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i was at the gig in hammersmith london the week before this concert...i loved every minute of each concert. your music moves me to my very core, my brother and i stood in tears when you played. in the glasgow gig i was right up the front and when you played your first encore i stood in tears again...your music is phenomenal(spelling?) it means so much to me as it got me through a very rough time in my life...thank you for being you, keep making music and please come back to glasgow...xx

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What can i sat about Ben and the band that hasnt already been said!! Found Ben a couple of years ago through my brother, about the best thing hes done for me!!
Brilliant gig, great atmosphere as usual from a Glasgow crowd. Probably the best vocal and acoustic sounds ive heard at a gig, sound as a whole was great
Saw Jaun in Sound Control on the morning of the gig but to shy to say anything to him hes a total bass genius, just about had a fit during the solo!!!
Six of us came down from the north of Scotland and werent disappointed, hope you come back soon.
Take it easy guys

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The concert was awesome, absolutely and totally brilliant. A massive thank you to my calafornian housemate, Reeno, for introducing be to Ben Harer last year.
Hope Mr. Harper and the Innocent Criminals are not strangers to Scotland for to long. Can't wait for the new record.

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i came over from ireland for da gig and it was great, loved da acoustic version or indifference.
but was wondering why tour never came to ireland?

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This was the first time I've seen Ben and the boys play live and I have to admit they blew me away. There aren't many bands that sound better live but BHIC truly do. I hope they come back soon and take Jack Johnson with them.

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Well what can I say? I've waitied the best part of 5 years to see this show and it was without doubt the most amazing expericence of my life and I'd like to thank Ben and The Innocent Criminals for giving me such an amazing night.
I travelled up from Newcastle to see the show and I certainly didn't go away dissapointed.
As ever, the new material was sounding fantastic and old favourites like "Waiting On An Angel", "Walk Away" and "Pleasure And Pain" were even more inspiring then I ever thought they could be.

I'll be seeing you guys again very soon.

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What can i say that hasn't already been said, the tightest rhythm section on the live music scene, a front man with great presence and charisma and an instant rapport with the crowd. Great songs from a great band and the diversity in the music, i could write all night about a all the things that made last night's gig so special.

Thanks guys, last night ranks in my top 5 i've been to and i've been to see a few great acts. Thank you Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals, great night... and as for the cover of Indifference, magical, for me that song's never been as appreciated as it should be...

keep spreadin the love

Pistol x

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Loved the gig, totally fantastic. I thought all three new songs were excellent, There will be a light in particular. I was very happy to hear she's only happy in the sun, and your versions of both the drugs dont work and indifference are always great. I liked the reference to the Uilleann pipes as inspiration for the music in pleasure and pain, though I think they are Irish rather than Scottish (which Ben stated)

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Ben was awesome last night! so amazing, but it was a shame he didnt come out the backdoor at the end, cos i would have loved to have met him. The whole gig was truely special. He didn't play all the songs i would have like him too, but he was still brilliant! me and my friends were so close to the front and everyone was so decent! (Apart from when a drunk women pushed into us) It truely was an amazing and emotional night and im so pleased that i managed to see ben in concert, he is amazing and one of a kind. He is flawless live as well. Absolutely brilliant!

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This was an awesome gig. Last time I saw BHIC in London Ben didn't really look too happy but he was so into it here and so were all the guys. Impossible to pick a high point but playing one of my favourite songs that i didn't expect, "ashes", and his new songs which are amazing particularly "there will be a light" was very special. The only bad things were the usual one or two in the crowd that got drunk and arsed around but security did a good job moving them on but mostly the crowd were great. Please come to Scotland again soon i've got a mate who could teach you the bagpipes if you want!



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Ben and the boys - THANKYOU for the best night ever!!

Totally inspiring - loving the new songs.

Wish i could see you tonight in manchester but logistics not happenin! Thanks for the beers and the tatoo Oliver! Lovely to see you all.

Come back soon. Scotland loves YOU!

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Ben was awsome! Two and a half hours of genius and his band were fantastic.

Loved the bass and bongo solos! Although I am a new fan of Ben and was not familiar with some of the songs I still enjoyed every minute of the gig and cant wait until he returns!

Thanks Ben!