06.23.04 London, England

Carling Apollo Hammersmith

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Evening with BHIC. Doors at 7pm. Show at 8pm. 5,000 cap.

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My second Ben Harper experience, and I wonder, can the man get any better?! Absolutely phenomenal, he is a God. We love you Ben, return asap, we love you xx

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i was there- from michigan but got the chance to be there. was prolly in the top 5 concerts i've ever seen. i just saw him 10/3 at auburn hills and i'm sure everyone knows that it couldn't have been as good. i know that the crowd in london was one that would always sing, but atleast they were into it. makes me want to move . . .
amazing set. . .

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What an amazing night! I'll Rise brought tears to my eyes,I've never seen a gig like it, don't think I ever will!

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Just wanted to say that you guys put on a kick ass concert Wed 23 June in London. I am in the US military here in England and have been waithing to see you for a couple of years now and it was well worth the wait. I hope I get a chance to se you and Jack Johnson play some day. I really appreciate you coming here it was like getting a little taste of home, HB Cali, Which I hope to be soon. Well thanks for the great show from one of your fans in the US Military.


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what a beautiful setlist.the same for werchter...

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So here I am on summer holiday from university back in The States. I just traveled through europe for three weeks and now here I am in London seeing Ben Harper! I must say, things don't get much better than that! The set list was amazing tonight, especially the extended acoustic set. The incredible feel of the new songs are making me really excited for the next album.

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absolutely amazing! he's even better live and he plays all his music with such passion and conviction that you help be drawn in. it was definately his best performance ever. i got to meet him backstage afterwards and he's such a nice guy that this really made it the best night of my life!

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Unfortunately i didn't get in until diamonds on the inside so i missed half of it and yet i still agree that it was better than the previous night when i saw the whole show. and now i look at the set list i am kicking myself for missing the first part!!!!! cheers go to ben and the inocent criminals for yet another great experience. A total class act, and with something worthwhile to say to the world with his lyrics too! Looking forward to the new album having heard some examples of the content!

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What an amazing night - again! The 2nd time I have seen Ben now, and once again he rocked! The new songs were awesome, and the old ones just as good!

One thing, however, that I felt did let the night down was the number of people in the crowd who somehow feel that they have come along to a Karyoke night. When Ben was doing his solos, the only times that you could truely hear him as you should was during his new songs that nobody knew the words to. That, and the guy on the right hand side of the balcony who insisted on shouting time after time (including a song suggestion!?!), were the only bad things to happed all night.

When's the next one in London, Ben?

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Stunning performance from a refreshingly unassuming, honest, down to earth artist and his hugely competent band. The dynamics of Ben's music ranges from awesome overdriven lap slide work to the most delicate and beautiful acoustic finger picking, delivered with intensity and passion. I only recently got into Ben via listening to Jack Johnson but this was definitely one of the top concert performances that I have had the pleasure to experience!

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how ben & the rest of the crims manage to play with such genuine passion night after night astounds me. tonight was no exception either. The new songs were strong & met with respect from the audience, (which didn't sing over the top of them in a pissed dying cat drawl!!, as they did for the ones they knew, not spoiled the gig, but i had to keep moving to avoid it from time to time). highlights for me...a beautiful version of 'woman in you' ( bought in by jason yates)..., the acoustic set & also the goosebump moment in ' i'll rise'. when ben moved front of stage, no mic, the band dropped out, the crowd shut up, & he wailed all the way to the back of the hall. would of loved to have heard more lap slide but still a wicked night.
looking forward to more stuff from ben, live & the new releases.
keep doing what you do ben....your music & the way you deliver it is inspirational


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Tonight's show was far better than yesterday's and among the best I've seen recently. I still liked it a lot better when he played sitting down with his Weissenborn, but