorites. but the concert on a whole was one of the most amazing things i have ever experianced. thank you ben and band you made my day and this concert was forsure a highlight of my time in germany. keeping doing what you do ben. and i cant wait to buy your new cd with the blind boys of Alabama. but this concert gets 5 out of 5 stars from me!

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What a great Show!
It was my fourth time experiencing Ben and the IC and i have to admit: it was the best!
The location was perfect, and the crowd - although it wasn`t completely sold out - showed much respect for this incredible performance.
During the second and third (!) encore the atmosphere was phantastic. After She`s only happy in the sun the people still wanted to see more, so that no one left the place for a couple of minutes.
Thank you BHIC for this wonderfull evening and please come back to Germany as soon as possible!

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and of course thank you greg the keybordplayer.
the spirit and the honesty in ben harpers music is for me only once in the world of music what i know today. go on and on ben.
all my love to you


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it was a very great performance.
it was a heart open celebration forinstant
that with my one two hands / war piece
with that end : the whole people shouting :
i believe in a better way!!
it was great!
that is what we all need such kind of music-
i remember a jimi hendrix performance in
1969 in d