06.29.04 Manchester, England

Carling Apollo Manchester

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Evening with BHIC. Doors at 6:55pm. Show at 8pm. 3,500 cap.

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Won't rabble on forever but I've had quite a good year as gigs go, managed to catch Green Day, Iron Maiden and Metallica twice to name but a small few. Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals was, however the best thing I have ever been lucky enough to see. As a fan, I knew I would like it from listening only to studio recordings but live??! well they blew us away, magnificent.
So its Hats off to [another] Harper, come to the UK again please, we love it.. Cheers

uk_hobo10624's picture

started the night with a couple of drinks in the apsley cottage finished running to the train!

the gig itselsf was brilliant, i loved steal my kisses, burn one down, ....everything i may as well write the set list!! cant wait for the new album...that means a new tour!!!!

bring on ben round two (for me).

seriously one of the best gigs i have been to, the atmosphere was friendly, and all about the music (no moshing! YES) got three from the front right in the middle and was blown away start to finish!

the lap slide guitar is so cool im thinking of getting one, just gotta get the cash!

ill stop now...a little long maybe? still in awe!!!

cristybuffington27951's picture

I was over from the US and decided to catch the show... As always, I was completely satisfied. Great times, great tunes, great crowd, what more could you want? Thanks for an amazing show, hope to see you guys in Dayton!

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just lacking an ingredient i like to call trhe 'x' factor.. just what i think anyway, i think the best weord would be dissapointing..

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I was at the Manchester gig and must say that it was one of the best gigs ive been to.
'Burn One Down' was awesome and when Ben came on stage, just Ben and his guitar and played 'Another Lonely Day', i was simply numbed by his brilliance.

One bad point though, why was 'Forever' not played?!?!? hehe.

Fantastic gig, when are you back in Enlgand? I'll definately be there!!


curlyneary58029's picture

A lot of my mates decided not to go to this gig because of ticket cost... they seriously missed out!

Was in absolute bliss all the way through the acoustic set. Ben singing away from the mic in 'I'll Rise' was like nothing I've ever heard - his voice is not only beautiful but seriously powerful! 'Another Lonely Day' seriously touched a chord in me cos I was with someone I feel very strongly for but it hasn't worked out. Oh well, just another lonely day... but with amazing music.

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Superb gig, Mr Harper you sure can sing, and when you played 'Indifference' well you took me and the wife back to last summer at Madison Sq Garden when you performed with Pearl Jam. Amazing.

Thank You Ben and the Crims

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Seen the advert for your gig in the paper and knew that me girlfriend was a big fan so we booked 2 tickets for the night, me not expecting much from the night was in awe of the amazing performance, the music touched my soul, the lyrics are spot on.
your right, you are blessed to be a witness as i was blessed to see and hear the word of god through your music.

Thanks guys.

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My friends and I agree it's the best concert we have ever been to. Felt more like a religious experience than a concert! From now on, will always find my way to a Ben Harper gig, no matter where I am.

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I was taken to see ben by a friend, having never really heard of him or his music and was absolutly blown away by the experience!

What can I say, it was amazing, the music, the band, the man himself all incredible.
This is one gig thats going to stay in my heart and mind for a very long time!

Ben, you got yourself a new fan and i can't wait for the new Album (plus the money to be spent on buying your back catalouge ;p)

THANK YOU SHELLEY by the way :-)

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1`word for that gig.... Amazing, the atmosphere was good apart from tose nob's at the back talking, but Ben and the Boys played an amazing set..fave song was Burn One Down it was amazing, thankyou so much come back soon

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Once again, a gob-smackingly brilliant show. I don't think the hairs on the back of the neck went down until the next morning...

So glad to see Ben & the boys back in the north of England, especially after the poor sound / loud audience at Brixton.

Pure genius. Thank you BHIC. Come back soon.

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I drove down from Edinburgh to see Ben Harper in Manchester - and I tell you that was the best concert I have ever been to! I first heard his music in New Zealand and jumped at the chance to see him live. The atmosphere was very chilled out and pretty groovy - you could not help but feel the vibe! Thanks to Ben and the boys! An awesome gig!

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thought the tickets were a bit expensive but forget about not getting your money's worth because they played for hours and were incredible.

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What can i say that the others havent.
This was my first time seeing ben and the gang, my friend gave me the ticket. as id only heard a hand full of songs before, i didnt know what to expect.
but iam sooo glad i went, he is such a performaand what a voice!
just purchased my first Ben Harper cd, the first of many!!
Thank you for a fantastic evening.

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But hey, I loved every minute of it. Thank you very much Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals. I hope to see you again.

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An excellent night!
My first gig in ages, and what a gig.
I loved all the new songs Ben played, and the old favourites too.
It's the second time i've seen the band now, having seen them at 'The Big Day Out' with Metallica in '99.
I thought they were much better last night.
They played with a fluidity that comes when a band is comfortable with itself.
The second set was the highlight for me though, as the crowd sang along to 'The Drugs....' I thought the night can't get any better, and then the hairs on the back of my neck stood on end, as Ben strummed the first chords of Pearl Jam's 'Indifference'. Excellent!
It was a bit of a family outing for me as 6 of my family came and they all enjoyed the night.
The only downside being that my Dad was slightly disappointed because he thought they were too loud!!
But he's always miserable!
Great night!
Thankyou Ben, and the Band!!

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Loved it, and from a fan's perspective, a much better setlist than the first Hammersmith gig last week.

This was the first time I've seen Ben play a substantial acoustic set, and it blew me away,
especially 'There Will Be A Light'... Wow, can't wait for the album. This was my highlight, along with
Like A King/I'll Rise, I Shall Not Walk Alone' and 'Attitude To Your Grave'. 'Everything' was good too.

I think the length of Ben's acoustic sets might be determined by the noise level of the crowd. At the Hammersmith gig on the 22nd every motherfucker was shouting and he only played a few songs. (Take heed)

I wish I'd have had my camera as I was right against the bar directly-ish in front of Ben, could've
got some dynamite pics, nevermind. (wasn't about to risk my camera being confiscated as it nearly was at the Brixton Academy last November)

Thanks Ben/Crims, good to see you back in the north of England.

For all you guitar boffs, Ben was playing a really nice new custom acoustic. Couldn't quite read the maker's name on the headstock, Chris Clark perhaps?


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quality gig with the reggae'd version of Excuse Me Mr being the highlight. Like a King was also amazing and when Ben sang without the PA to the whole auditorium, well, the only phrase is 'blown away'
The versions of the drugs don't work and indifference were brilliant but after Another Lonely Day, I got bored until the band came back on.

I'm a drummer you see, and subsequently predictable in my desire for the rock! I have to say that I'd love to have a jam with Juan, that guy is on another level altogether, awesome.

Again, fantastic gig, and it was nice not to feel as old as I did at Incubus a couple of weeks ago!

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what can i say!
stunning, beautiful, happy shiney gig!!!!
energy all over the place.
too much wine.
still feel caned from breathing in everyone's smoke! in the air.

Indifference blew me away!
it felt like i was the only one who knew it.
didnt think he'd top that, but he slays me with Another Lonely day. I cant remember if I started crying then or during Walk Away!.
doesnt matter.
Thankyou Ben, thanxs everyone for one of the best gigs ever!