08.27.04 San Diego, CA

Street Scene PETCO Park Parking Lot with Cypress Hill, Ludacris, AFI, Tribe Called Quest, Black Eyed Peas, Social Distortion

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BHIC headline the Road Runner Time Warner stage at 10:45pm.

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albert.alcazar4494's picture

Great Show!! Ben out did himself again. Great Performance with the Bilnd Boys of Alabama. The Venue itself was whack but hey....I went there to see Ben Harper. Hey Ben, When you coming to L.A. again?

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Incedible show. first time seeing Ben Harper and concert and the passion was incredible. very moving and inspired set with the blind boys. i had never really listned to his music and now i cant get enough of it. excellent.

iworks11950430's picture

Ben is amazing the venue sucked i went with one thing in mind though and that was to see ben harper WOW.

tdfrosty24584's picture

truely amazing. this was my first experience of Ben Harper Live. i was introduced to Ben Harper by my Fiance'. i have been a fan ever since. i saw a few good bands that night, but Ben was by far the BEST show of the night. i wasnt a big fan of the venue though. it was a tight sqeeze to get a pretty good spot to see the show. i am looking foreward to seeing Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals again. hopefully in a better viewer friendly venue. thank you very much. keep sharing the beautiful sounds.

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After seeing BHIC a good number of times over the past ten years and being up to date on the current setlists and all, I was blown away and surprised. I didn't expect him to be the highlight of my street scene weekend.

But the sound was perfect (compared to the horrible crunching sound of the foo fighters the next night) and the new band keeps getting better and better. Highpoints were a new electronic guitar jam during burn one, the always steller brown eyed blues jam, and a good funky sound throughout that kept me hopping around so much during that set that I'm still feeling it.

Then the surprise - the kick ass debut of 7 songs off the new album with the bass-singing, vocal chord shaking sounds of the Blind Boys (my chords were shaking in the audience that is). They kept trading lines with Ben and then harmonizing as well. And the new material sounds consistent, soulful, and powerful. What a big surprise as I was expecting the same ole setlist...

Yummy all around goodness though I was hoping for a BHIC only closer to top the night off... Still excellent and risky considering the venue...

mintychen53265's picture

This was my first time seeing Ben Harper in concert and he was absolutely amazing (too bad his set was only an hour and a half!). I love his voice and to hear it live is even better. I loved how he did a cover of "War" in "With my Own Two Hands." I definitely enjoyed myself and it was great when he sang with the Blind Boys of Alabama. Ben Harper rocks my world!

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well well well...NICE!!!

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Wow! Great show! I was hanging just in front of the mixing board and the sound was great all night.
Oppression opener... Steal My Kisses, Burn One Down and Diamonds On The Inside, early in the set. Brown Eyed Blues, and Temporary Remedy later...
The band was ON. Especially tasty keyboard playing, nice, funky and crisp, working the wah-wah over the Fender Rhodes sound. Not to take away anything from the drumming, bass and other guitar., they were all hot. Everyone seemed really together. With My Own Two Hands/War/With My Own Two Hands was great...nice jams and good energy.
Then Ben brought the Blind Boys out, which was a treat. They must have been doing a bunch of stuff from the new album. Wiked Man and Church House Steps stick out but it was all very enjoyable. Definintly a great experience with several thousand of your best friends on the streets of San Diego. Thanks Ben and band!!!