06.16.04 Naples, Italy

Neapolis Festival Arena Flegrea

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Evening with BHIC. Doors at 7pm. Show at 9:30pm. 6,900

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trilabe's picture

It was my first Ben Harper's gig and it was awesome.
I must say it is still one of the best ever.
Hey Ben you should come more often to Naples.

Mimmo's picture

...I remember that concert...it was perfect for the location,for the atmosphere, for your great music...but...when do you return in Neaples?We wait for you 'cause "we put your music into our veins"!Peace.Mimmo,Claudia,Sergio,Pino,Adry,Carmen,Stefano,Claudio....

gaet's picture

hi guys,
great sound, great place, great night... we've been very close to Ben and the band...it's alway a soulful experience to listen to BHICs music...we put your words in our veins...
i hope see you soon ... in naples, of course...
gaet, antonio, ele, germy &robi

fuscof60681's picture

I was for the first time to a Ben Harper's concert! I knew he is an ARTIST. I couldn't believe he was so able to create a real comfortable atmosphere! His way of singing, acting, playing guitars is really unique! But i gone mad when Ben played alone on the stage Waiting on an angel and walk away..... It was an atmosphere never seen on a concert. Everybody sat down listening to these songs and sometime wishpering the words of the songs!!!!!! Ben sang like he was alone in his world and decided to took us with him in this world.
I have to admit i don't know every song of Ben but even if i didn't know these two songs i was relaxed i felt alone with him without hearing anything around me, just the words and the guitar, sometime the audience but i felt really one with everybody and Ben.............. This is the power of the music and i have to say that Ben Harper and The Innocent Criminals have the POWER OF THE MUSIC. Thank you Ben you opened my soul!

I hope you come back again in Naples , in Arena Flegrea if it is possible, here the sound and the atmosphere is unique! it makes us closer to you. I was in the front row in front of you!!!!! The best experience i have ever had! Thank you again......

Ah i want to say to the bass player he is a great player..... My compliments

carlaeale44391's picture

U were great last time!I hope to see u again soon...come back t enjoy us with ur music!we Love u!!!

anonymous's picture

My first time at a Ben's concert...he's so ispired and communicative...he's already an icon, a myth like Bob or Jimi ...his spirituality pervaded the whole arena... holiness and rebellion... thank you, Ben!
A presto!

iolans41171's picture

...mai visto e sentito niente di simile!!!un'esperienza meravigliosa...musica e performances indimenticabili!!!indescrivibile a parole....speriamo solo torniate al pi

af_thornton77183's picture

When I found out I was going to be living in Naples for the summer I was happy. When I discovered that Ben and the I.C. were going to be here it just made it better. This concert kicked some serious ass. The Arena Flegrea was a great place because it's so well suited for musical performances. In the past, lots of work has been done in the arena to improve that acoustics. This was definitely the highlight of my trip. The concert was also killer because it was such a small locale so the atmosphere was great. I only hope to see them in Canada now. To Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals, Northern Ontario says you rock!!!!!

marragos88198's picture

Hi all! Last night I finally saw Ben Harper live in Naples and it was an incredible experience - Ben and the Innocent Criminals are even better than I had imagined. To say they are skilled performers is an understatement - emotions flowed endlessly from the stage to the audience. We all danced, rocked, sung, were in silent and awed attention during all the various moments. That's what I like best and never fails to amaze me by B.H. and the I.C. - their ability to take you to a journey through music and its many different faces. Thank you guys, I do hope you'll be back in Naples someday. Peace, Marinella