08.26.04 Santa Barbara, CA

Santa Barbara Bowl

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The Blind Boys of Alabama sat in during the encore to perform songs from the new album "There Will Be A Light."

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What a show! It was my second after last years performance in Zuerich, CH. I have to say the one in Zuerich rocked better, more songs and a little more atmosphere. Even so, the Bowl was a wonderful stage for BHIC, the Blind Boys of Alabama deeply touching (don't you think so too?)
and the crowd a pleasure. Especially the girl next to me, LORI from Washington state. If you read that, please write! Too bad i kinda lost you after the concert...

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Interesting show. No opening band, played some rarer songs and only one encore. Completely different show I would say compared to his show last year at the Santa Barbara Bowl w/ Jack Johnson. That night last year was a true 'show'.

It was hard not to have expectations for this show after last years incredible experience but I guess this show was equally incredible in its own respect. It seemed as if Ben was kind enough to share some of his new items with his 'southern Ca home' as he called it.

There was more downtime and messing around between songs this go around and it seemed like a much more casual concert than normal. Truly amazing though, no doubt about it. Taking the spiritual route with the encore was very encouraging and uplifting. See ya'll next year up there.

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Hi All,

I have to agree w/ Mike... second best show ever right behind Ben at Berkley w/ Santana. The music was fantastic and effortless. The new gospel album is going to be great. Ben is truly a master of all music. Little dissapointed that he didn't do one last encore w/ the band to close the show, but I can't complain. Does anyone know if they remodled the SB Bowl because the seating seemed different than I remember it a year or two ago? Thanks Ben!!!


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This was the best show I had ever seen until I saw Jack Johnson the next day in Berkeley. Now there is a tie. Oppression and Temporary Remedy were the best, and the Blind Boys were great. Ben and the IC put together a seamless performance. The crowd in Santa Barbara was very friendly. My brother Paul and I drove all the way from Seattle for this show, a 20 hour and 15 minute drive that was worth every second! Ben was just as awesome as when I saw him last year with Jack Johnson at the Gorge in Washington. After the Gorge, I said I would do anything to have that experience again. I look forward to seeing Ben and Jack again in the future wherever they are.

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Second best show behind night one in berkeley last year with santana....i didnt know ben and the blind boys were putting out an album together but now Im on it.....I was happy there was no opener, just ben but disappointed no true ben solo.....Besides that I hope someone recorded the show (ill trade)....id like to hear this show while driving........levyidea@aol.com

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Another great show for the band! They looked happy and like they were having fun and they are definitely tighter and more comfortable than last year. they're also changing small things here and there in some songs. Here are the songs I remember: opened with opression, then im not sure of the order: don't take that attitude to your grave, brown eyed blues, excuse me mr., amen omen which had some sweet Marc solos, Please Please me if you want to (marc had some tasty slide on this one), suzie blue, diamonds on the outside, burn one down, homeless child!, temporary remedy, please bleed, steal my kisses, with my own two hands>War, Where could I go (a nice new tune featuring a couple of good Marc solos) This band keeps getting better, I am definitely looking forward to what they come up with on the next tour and album.

The highlight was when the Blind Boys came out to jam!! They were really into it! When they play together, they definitely take it up another level!!
they did these new songs together: take my hand, wicked man, church house steps, satisfied mind and there will be a light.
simply stunning. i thought that those songs would make you want to go to church!!

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Religious experience...need I say more?! Thank you Ben Harper & the Innocent Criminals and also to the Blind Boys of Alabama for an unreal evening...I'm still riding on the musical high today. So much so that people are commenting on my good mood!

Highlights were all the rare live songs like Oppression, Don't Take that Attitude to Your Grave, Suzie Blue, and Please Me Like You Want To. And Homeless Child, too! Temporary Remedy kicks my ass every time. Blind Boys were truly great and you could tell that the whole band was relishing the experience right along with the audience. Everyone played their hearts out.

Another highlight was seeing Ben's two kids rockin' out backstage! Too cute!!!

All of our friends agreed that we were musically blessed last night. Thanks again, BHIC for the joyful noise!!!